General Incorporated Association Saitama Prefecture Products and Tourism Association Rediscovery of Kumagaya’s charm tour (2023 Travel nationwide! Saitama discount application tour) Applications are now being accepted

Saitama Prefecture Products Tourism Association
Kumagaya’s Charm Rediscovery Tour (2023 Nationwide Travel! Saitama Discount Applied Tour) Now accepting applications
Kumagaya’s “National Treasure, Saitama Three Great People, Rugby, Sake Brewery” tour in one day!

The Saitama Prefecture Products and Tourism Association is accepting applications for the “Rediscovery of Kumagaya’s Charms Tour” departing on Tuesday, March 14th. Why not go on a day trip to fully enjoy Kumagaya? We are looking forward to your participation.
Kumagaya is not only “the hottest city in Japan”! National Treasure Ginko Ogino (Japan’s first female doctor: Saitama’s three great men), rugby and sake breweries make this a very attractive “hot town”! A tour around such a hot city “Kumaya” in one day!
★ Shotenzan Kangi-in Temple
A professional guide will guide you through the precincts and National Treasure Seitenzando.
[Image 1

National Treasure Seitenzan-do: Image
★ Ginko Ogino Memorial Hall
Visit the Ogino Ginko Memorial Hall, one of the three great Saitama men and the first female doctor in Japan.
[Image 2

Ginko Ogino: Image
★Italian lunch at FORTE blu
Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while watching the practice of the professional rugby championship team.
*You may not be able to watch the practice due to the circumstances of the team. [Image 3

FORTE ble: Image
★ Gonda Sake Brewery (Naozane) Sake Brewery Tour & Tasting
The last part of the Kumagaya tour is a sake brewery tour and an honest toast! [Image 4

Naomi: image
★ Tour departure date: Tuesday, March 14, 2023
★ Departure and arrival point: Kumagaya Station south exit rotary ★Travel fee: 10,000 yen per person (usually 12,500 yen) Adults and children (elementary school students and above) same price
*The travel price for this tour is 2023 Nationwide Travel! We receive 20% (2,500 yen) of the travel fee from the support money of the Saitama Discount Tourism Support Campaign. You will also receive a 2,000 yen electronic sightseeing and food coupon.
Please see the Choko Tabi Saitama Tour Reservation Page for details such as the detailed itinerary and the application conditions for the travel fee “2023 Nationwide Travel! Saitama Discount”.
business background
Our association is registered as a tourist area development
corporation (DMO) and has acquired a second type travel agency, and cooperates with municipalities and businesses in the prefecture to create and sell destination-type travel products. We offer travel products that are full of the charm of the region, making the most of the tourism resources unique to the region.
Information on each tour is posted and sold on the Saitama tourism information site “Chokotabi Saitama” operated by our association, and the site adds and updates information on sightseeing spots in the prefecture and the latest events in a timely manner. In addition, at the “Chokotabi Saitama Online Store”, you can purchase prefectural products from all over the prefecture, such as foods such as Saitama specialty sweets and local sake, folk crafts, and agricultural products.
[Inquiries about this tour]
General Incorporated Association Saitama Prefecture Products Tourism Association TEL: 048-871-6984 FAX: 048-871-6985
Business hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00
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