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GOSSO nose hair police dispatch begins!

LUXY Co., Ltd.
GOSSO nose hair police dispatch begins!
GOSSO’s new super-easy nose hair removal product, “GOSSO Nose Hair Police, 1 dose for both nostrils” will be on sale from March 1st at Don Quijote nationwide (some stores).

GOSSO nose hair police dispatch begins!
An ally of justice who arrests protruding nose hairs!? A refreshing and refreshing solution with GOSSO!
[Image 1d10757-17-ca43033554159341dab5-5.jpg&s3=10757-17-e47d42041b0d5a2c4b8f8cdbcdc59d56-3900x2195.jpg
What is the nose hair police?
Tighten up the nose hair that sticks out! ! An ally of justice who arrests protruding nose hairs! ? GOSSO is a refreshing and refreshing solution to nose hair that sticks out! Nose hair clearance
organization sent out by GOSSO. That’s the nose hair police! Family members, friends, lovers, and co-workers find protruding nose hairs and arrest them! ?
If you give it as a set with the nose hair police original arrest warrant, you will also join the nose hair police? !
Affordable size for both noses with one coin (500 yen excluding tax) that was not likely.
[Image 2d10757-17-f5fcea27fd5bb883e131-7.jpg&s3=10757-17-d1ed81a6e018dcf4e9de15fecb313e50-2501x1351.jpg
■ Download the GOSSO nose hair police original arrest warrant from the special site!
[Image 3d10757-17-7ff7f5c9fa711302a7fd-4.jpg&s3=10757-17-e4d549d852b692b67500b0bb0b90de6f-2501x1351.jpg
When you crack down on nose hair, why don’t you bring an arrest warrant with you?
If you have protruding nose hairs or thick nose hairs, you are guilty of cultivating nose hairs.
“Violation of nose hair handling law” for those who have done wrong nose hair treatment
Which one will you crack down on?
Please download the one you like from the official website and use it.
*Cannot be used for actual arrests.
■Collaboration with popular TikToker! Check out the activities of the nose hair police in the video!
[Image 4d10757-17-32961ec0e977bb6b072c-11.png&s3=10757-17-da5f5857d944cae607b066db470b2658-740x904.png

TikToker, freshly cooked rice, which is very popular among young people, Appointed GOSSO Nose Hair Police Sergeant!
“Don’t miss a single nose hair!”
With this passion, we are delivering acclaimed moments of arrest for actually handling nose hair at coming-of-age ceremonies and beauty salons!
Check out the activity of the freshly cooked rice police officer on TikTok!

Nose hair police GOSSO can be purchased at Don Quijote (some stores) and official online shops.
Updated online shop: Recommended as a first trial set for those who know GOSSO but have not tried it yet!
Have a good GOSSO life ♪ Ebi Buddy Gosso ������
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