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HAI ROBOTICS JAPAN expands floor area by 1.5 times and reopens “HRJ Technical Center” on March 1

HAI ROBOTICS JAPAN expands floor area by 1.5 times and reopens “HRJ Technical Center” on March 1
– A simulation that reproduces the customer’s logistics environment provides a clearer image of the system after installation –

HAI ROBOTICS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryu Kou, hereinafter referred to as “HRJ”) will reopen the HRJ Technical Center attached to the head office on March 1 (Wednesday) after renovation. . From the time of opening in March 2022, the warehouse floor space will be expanded by 1.5 times, and a demonstration will be held combining the ACR (Autonomous Case-handling Robot) system and the multi-functional workstation “HAIPORT”. increase.
[Image 1d85898-11-7c20b835065d07c0e454-0.png&s3=85898-11-2d99ac8e63d7a72617eb31bc49075655-1000x560.png
The ACR system, which has received a lot of attention at “Smart Logistics EXPO 2023” and has received many inquiries, is the “HAIPICK A42L” that can be expanded and contracted up to a maximum height of about 6m and automatically recognizes the width of the workpiece (*Note 1) and picks it. -NTFW”, and the forklift type ACR “HAIPICK A3” that can directly pick up workpieces with different shapes such as tires. In addition, “HAIPORT”, which will be exhibited in combination with the ACR, can load and unload the workpieces picked by the ACR immediately, maximizing the efficiency of the ACR.
At the HRJ Technical Center, we are conducting a demonstration of mixed picking of totes and cardboard boxes in warehouse and shipping operations, assuming actual operation for logistics companies. In addition, we can easily reproduce the customer’s logistics environment by bringing in totes and cardboard boxes that are actually used by the customer, so that you can get a better idea of ​​what the system will look like after installation.
Despite being less than a year old, the former Technical Center received about 100 tour reservations, mainly from logistics companies. In this renewal, the scale of the area, facilities, etc. has also been greatly enhanced. Through the Technical Center, we would like to increase opportunities for our customers to come into contact with cutting-edge logistics solutions that make use of the space above the shelves.
Reservations are required for information on the HRJ Technical Center. Please apply using the form on the page below.
*Note 1 Objects to be processed or transported. An abbreviated English term for “workpiece”
■Overview of the HRJ Technical Center
Renewal opening date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Name: HRJ Technical Center
Address: 4-6 Chikumazawahigashi, Miyoshi-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama *Attached to the head office
Reservation method: Information is reservation system.
Please apply using the form on the page below.
Exhibition/demonstration model
1. ACR system “HAIPICK” series
This is an ACR independently researched and developed by HAI ROBOTICS. [Image 2d85898-11-44ae9f488e6f5d878464-2.jpg&s3=85898-11-68ef584bdcbbfcf5270bfde62c571765-1062x1044.jpg

“HAIPICK A42L-NTFW (custom order product)”
It can be used for picking and transporting totes, and realizes storage that makes effective use of height. In addition, it can move forward, backward, and turn without any assistance such as rails, while autonomous navigation enables obstacle avoidance and automatic charging.
[Image 3d85898-11-f53c443606ac4d4b624b-4.jpg&s3=85898-11-af9eea813a8e111a4bc318fa418e7cbc-426x640.jpg
New generation forklift type ACR. It can be adjusted according to workpieces with different materials and heights, such as tires, trays, and reel products. The maximum transportable weight of the case is 50 kg, and the picking height is 360 to 4160 mm.
The HAIPICK A3 exhibited at the Technical Center is compatible with clean room class 10,000.
2. Multifunctional workstation “HAIPORT”
[Image 4d85898-11-809f9a7e349a725ad5a6-3.jpg&s3=85898-11-3d505848827b5b2ea4c98435c674aded-1000x750.jpg
It consists of an autoloader (*1), conveyor, visualization board, and DAS (Digital Assort System (*2) system. By linking with the “HAIPICK” series robot, the tote is automatically loaded and unloaded. and improve the loading and unloading function.
*1: A device that automatically attaches a workpiece to a desired position on a machine tool, etc.
*2: A digital picking system that supports sorting work for assortment (seeding) Recommended places/scenes for use: Suitable for warehouses that handle a lot of materials and products, and open stock picking.
3. HAIQ Software “HAI-WMS Smart Warehouse Management System” Docking with the customer’s upstream system and supporting various business scenarios such as outbound, inbound, inventory, and warehouse organization through a visualized interface.
HAI-WMS can be set to assign tasks and robots, load balance
workstations, and optimize transportation routes to optimize storage and transportation efficiency.
It can be customized to meet the storage needs of various industries. About HAI ROBOTICS Co. Ltd.
HAI ROBOTICS Co. Ltd. is a pioneer of ACR system, established in Shenzhen, China in 2016. We provide efficient, smart, flexible and customized warehouse automation solutions using robot technology and AI algorithms to businesses such as factories and distribution warehouses. Since its establishment, it has grown rapidly by incorporating global needs and providing a comprehensive ACR system developed in-house. increase. In 2022, the Chinese headquarters has received orders for ACR from Panasonic China Suzhou Automated Warehouse, and in South Korea from YKK Raw Material Automated Warehouse.
HRJ, which was established in 2021 as a Japanese subsidiary of HAI ROBOTICS Co. Ltd., aims to promote automation and DX in the logistics and manufacturing industries by providing a one-stop service from the introduction of ACR systems to operation and support. We specialize in business activities. We have an HRJ Technical Center in our head office, where we conduct demonstrations and various simulations. Representative Director: Ryu Kou
Location: 4-6 Chikumazawahigashi, Miyoshi-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture Business description:
・Proposal of total solutions for various LA (Logistics Automation) and FA (Factory Automation) automatic transport machines
・Development and sales of automatic guided vehicles (including ACR, AGV, etc.) and various peripheral equipment
Established: August 25, 2021
Capital: 77.35 million yen

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