Hakuhodo gmove launches a customer service role-playing service that uses IT to improve the quality of business negotiations for sales staff

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Hakuhodo gmove launches a customer service role-playing service that uses IT to improve the quality of business negotiations for sales staff
– You can take classes online at your favorite time and place. Implementation of role-playing in accordance with actual situations―
The customer contact solution development team “Hakuhodo gmove” by Hakuhodo Inc. and Hakuhodo Products Inc.
https://www.hakuhodo.co.jp/gmove/ aims to improve the quality of business negotiations at companies. We have started offering an “online customer service roleplay service” that allows you to perform actual business negotiation roleplaying (hereinafter referred to as roleplay) online with customers on time.
Although the importance of securing high-quality sales staff and developing skills in business negotiations, sales, and customer service is recognized, many companies do not have enough staff due to time constraints and a shortage of human resources. I am not able to go to Even in companies that focus on on-site sales and customer service roleplays to improve the quality of business negotiations, each person has other duties, such as “the burden of scenario creation is high”, “implementation time is limited”, and “feedback Due to reasons such as “difficulty in homogenizing quality”, there is a reality that rope pre is not being implemented as expected.
As a result of the actual survey conducted this time,
・96.6% of respondents said that improving business negotiation skills was “important,” but only 23.7% answered that they were “providing education to improve business negotiation skills.”
・While 77.2% of the respondents answered that roleplaying is “useful and effective” for improving business negotiation skills, in the actual implementation of roleplaying, there are time constraints, psychological burdens, gaps with actual business negotiations, and inter-employee Opinions were raised that there are many issues, including a difference in awareness of role play initiatives. In order to solve these problems, we have developed an “online customer service rope pre-service” that works to improve the quality of business negotiations with sales staff more effectively and efficiently.
In this service, we provide a one-stop service from creating role-playing scenarios to training high-quality role-playing partners (customer roles), creating sales and customer service technology evaluation indicators, and developing environments and systems for online courses. Unlike training that requires a long period of time for a group to attend, sales staff can book roleplays at a time that suits them and take online courses at their desk or anywhere they like. In addition, by creating scenarios that match the specific products and services of each company, it becomes a highly effective role play. Online implementation also makes it easier to review recorded data and share good roleplays among sales staff.

In addition, the Hakuhodo DY Group is utilizing IT and digital technology, which has been researched and accumulated knowledge, in the field of sales and customer service. By linking the analysis with “CONOOTO (R)”, we analyzed the participants’ utterance time, voice frequency, important phrases and habits, etc., and combined it with feedback from rope pre-partners and provide advanced feedback. -Reference materials-
A dialogue voice analysis system that analyzes the dialogue voice during business negotiations in a timely manner and automatically generates an effect measurement and evaluation report. By recording conversations during business meetings with our own iOS app for smartphones and tablets and our own Windows app for remote
conferencing that supports Teams/WebEX/Zoom, we can monitor the amount of important keywords spoken by sales representatives and customers, as well as catch conversations. By observing the ball ratio, speech speed/voice frequency, etc., we measure and analyze the estimation of changes in customer emotions. Furthermore, by utilizing the
accumulated business negotiation data, we will develop a business negotiation evaluation algorithm and automatically generate a speech analysis result report for each business negotiation.
It is possible to grasp the status of sales activities, and to conduct training and skill improvement measures for areas where sales representatives are weak, and to improve and increase efficiency of individual sales activities more effectively.
https://www.hakuhodody-holdings.co.jp/news/corporate/2019/06/2243.html About gmove
“gmove” was established to understand the sales scene better than anyone else and to develop and provide truly useful solutions. We aim to improve the relationship between people (salespeople) and people (customers), and to become the driving force of business with solutions that are truly useful for capturing and satisfying people’s hearts with the power of digital technology. At gmove, we are developing the SMS delivery service “SMSmarketingPlus”, which is used by more than 300 companies, and the “Personalized DM Easy Shipping System”, and we will continue to provide solutions aimed at
strengthening customer contact points, improving CS, and strengthening sales skills. We will develop and provide
■ Points of the survey conducted this time
□Survey on business negotiation skills of sales people and sales staff [Improving negotiation skills of salespeople and sales staff is recognized as an extremely important issue, but few companies are able to sufficiently educate them.]
While 96.6% answered that improving negotiation skills was
“important,” only 23.7% answered that they were “providing education” to improve negotiation skills.
[We recognize that role play is an effective and effective means to improve business negotiation skills, but there are many problems in implementation]
Although 77.2% of the respondents answered that role play was “useful and effective,” the issue of time
Constraints, psychological burdens, gaps with actual business negotiations, and differences in awareness of role-playing efforts among employees increased.
[Even in the environment of digitalization, EC, and non-face-to-face business development in the future, the importance of improving business negotiation skills will increase]
68.9% of respondents answered that the importance of improving business negotiation skills was “more important than it is now.” □Survey overview
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/8062/table/678_1_6601ee9bb77a71f010e7dab148e3babe.jpg ]

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