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Hanshin Umeda Main Store Delicious Wellness – Protein, Fermented Food, Plant Base –

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Delicious Wellness – Protein, Fermented Food, Plant Base –
Welcoming Hiroko Protein as a Super Presenter

■ February 16th (Thursday) → 20th (Monday)
■ Food festival terrace on the 1st floor
■ Related site “Shokusai Terrace” invites professional “super presenters” in the field and continues to disseminate the appeal of various food cultures. We aim to provide a new food experience, such as collecting hot foods and digging deep into food trends. This time, we focused on beauty, health and wellness. In addition to protein foods, which are gaining popularity as foods that efficiently consume proteins and nutrients that are essential for creating a youthful and supple body, fermented foods and plant-based foods that are much talked about will also appear.
“Protein enthusiast who does not exercise” Protein Hiroko is a super presenter! [Image 1

Protein Hiroko
Non-exercise protein enthusiast who has tried over 400 types of protein so far. A protein girl who is attracting attention in the media and magazines such as “Matsuko’s Unknown World” and “Mr. Hayashi’s New Study”. Instagram, which proposes protein as one of the ways to become beautiful, which has a strong image of drinking protein to build muscle, is gaining the support of many women. He is also involved in the production of many products such as “Protein Otome” and “Regional Revitalization Protein” for women.
Evolving more and more! protein food
“Protein = muscle training” is already a thing of the past. Familiar foods that allow busy modern people to consume protein efficiently are being released one after another. Protein Hiroko pays attention, delicious and “Is this really protein? ! We have a selection of products that will make you think.
It’s gentle on the body, but it’s rich
[Image 2

“SWAN ICECREAM” Rich vanilla milk, cacao nib chocolate, pistachio, mango, strawberry, milk tea (120ml) 750 yen each
Contains approximately 10g of protein per cup. Made with grass-fed whey, no white sugar, and plant-derived sweeteners, it’s gentle on the body, but it’s rich and melts in your mouth!
Low sugar but filling
[Image 3

Osaka Sakai “nakao529” Top) Shape Men Middle) Iron Men Bottom) Fire Men (180g) 251 yen each
Training noodles “Shape Men” are noodles containing casein protein so that they can be slowly absorbed by the body. In addition, the lineup includes “Iron Men”, which contains iron to maintain endurance, and “Fire Men”, which contains capsaicin, which is necessary to promote metabolism.
“Three times hotter” new work joins the ranks!
[Image 4

“Regional Revitalization Protein” Protein (300g) using ginger from Satake Farm in Shimanto Town, Kochi Prefecture 3,901 yen
Protein Hiroko says, “I want to revitalize Japan with protein using local ingredients!” We used plenty of ginger from Kochi and Shimanto to create a ginger milk tea flavor.
After all it is amazing! power of fermentation
Fermented foods, which are familiar in Japan, are attracting attention again in the form of drinks, desserts, supplements, etc. that can be enjoyed casually.
[Image 5

Hyogo/Kobe “Hawaiian Kombucha” (1 cup) 501 yen -Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store-
Kombucha is a fermented drink made by adding yeast and organic cane sugar to tea. We have also prepared flavors using local, Hyogo agricultural products.
[Image 6

Kameoka, Kyoto “Kyoto Koji” Rice koji raw amazake (500g) 1,350 yen, (1kg) 2,160 yen
Nama amazake made by Akio Katayama, a brewer who was selected as one of Kyoto’s 25 modern master craftsmen. 100% homemade rice koji is used. The live Aspergillus oryzae is frozen as it is without heat treatment. You can enjoy it in various ways, such as thawing it a little and using it as sherbet, or mixing it with hot water to make hot amazake.
[Image 7

Hiroshima/Onomichi “Manda Koso” Manda Koso MANUKA HONEY (2.5 g x 31 packets) 6,480 yen
A plant-fermented food that was created using the knowledge and technology of fermentation cultivated over 300 years as a sake brewery in Innoshima, Hiroshima. It tastes like a paste-like sweet miso, and is individually wrapped for portability.
What is plant base?
“Plant-based” is a lifestyle that avoids animal-derived foods and actively incorporates plant-derived foods. We have a lineup of “plant-based foods” that have been attracting attention in recent years for reasons such as reducing the environmental burden and being health conscious.
[Image 8

“ZENB” ZENB Noodles – Round Noodles/Thin Noodles – (1 bag) 792 yen each “ZENB” uses beans and vegetables as whole as possible to deliver delicious food that is gentle on the body and the earth. ZENB noodles are dried noodles made from 100% yellow peas, which are rich in protein and dietary fiber.
[Image 9

Osaka Tanimachi 9-chome “MERCY Vegan Factory” Macy Vegan Kimpa (8 slices) 1,200 yen
High-grade toasted nori seaweed from Ariake, Saga Prefecture is topped with “Pyrrole rice” from Ishikawa Prefecture, which has almost no residual pesticides, and 7 kinds of ingredients carefully fried in kombu dashi and sesame oil.
[Image 10

“Daizu DAYS” “Natural protein (steamed soybean) smoothie – green, orange, black – 450 yen each
-Limited to Hanshin Umeda Main Store-
A smoothie made by steaming and cooking organically grown Hokkaido soybeans. It has a fluffy texture and a natural sweetness like chestnuts.
The best part of the food festival terrace! A hot talk excites the venue [Image 11

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