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“Hay fever medicine popularity ranking 2023” and topical pollen countermeasure goods gifts! “2023 spring hay f ever special feature” started

hay fever quest
“Hay fever medicine popularity ranking 2023” and topical pollen countermeasure goods gifts! “2023 spring hay fever special feature” started
[2023 edition] Which hay fever medicine (antihistamine) is increasing in prescriptions? Pollen countermeasure goods and gift campaigns such as “MoriLabo pollen barrier pot” are also being carried out!
Hay fever quest (, Qi Co., Ltd., head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative: Maiko Ochiai) has started the “2023 Spring Hay Fever Feature” from February 6, 2023. In the special feature, we will tell you about the popular pollinosis drug
(prescription drug) ranking in 2023, the daily pollen scattering information, and present campaigns such as the much-talked-about MoriLabo Night Care Pollen Barrier Pot. . We will continue to add useful information as needed.
▶ “2022 spring hay fever special” corner ▶ “Ray fever medicine popularity ranking 2023” ▶ “Present campaign”

[Image 1d27249-21-a4153d94c0b245577fa8-0.png&s3=27249-21-71eb4ce17546e01f3d209be0f97d3ce6-980x500.png
-2023 edition-Hay fever drug (prescription drug) ranking announced! Which is your favorite drug?

Special Feature 1: Popular Ranking of Hay Fever Medicines
The first place was “Desalex”
“Desalex” ranked first in the popularity ranking of hay fever medicines (antihistamines).
Why did you win first place? What kind of drug is Desalex? What about other rankings? Please see Special Feature 1 for details.
●Ray fever medicine popularity ranking: Special Feature 2: Present Campaign

[Image 2d27249-21-b1a7b07c2d3e09adbe69-1.png&s3=27249-21-8e293bedd8e2dae6680814f01e340b69-980x500.png
“MoriLabo Night Care Pollen Barrier Pot” and “MoriLabo Pollen Barrier Seal” 10 winners each will be presented by lottery with pollen
countermeasure goods “MoriLabo Night Care Pollen Barrier Pot” and “MoriLabo Pollen Barrier Seal”, which are often introduced on TV and internet media.
You can guard against pollen with the scent of Todomatsu!
To apply, just like or retweet the campaign tweet.
Please check this out for details.
●Present campaign:
Special Feature 3: Pollen dispersal information
[Image 3d27249-21-6e7eabcf434b7a7b757f-2.jpg&s3=27249-21-2c398dde2a3d183816756f784210aebd-640x427.jpg
Pollen dispersal information
We provide daily pollen count data in Tokyo.
Please refer to pollen countermeasures.
● Pollen scattering information: About the operating company “Qi Co., Ltd.”
Qi Co., Ltd. will provide services useful for health such as “Hay fever Quest” and contribute to improving your QOL (quality of life). Location: 4F, ​​Yazawa Building, 3-1-9, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Maiko Ochiai, Representative Director
♦ Click here for the “2023 Hay Fever Special” corner.
▶ “Popular ranking of hay fever medicines” ▶ “Present Campaign”
▶ “Pollen scattering information” Details about this release:

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