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HiManager Co., Ltd. “HiManager casebook (OKR x HiManager)”, which summarizes OKR promotion cases using HiManager, is now available for free!

High Manager Co., Ltd.
“HiManager casebook (OKR x HiManager)”, which summarizes OKR promotion cases using HiManager, is available for free!
-In addition to OKR cases, basic knowledge about OKR and information necessary for practice are explained-

HiManager Co., Ltd., which provides an all-in-one cloud “HiManager” that realizes performance management such as OKR, 1on1, real-time feedback, personnel evaluation, etc., has released “HiManager case studies ( OKR×HiManager)” has been released for free.
Download HiManager case studies (OKR x HiManager):
HiManager case study collection (OKR x HiManager) overview:
[Image 1d52967-74-a5d42dbf54895293c6bf-0.png&s3=52967-74-9c07c6e96ec3873fcf18895f0ade843d-1800x1312.png
-Outline of HiManager case study collection (OKR x HiManager)- HiManager’s OKR utilization examples are introduced in an
easy-to-understand manner along with customer feedback!
This is a document that summarizes HiManager x OKR case studies, including the introduction background, selection reasons, and introduction effects.
-What you can learn from this document-
・Basic knowledge and processes related to OKR
・Introduction background of OKR for HiManager users
・Effect of HiManager introduction on OKR
-Recommended for people like this-
・Those who have problems with OKR
・ Those who are interested in OKR operation with tools
・Those who are considering introducing HiManager
Download HiManager case studies (OKR x HiManager):
Contents of HiManager case study collection (OKR x HiManager) 1. HiManager’s OKR management makes organizational goals visible 2. What are OKRs in the first place?
3. Five characteristics of OKR (comparison with MBO)
4. OKR setting policy
5. HiManager × OKR implementation example
5-1. MUGENUP Co., Ltd. | Utilizing HiManager, we have realized the penetration of OKR, 1on1, and praise culture.
 5-2. Carstay Co., Ltd. | Using HiManager, we have created a formalization of OKRs and fostered a culture of praise.
 5-3. Potentialite Co., Ltd. | “OKR” is a place for members to be independent and produce results. Systematize “praise/1on1” to create an organization with high psychological safety.
 5-4. Leeways Co., Ltd. | What is the specific use of OKRs to create a self-motivated organization?
6. Last thing I want to tell you
Download HiManager case studies (OKR x HiManager):
Performance management service “HiManager”
[Image 2d52967-74-fc56d284621a8c22ed27-2.png&s3=52967-74-e2ac099904b7a05a1e3c8da8f926168b-2428x1178.png
HiManager provides personnel evaluations necessary in the hybrid work era, improves employee engagement, and enables the creation of a shining organization.
[Image 3d52967-74-c75dfa8ccf1bd1f69ff6-3.png&s3=52967-74-b4961ddbc77609c971bb3933b7adf618-1896x1252.png
▼Things possible with HiManager 1.|
OKR makes all organizational goals visible
By connecting all company, team, and individual goals and increasing the transparency of goals,
We can work together to achieve our goals.

[Image 4d52967-74-6eac4c512b4833486e93-4.png&s3=52967-74-e99db1a21d1fe1ad17815262bbc541cf-1542x1194.png
▼Things possible with HiManager 2.|
Improve employee performance through management based on real-time feedback All functions for realizing management based on real-time feedback, such as 1on1, feedback, praise, and evaluation, are implemented, and employee performance is improved.
[Image 5d52967-74-137295b882785e60f856-5.png&s3=52967-74-1a1b70e0265a369a45f5084e47920c85-1702x1206.png
▼Things possible with HiManager 3.|
See how employees are doing in real time
Visualize engagement
With a simple 10-question survey, you can collect multifaceted information from 8 perspectives related to NPS (company
recommendation) + organizational operation and management.
In addition, simply by answering simple weekly questions, you can grasp the status of employees in real time, such as their current condition and progress toward goals.
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Company Profile
Company name: High Manager Co., Ltd.
Established: July 2018
Representative Director: Kengo Mori
Location: Ark Mori Building 3F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Performance management service “HiManager” and personnel consulting
Details about this release: