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Holding report Closing with a full house! DX exhibition in Okinawa “ResorTech EXPO 2022 in Okinawa”

Okinawa IT Innovation Strategy Center
[Holding report] Closing with a full house! DX exhibition in Okinawa “ResorTech EXPO 2022 in Okinawa”
Okinawa Prefecture’s largest DX exhibition “Reso Tech Expo” aims to create cooperation and co-creation through business matching and to promote Okinawa Prefecture’s DX (digital transformation).

ResorTech EXPO 2022 in Okinawa closed its online venue on Sunday, January 8, 2023. ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa (Reso Tech Expo) will be held in Okinawa to support business mavisiting with IT companies inside and outside the prefecture as an exhibition and business meeting, in addition to viewing a wealth of seminars and symposiums related to IT and DX1. It is a big event related to DX once a year. The real venue held at the Okinawa Convention Center on November 17th (Thursday) and 18th (Friday) was also visited by a record number of people. In promoting digital transformation in Okinawa Prefecture, I believe that the Riso Tech Expo has become a point of solidarity for many people, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the prefecture, business, the general public, or students.
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Reso Tech Expo 2022
ResorTech EXPO 2022 in Okinawa, this year’s theme is “Chimugukuru DX – Crossing the River of Digital Transformation”. “Chimugukuru” is an Okinawan word that means kindness and richness of heart. We held this expo with the theme of “Chimugukuru DX”, advocating innovation for a future that values ​​coexistence, peace, and life.
In addition, companies that have various IT solutions and services as a place for business negotiations with businesses and local
governments inside and outside Okinawa Prefecture, targeting “all industries in the prefecture”, “coexistence with nature”, and “regional revitalization”. It was held in Okinawa so that everyone can use it.
[Event overview]
・ Event name: ResorTech EXPO 2022 in Okinawa
・ Organizer: ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa Executive Committee (Executive Committee Chair: Junichi Inagaki)
・ Date: Real venue November 17th (Thursday) and November 18th (Friday), 2022 Online venue November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 8, 2023 (Sunday) ・Venue: Okinawa Convention Center Exhibition Building/Conference Building ・Main visitors: Businesses, government officials, students, mass media who need technology services in all industries
・Support: Japan Telework Association / Japan Internet Providers Association / Ota Ward Industrial Promotion Association / Ota Ward Industry and Economy Department / Okinawa Federation of Commerce and Industry / Okinawa Industry Federation / General Foundation Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau / Okinawa Association of Small and Medium Enterprises / General Incorporated Association Okinawa Information Industry Association ( IIA ) / General Incorporated Association Okinawa Employers Association / Okinawa Industrial Promotion Public Corporation / Okinawa Economic Doyukai / General Incorporated Association Okinawa Association of Specialized Training Colleges / General Incorporated Foundation Okinawa Private Education Promotion Association / Okinawa Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry / Naha Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Okinawa Development Finance Corporation / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Okinawa Telecommunications Office / NHK Okinawa Broadcasting Station / Okinawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Okinawa Times / Ryukyu Shimpo / Ryukyu Broadcasting Co., Ltd., 24 companies in total
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main stage
Breakdown of number of visitors
■ Real venue 1st day: 4,467 people
■ Real venue 2nd day: 4,028 people
■ Online venue: 5,319 people
Total 13,814
■ Exhibitors: 160 companies and organizations
■ Support: 24 groups
■ Seminars and symposiums: 70 lectures
■ Momentary maximum number of visitors: 834 (exhibition hall) [Image 3

State of the venue
[This year’s initiative]
Reso Tech Expo 2022 was full of new initiatives, but thanks to everyone’s cooperation, we were able to close the curtain with a great turnout.
■ Pre-seminar
Four seminar videos were produced and distributed in advance and released on the YouTube channel and official website. We interviewed experts about the future of Okinawa from the perspectives of tourism, regional revitalization, protection of the natural environment, and technology.
■ Event cooperation
We exhibited at events inside and outside the prefecture, such as the Okinawa Industrial Festival, the Great Okinawa Trade Fair, the World Uchinanchu Festival, CEATEC, and Kyoto Smart Expo, and introduced ResoTech Expo 2022.
■ Media exposure
In a project called “Okinawa’s Jo-to-Company Exploration” by Okinawa Times, we introduced Resotech, DX, and Resotech Expo 2022 in comics, and disseminated information to the general public.
[Looking for “DX” 11/17/18 Reso Tech Expo 2022 in Okinawa Manga artist Satoshi Oshiro goes! Okinawan company visit]
■Student tour
This year, many high school students, vocational school students, and university students visited the show, interacted with exhibiting companies, and listened to keynote speeches and seminars.
In addition to changing his impression of the information and communications industry, he said that he “felt the necessity and future potential” and “became interested in IT.”
■ Reverse business meeting booth
In one corner of the real venue, we set up a “Chimugukuru Reverse Business Negotiation Booth,” where local governments, organizations, and companies that have problems participate and have business talks with companies that have solutions and services. rice field. 17 companies and organizations participated, and we were able to conduct 72 business negotiations. A manager from the Okinawa IT Innovation Strategy Center was present at each business meeting and acted as a mediator for matching.
[Image 4

Inside the exhibition hall
Various questionnaires are in the process of being aggregated, but we will introduce the contents of the interim aggregation.
■ Exhibitor questionnaire
Satisfaction with EXPO participation: About 85% answered that they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”
■ Visitor questionnaire
Overall satisfaction: Approximately 70% answered that they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied”. Including those who were “somewhat satisfied”, the figure rises to about 90%.
Satisfaction with the seminar/symposium: About 60% answered that they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”
Would you like to visit again next time?: Just under 50% answered that they would definitely like to visit again.
■ Comments from exhibitors
・At this exhibition, not only companies but also students stopped by our booth, so I think it was very beneficial for our company’s appeal. ・It’s nice to be closer to the visitors than at the Tokyo event, and I definitely want to exhibit next year.
[Next year’s Reso Tech Expo 2023]
Next year, we will move the venue to Okinawa Arena in Okinawa City and hold ResorTech EXPO 2023 in Okinawa!
With the latest venue equipment, you will be able to experience the digital future more.
We will update the information on the official website from time to time, so please look forward to it.
[ResorTech EXPO 2023 in Okinawa]
Date: November 9th (Thursday) and 10th (Friday), 2023
■ Venue: Okinawa Arena (Yamauchi, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture) [Exhibition tentative application now being accepted]
As early as next year, we are accepting “tentative” applications for exhibiting at ResorTech EXPO 2023 in Okinawa (ResoTech Expo 2023). This year’s Reso Tech Expo 2022 was very lively thanks to you, and not only exhibitors but also visitors were happy to say, “When will the application for next year’s exhibition start?” .
As the secretariat, in order to further enhance the contents of the next fiscal year, we have started accepting applications for “provisional” exhibitions in order to create Reso Tech Expo 2023 together with exhibitors.
We will keep you informed of the latest information on ResoTech Expo 2023 and its exhibitors.
* “ResorTech” is a word that combines “Resort” and “Technology”. “ResorTech” started with the idea of ​​supporting the tourism industry in the resort area of ​​Okinawa with technology, and now it is used in the sense of “technology that supports all industries in the resort area of ​​Okinawa and improves its productivity and added value.” It is
[Image 5d40468-20-25bb7e8e60ae0a562952-2.png&s3=40468-20-33dc9e0f6f8fc32c8436a763640f0850-1280x853.png
exhibitor booth
[Image 6d40468-20-450575ddb8ccc2ec2b42-5.png&s3=40468-20-c719e4f8be5f057e6dd818e40c6cd06b-1280x853.png
Live seminar from HANEDA×PiO

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