Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd. Donated to 8 organizations working on social innovation

Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd.
Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd. Donated to 8 organizations working on social innovation Expanding support centered on organizations working to create a future for children

We would like to inform you that Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Tsuneo Nagai) has made donations to seven organizations including NPOs in fiscal 2022 as well. Ideal Leaders has continued to donate every year as part of its activities to realize its purpose of “increase the number of companies that value people and society.” [Image 1

■ Donation background
In order to realize the purpose of “increase the number of companies that value people and society”, Ideal Leaders not only provides consulting services, but also contributes to innovation in society. We continue to donate 1% of We will continue to provide support, believing that solving social issues will bring innovation to society, which will lead to peace.
■ Donation Report for 2022
This year, we provided support to children and young people who are facing difficulties due to social issues, organizations that work on the social issues themselves, and organizations that work for world peace.
In 2022, we supported the following 8 organizations.
Certified NPO corporation Katariba
Authorized NPO corporation Florence
NPO Reach Alternatives (REALs)
Authorized NPO corporation ACE
Authorized Specified Non-Profit Organization Learning for All Authorized NPO PIECES
National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center Musubie
Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation
*The donation amount is ¥500,000 uniformly for each organization. ■Introduction of groups
Certified NPO corporation Katariba
Katariba is an educational NPO that has been active since 2001 with the aim of creating a society where teens born and raised in any environment can develop their motivation and creativity to create their own future. Thanks to everyone’s support, last year we were able to provide a safe place to stay, meals, and diverse learning opportunities to about 85,000 children through 17 projects. As the corona crisis continues, there is an increasing movement to question existing frameworks. Going forward, we will continue to utilize the free thinking and mobility of NPOs to create new places of learning that can be accessed by children in any environment. We aim to connect children to learning without any effort. We look forward to your continued warm support. (Authorized NPO Katariba Representative Director Kumi Imamura)
Authorized NPO corporation Florence
Authorized NPO Florence is an organization that aims to realize “a society where everyone hugs their children, where they can take on any challenge while raising their children, and where all kinds of families are full of smiles.” In Japan, one child per week dies from abuse. In fiscal 2021, the number of cases of abuse will exceed 200,000, a record high, and sad incidents and accidents are occurring frequently. We would like to use the donations carefully to provide food assistance for families in need, support for single parents, support for isolated parents and children, support for women suffering from unexpected pregnancies, and other immediate problems. In addition to providing support to those who have problems, we will also focus on social actions and policy proposals with the aim of fundamentally solving social issues. (Certified NPO Florence Chairman Hiroki Komazaki)
NPO Reach Alternatives (REALs)
REALs are working in conflict areas such as Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, and South Sudan to “prevent” conflicts and terrorism before they occur. REALs develops local human resources and creates mechanisms to prevent conflicts so that people involved in conflicts can proactively work to prevent and resolve problems. We are also providing emergency support to people whose lives are in danger, and will also provide emergency support for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria that occurred in February. Your support will be used to prevent conflicts, overcome conflicts, and realize a society where people can coexist. We look forward to your continued participation and support. (Authorized NPO REALs Chairman Rumiko Seya)
Authorized NPO corporation ACE
ACE is a Japanese-born company whose purpose is to solve social issues that deprive children and young people of their rights in order to create a world where children and young people can build their own lives and society on their own will. is an NGO. In Ghana’s
cocoa-producing regions and India’s cotton-producing regions, in addition to educating children and supporting the self-reliance of impoverished families, we are making policy recommendations to the international community and governments, collaborating with companies, and conducting educational activities for consumers. increase. Towards a society where children’s rights are taken for granted. I hope that you will continue to walk with us. (Authorized NPO ACE CEO Yuka Iwatsuki)
Authorized Specified Non-Profit Organization Learning for All
Learning for All has a mission of “Providing a fundamental solution to child poverty.” In Japan, one in seven children is in a state of “poverty”, and they face various problems such as economic hardship and school refusal. Our organization alone cannot solve the problem of child poverty. All Japanese adults should think about the children who will shoulder the future of Japan. We hope that those who have learned about Learning for All through the warm support of Ideal Readers will join us. We will continue to work to realize a society where all children can realize their potential and make the most of it. (Certified Non-Profit Organization Learning for All Representative Director Hyungsik Lee)
Authorized NPO PIECES
“A society where children can be children”  No matter what the environment, background, or situation, people can live with dignity as human beings.In a society, we adults can respect each other’s rights. is required. However, many children live in an environment where it is difficult to trust others and society with peace of mind because they do not listen to the “voice” of “because they are children” and see them as objects of exploitation and consumption. We at PIECES are working to create a society where the rights and dignity of everyone, including children and adults, are valued. Through the donations we received this time, we were able to proceed with our activities. thank you very much. I would be very happy if you would continue to work with us to create a tomorrow where the rights and dignity of children are valued. thank you. (Ibuki Ozawa, Representative Director of PIECES)
National Children’s Cafeteria Support Center Musubie
Musubie is working with the vision of “creating a society where no one is left behind through the support of children’s cafeterias.” By 2025, we will establish at least one children’s cafeteria in each of the approximately 20,000 elementary school districts nationwide by cherishing the thoughts of all the children’s cafeterias throughout the country who continue to struggle even in the midst of tough times due to the corona crisis and soaring prices, and everyone who supports them. We aim to create an environment where Many children’s cafeterias are places for everyone, open to everyone. We will create an environment where children are at the center and where everyone can feel at ease, anywhere in the country, so that a kind society where people can feel warm connections will continue. (Authorized NPO Corporation All Japan Children’s Cafeteria Support Center Musubie Chairman Makoto Yuasa)
Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation
A private non-profit organization that supports children who have lost their parents due to illness, disaster, suicide, etc., and children whose parents cannot work due to disabilities, etc., through scholarships, educational support, and psychological care. . (Introduced by quoting from the organization’s website)
About Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd.
Since our founding in 2015, we have continued to provide purpose-based consulting to many companies and managers under the purpose of “increase the number of companies that value people and society.” At Purpose Management Consulting, we do not stop at discovering purpose, but encourage resonance with purpose and support the process of implementing it in management.
[Purpose Management Consulting]
A consulting service that clarifies the true meaning of existence of client companies and supports its realization.
Establishment/deployment of organizational purpose/vision, support for management/business team consensus building, support for
transformation of organizational culture, medium-term management plan/strategy formulation/implementation support, next-generation leader development, leadership development, human resource
development, etc.
[Executive coaching]
A service that supports management’s decision-making and improvement of the quality of actions. Through coaching sessions, we help managers find their own answers. -Industry examples-Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, non-ferrous metals, real estate, restaurants, services, glass and stone products, venture capital, Internet services, consumer goods, wholesale, semiconductors, electronics, precision equipment, food, etc.
“Kasanari” is an assessment tool that measures the degree of overlap between individual and organizational purposes. In addition to presenting the diagnostic results as data, executive coaches and organizational development consultants provide comments on the current state of the organization. It’s not just about looking at the numbers, it’s about how you interpret the numbers and how you compare the data to your ideal tissue picture.
Ideal Readers Related Books
[Image 2d14688-31-587dd6707c658a452089-1.png&s3=14688-31-068f666eae4104da6b732525c6fa612b-269x383.png
“Purpose Management” Management that values ​​the happiness of employees Author Mari Niwa | September 1, 2018 first edition
A book filled with the importance and know-how of creating a happy organization based on purpose. People with higher happiness are more productive and creative, and can contribute significantly to the company and business performance. Efforts to increase employee happiness are essential for the development of the company. This book explains management and organizational management focused on “happiness at work”, and also introduces the managerial position and role of CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), who designs the happiness of employees.
[Image 3d14688-31-2a4160770aad4909a7d1-2.png&s3=14688-31-057d770918384ba834a4bb9c363ee23b-271x385.png
“Company problem discovery, problem setting, problem solving” Authors Tsuneo Nagai and Kenta Saito | First published on October 21, 2019 A manager has a vision. And in the actual workplace, the number of companies that repeat the OKR-type process of finding problems, setting issues, and solving problems has increased in number, dynamically and steadily building their organization. A powerful vision that can continue to grow and drive people and organizations is indispensable at that time. In this book, Nagai introduces examples of manufacturing and IT companies that have transformed their
organizations based on the vision, and promotes a positive interaction between the internal motivation of management and the internal motivation of the workplace. Explains organizational management methods.

[Image 4d14688-31-23fedba95ccb9999cdd1-3.png&s3=14688-31-7971bf231904b6e8086e321f1f449333-284x406.png
“How to create a purpose-driven organization Changing the company through discovery, resonance, and implementation”
Author Tsuneo Nagai, Terunori Goto | First edition published on December 30, 2021
A book filled with the essence necessary to practice management based on purpose. After introducing what purpose is and why purpose is needed now, I will explain the concept of management based on purpose (= “purpose-driven management”). Then, we will explain in detail the three steps of “discovery, resonance, and implementation” necessary for purpose-driven management. We conducted original interviews with the top management and leaders of more than 20 Japanese companies, including NEC, Nissan, Benesse, ADK, Gurunavi, and LIXIL. Specific cases that can only be read here are posted.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Ideal leaders (Ideal Leaders Co., Ltd.)
Representative Director: Tsuneo Nagai
Location: 2-2-1 Kishimoto Building 6F, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2015
Business content: Management consulting (Purpose management
consulting, executive coaching): Organizational purpose/vision building and development/Consensus building support for
management/business teams/Organizational culture reform
support/Medium- to long-term management plan/strategy formulation and execution Support / Next Generation Leader Development / Leadership Development, Human Resource Development / Work Style Reform Consulting / Innovation Support Consulting / CSV Consulting / CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Program / 1on1 Program / Executive Coaching, etc.

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