Illustration class for children with developmental disabilities/gray zone | Safe learning online | “Digital illustration course” using ibis Paint starts in February

Development Uneven Association
Illustration class for children with developmental disabilities/gray zone | Safe learning online | “Digital illustration course” using ibis Paint starts in February
“Children’s Design Academy” can nurture the foundation of the heart through children’s “likes”. A feature of our lessons is that even children who are concerned about their development can take lessons in a fun and worry-free manner.

An online illustration for children who are concerned about
development, held in September by the Developmental Uneven Association (located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Maho Ito), which provides support for parents with
developmental disabilities and gray zones. Classroom “Children’s Design Academy”. We held a “study group” event where each child can draw what they want to draw.
■ “Children’s Design Academy”
[Image 1

Time to draw what you like
in my childhood
・I was crazy about what I liked
・I was recognized for my hard work
・I thought there was something I could do
By accumulating many such experiences
Even if it’s a bit difficult as an adult,
I want you to become a person who believes in your own strength and can always love yourself.
The illustration class that was made with such thoughts is [Children’s Design Academy].
Since the class started in September and the children have become accustomed to the class,
As a time to draw what each child wants to draw
I decided to plan an event for a “study group”.
Contents of the Study Group
Even if I say I like to draw illustrations in one word,
“I want to draw a cute face”
“I want to be able to draw fashion and accessories well”
“I want to draw digitally as well as handwriting”
Each person has different interests and interests.
In response to the needs of such children
I planned it as a time where you can thoroughly pursue what you like, This is a “study group” that current students can participate in for free. Introducing the current lineup.
“Vehicles/Robot Study Group”
From the basics of how to draw vehicles such as cars and airplanes, You can even learn how to draw complex objects such as androids (humanoid robots).
“Study Group for Drawing Cute Faces”
how to draw a cute face on the theme of
You can learn how to draw detailed parts such as eyes, lips, and hairstyles. “Fashion Accessory Study Group”
Headbands, earrings, ribbons, corsets, etc.
You can learn the points that match the fashion genre you want to draw. “Digital Study Group – ibis Paint Edition -”
I want to be able to draw illustrations on digital devices such as computers and iPads! For a child called
You can learn how to use the app called ibis Paint.
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The first time was held in November and was very popular,
The same content is held from January to February.
The child who was very anxious at first gradually became positive Because the event of the study group is an initiative that transcends the class, You can also take classes by teachers you don’t usually take. But on the other hand, teachers I don’t know or friends I’ve never met It may be a little bit of a hurdle for a child with uneven development. A girl who was participating in a research group
“Who else is coming today?
What kind of child is that child?
It’s embarrassing for a child who doesn’t know, what should I do…” At first, with a very uneasy expression,
I was also worried if it would be okay.
However, drawing a favorite illustration in class
I wonder if the tension was loosened while the teacher praised it. At the end, “How can I draw a dress softly?”
I even got to the point where I asked myself!
I felt that “like” led to confidence and became proactive.
The experience of being recognized for hard work builds a foundation for a child’s mind.
To be a place where children can do what they love to the fullest, We will continue to make various efforts.
Professional teachers at the Children’s Design Academy
The instructor is a professional illustrator who is still active, I also understand developmental disabilities.
Introducing the teachers of such a child design academy!
Mr. Iida
From manga to game characters, he is good at drawing illustrations of various tastes.
The quality and speed of drawing is also a great teacher.
An all-rounder who can draw anything on the spot, including robots, monsters, trains, cars, and human characters.
Soft-spoken talk and laughter will soothe you.
[Image 3

As a painter, cartoonist, designer, and coder, he is active as an artist with various faces.
The quality of the wide-ranging and high-tech illustrations, such as being familiar with IT, is surprising.
She is positive and has a charming personality that loves to make people laugh. [Image 4

Tora Sensei
A female lecturer who works as a cartoonist.
The delicate touch of drawing people and the technique of drawing all kinds of fashion in female illustrations are overwhelming.
It will teach you how to draw people from the basics logically. [Image 5

Mr. Chao
A popular illustrator.
I also work on illustration designs for fashionable items such as fashion and skateboards.
Illustrations of cute and fashionable faces are appreciated all over the world. He teaches at a gentle, slow pace.
[Image 6

New “Digital Illustration Course”
I used ibis Paint, which was popular at the workshop
We will start a new “Digital Illustration Course” from February. (This is for current students only)
“I want to draw illustrations freely on a computer or iPad!” I realized the dream of such children.
This is a course taught by Yuni, where you can learn from the basics such as character design.
Safe lessons for children who are concerned about their development Children who are concerned about their development often feel anxious Some children use tremendous energy just to go to school.
But when I like something,
・Recognition and praise leads to self-confidence
・Even if you have worries about school, you can feel safe while doing what you like.
・You can recharge your mind by accumulating safe time
・When the mind is well charged, the desire to challenge grows. ・You will want to get along with children and adults who have the same “likes” You can nurture the foundation of your heart through “like”. We provide support for parents who have children with developmental disabilities and gray zones.
Precisely because the “General Incorporated Association Development Uneven Association” is the mother organization,
We can respond firmly to the characteristics of children who are concerned about development.
Children’s design academy is characterized by lessons that take into consideration the details so that you can take lessons with peace of mind.
Try 1 month free lesson
Currently, you can experience the admission fee and the first month’s monthly fee for free.
Please experience whether your child can learn while having fun. ◆ What to prepare
・Computers, tablets, etc. that can connect to Zoom
・Drawing paper, notepad, tablet, PC, etc. that you usually draw illustrations on ◆ time
4 times a month, about 50 minutes each time (including preparation time) ◆ Enrollment fee/Monthly fee
Admission fee 10,000 yen (11,000 yen including tax)
Monthly fee 8,600 yen (9,460 yen including tax)
* Currently, you can experience the enrollment fee and the first month’s monthly fee for free.
Each time I decide on a theme, such as characters, people, faces, limbs, movement, coloring, perspective, etc., and proceed little by little.
You can enter and leave the room during class according to your child’s condition.
◆Number of people
4 people per class
◆ Timetable
Weekdays 16:00-16:50 / 17:30-18:20 / 19:00-19:50
Saturdays and Sundays 9:30-10:20/11:00-11:50
◆ How to apply
Please contact us using this form.
Our staff will guide you to the best class for your child.
Corporate information Corporate name: Development Uneven Association (
Established: March 31, 2021
Address: 〒231-0062 1-101-1 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Cross Gate 7F
Representative Director: Maho Ito
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