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[Teshikaga Style Conference Vol.2] Held online! From Teshikaga Town in Hokkaido to the world
The overall theme is “coexistence of natural capital and economic activities”  Ms. Yuka Hayasaka, Advisor for Ainu Cultural Activities, will take the stage for the keynote speech.

“Teshikaga Style,” an organization aiming to revitalize the town of Teshikaga, located in Kawakami District, under the jurisdiction of the Hokkaido Kushiro General Promotion Bureau, will hold the “Teshikaga Style Conference Vol.2” online on Sunday, March 5. It will be held. The overall theme is “Coexistence of Natural Capital and Economic Activities”, and the session themes are “Creation of Commons and Social Common Capital”, “Resolving Regional Issues and Implementing Regional Revitalization Projects”, “Creating Related Populations and Promoting Migration”, and “New Creation of value-added industries, implementation of SDGs, and the happiest city in the world.” Anyone can participate for free, and it is a conference where you can actively exchange opinions.
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A total of 7 programs will be held, including a keynote speech, opening and closing sessions, and 4 sessions.
■ Date and time: Sunday, March 5, 10:00 to 18:00 (each session will be about 1 hour to 1.5 hours)
■Method: Online
■Participation method: Please apply from the following. Viewing fee is free. -Peatix | Teshikaga Style Conference (Vol.2)-
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You are free to choose any session that is convenient for you and that interests you. For those who have applied, we will send you
information on how to participate.
*Donation tickets are also available to support future Teshikaga-style activities.
(Please refer to [What is Teshikaga style] below for details of activities) -Schedule for the day-
10:00-10:15 Opening session
Speaker: Yuko Kato (Representative and Founder of Teshikaga Style Conference) 10:25-11:15 Keynote Speech “Coexistence of Natural Capital and Economic Activities”
Speaker: Ms. Yuka Hayasaka (Ainu Cultural Activities Advisor) 11:35-12:25 Session 1. “From a town you want to visit to a town you want to live in. The current state and future of tourism in Teshikaga” Speaker: Kenichi Moriya (Lake Mashu Tourism Association, Teshikaga Town Hall) 13:35-14:25: Session 2. “Doto Doto Representative x Kawakami Talks – Future of Doto -”
Speakers: Mr. Takuro Nakanishi (Representative Director of Doto Doto) / Mr. Ryosuke Kawakami (Teshikaga Town Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps)
14:35-15:25: Session 3. “Challenges of the Regional Revitalization Volunteers Utilizing Teshikaga’s Nature”
Speaker: Mr. Shigaku Takahashi (Teshikaga Community Revitalization Volunteer) 15:40-17:10: Session 4. “Aiming to become a sustainable tourism town – Teshikaga’s future challenges -”
Speakers: Sononae Fujii (General Incorporated Association Hidamari) / Masayuki Terai (Representative of Garbage School Management) / Yuko Kato
17:20-18:00: Closing session
“Sustainable Teshikaga-style communication activities throughout eastern Hokkaido”
Speakers: Nanami Takayama (Gift from Kitaguni Co., Ltd., Second Furusato Project) / Yuki Kawai (Teshikaga Style 3rd generation) / Toshiaki Kato (President and CEO of Teshikaga Style Co., Ltd.) [What is Teshikaga Style Conference]
From Teshikaga, we will communicate to the world that we aim to realize a sustainable local community by improving the quality of industry and living by making use of resources while coexisting with abundant nature. Our mission is to create social common capital that will lead to the next era. Lectures and sessions by people with a variety of perspectives will be used to unravel sustainable town development that utilizes regional diversity and creativity. [Image 3

[About Teshikaga Style Conference Vol.0 and Vol.1]
■ Teshikaga Style Conference Vol.0 started | Teshikaga Style (Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido) TESHIKAGA STYLE | note
■Teshikaga Style Conference Vol.1 was held. |TESHIKAGA STYLE|note
[Teshikaga Style Conference Representative and Founder: Yuko Kato] [Image 4

Born in Kyoto City. Aiming for “a world where children do not cry because of poverty” due to the economic difficulties they experienced in their childhood, he runs a microfinance institution “MJI Enterprise Co., Ltd.” in Myanmar. Through finance, we work on poverty reduction, gender equality, and provision of educational opportunities. In 2018, he established Waram Co., Ltd. and started activities to promote social investment. In the same year, with the visit of Living in Peace representative director Gong and members to Myanmar, he decided to launch the “LIP Myanmar Poverty Reduction Fund” and worked with three companies: Music Securities Co., Ltd., Living in Peace, and MJI / Waram. come to an alliance. A total of 700 Japanese individual investors invested more than 60 million yen in the fund. Aiming for a future with a “social investment ecosystem” and “friendly money” that anyone can participate in.

加藤 侑子

[What is Teshikaga style?]
Teshikaga Style was founded with the following vision and mission. [Vision] Aiming to realize a sustainable local community by improving the quality of industry and living in Teshikaga Town
[Mission] Create social common capital that will lead to the next era While Teshikaga and the local people intersected, we created the next era together by building true affluence, new ways of living, environment creation, and sustainable relationships between people and nature that are suitable for the coming new era. I think
[Teshikaga Style Representative: Toshiaki Kato]
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Operate Teshikaga style. As a first-class architect who designs regional revitalization, he launched a frontier life business that aims to promote migration to Hokkaido and regional revitalization. Specialty area is Hokkaido gourmet brand development. His hobbies are overseas travel and gourmet tours. Museum visits and art appreciation. In 1998, he founded “Gifts from the North Country”. In 2018, he became the representative director of “Kato Suisan”.
*See also below.
What does Teshikaga Style do? |TESHIKAGA STYLE|note
-Various SNS accounts-
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[About Teshikaga Town]
Teshikaga Town is located in the center of eastern Hokkaido. It is an area with a wonderful natural environment with many national parks. It is easily accessible from Tancho Kushiro Airport, Memanbetsu Airport, and Nakashibetsu Airport, all of which are about one hour by car, and not only Hokkaido residents but also many tourists from Honshu visit. Lake Kussharo, the largest caldera lake in Japan, is located in the northwest where the mountains range, and Lake Mashu, the second clearest lake in the world, lies in the eastern highlands. It is a town full of water and greenery that runs through Agriculture and dairy farming are also thriving, and you can enjoy a wide range of Hokkaido food culture centered on local ingredients.
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