Information on holding a government pitch (new business report meeting) by 5 companies planning to expand to Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture, 2 special quotas 2 universities 5 seminars

Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture
Information on holding a government pitch (new business report meeting) by 5 companies planning to expand to Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture, 2 special quotas 2 universities 5 seminars
Continuing from last year, a government pitch by 5 new entrepreneurs was held at J-Village in Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture.

Naraha Town, Fukushima Prefecture (Mayor: Yukihide Matsumoto) will hold a government pitch for two days on February 22nd (Wednesday) and 23rd (Thursday/holiday) by 5 companies planning to enter Naraha Town and 5 seminars from 2 special universities. It will be held at J Village.
Naraha Town held a government pitch in March of last year and has continued to actively promote the attraction and training of companies and entrepreneurs who will create new industries. As a result, we will carry out a government pitch by five entrepreneurs who will be doing business in the town in the future.
At the same time, we will hold presentations of business plans by university students who worked in Naraha Town as fieldwork in 2022. We know that you are very busy, but on the day of the event, we will have 5 companies operating in the venue and 5 seminars from 2 universities with special quotas, so please come and visit us. [Implementation overview]
■ Date and time
Entrepreneurship Presentation February 22, 2022 (Wednesday)
13:00-15:00 (doors open at 12:30)
Student presentation February 23, 2022 (Thursday/holiday) 14:00-16:00 (doors open at 13:30)
■ Venue
J-Village J-Village Hall 8 Yamadaoka Mishimori, Naraha-machi, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
■ Attendees
Mayor of Naraha Town Yukihide Matsumoto
General Incorporated Association Narahamirai Representative Director Kiyoshi Watanabe
■ Guest
Mr. Yoshiyuki Ishizaki, NARAHA Ambassador
■ General Participation
1. You can visit us after applying in advance.
2. Live distribution (To prevent corona infection, we will perform live distribution on the day.)
● Try Naraha Youtube Channel [Naraha Town Official]
  ・Top page
  ・Live streaming ■ Special Lecture
 In conjunction with this event, Mayumi Motoshige, who is active in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, will give a special lecture on both days.
■ Entrepreneur presenter profile
1. February 22nd (Wednesday) Business progress report by the companies that took the stage at the government pitch last year  5 companies (in order of presentation on the day)
· NO.1 Earth Signal Co., Ltd. Rio Yoshihama
· NO.2 Autotraves LLC Tomomi Isobe
・NO.3 Nobuhiro Utsumi from Digital Lab Naraha
・NO.4 Kenichiro Ohno from Co., Ltd.
· NO.5 Side Story Co., Ltd. Toshifumi Watanabe
2. February 22nd (Wednesday) Start-up presentations from 5 companies (in order of presentation on the day)
NO.1 Naomi Nagao “Mama’s Utopia -Bringing back the child-rearing generation to Naraha Town!-”

[Image 1

Naomi Nagao
Overview: Together with the women living in Naraha, we will create a city that is attractive to mothers and a city that they want to continue living in. The main characters are local women. What kind of services and products that Naraha Mama needs for child-rearing and family life? A group of femtech companies in urban areas will also get involved and challenge the realization of utopia. We will enrich the lifestyle of Mama Naraha and create a future full of smiles for children and families.
Profile: Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. as a new graduate and left the company in 2003 after working in the HR field for 12 years. Based on her own experience of “pregnancy, full-time housewife”, in 2013, in her hometown, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, she developed a business that focused on “women who want to work but cannot work”. We advocate the value of women who have careers but are unable to work because they prioritize child-rearing, and create opportunities for them to work as themselves while raising children. After that, in 2017, he joined Mama Square Co., Ltd., which has the same vision. Executive officer, vice president of a group company (current position), appointed as a member of the Kamakura City Board of Education in 2020, and is also involved in the public education field. NO.2 Hack Ventures Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takashi Kanazawa “Revitalization of local economies through venture fund formation”

[Image 2

Takashi Kanazawa
Overview: It is said that the existence of startups is indispensable for revitalizing the local economy. We propose the formation of a venture fund to incorporate the vitality of the startup into Naraha Town. We aim to revitalize the economy of Naraha Town by investing in and nurturing startups with limited financial resources.
Profile: Became independent in 2014 after working at a major venture capital firm. Currently managing 4 venture funds/more than 5 billion yen based in his hometown of Osaka. In our 30 years of venture capitalist activities, we have a large number of exit results not only in the Tokyo metropolitan area but also in areas such as Niigata Prefecture, Kansai, and Chugoku and Shikoku.
NO.3 Work Style Reform Research Institute Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ryu Nitta “Make Naraha Town a ‘White Enterprise Special Zone’!”
[Image 3

Ryu Nitta
Overview: Naraha Town has no demand due to labor shortages and an aging population, even though the local economy is expected to expand due to the creation of new industries and the progress of
decommissioning work. In aiming to establish a related population through community development, Naraha Town will become a “white enterprise special zone”, realizing a town where there are only “companies where you can work with peace of mind and a good working environment”, and where job seekers from all over the country are flooded. do.
Profile: After graduating from university, worked as a business planner, consultant, and in charge of business transformation projects at a listed company. Based on the experience of having a hard time in a poor working environment, we support the improvement of business performance by improving the working environment and support the resolution of labor troubles. Many achievements in recovering business performance, employee retention rate, and reputation improvement of companies that were criticized as “black companies” in the past. A member of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Harassment Countermeasures Planning Committee.
He also works as a commentator on labor and employment issues in various media. NO.4 JOINT CREW Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ryo Murakoshi “Interesting work and interesting human resources x Metaverse in Naraha”
[Image 4

Ryo Murakoshi
Overview: An initiative to create interesting jobs in Naraha Town that use technology that has a high degree of social contribution and has room for growth in the future, and to gather interesting human resources seeking those jobs using Metaverse, etc.
Profile: Developing baby tech and local contracted development with the aim of revitalizing the region and improving the childcare environment. As an independent weed manager through MBO, he has experienced all positions from temporary employees to executive officers to hired presidents. Apart from JOINT CREW’s business, we will run an eco-cycle to create and nurture entrepreneurs in Niigata Prefecture. Qualifications: SDGs de Regional Revitalization Certified Facilitator, Sick Child Care Specialist
NO.5 Justec Co., Ltd. President Junichi Miyamoto “The world’s first denture valley in Naraha”

[Image 5

Junichi Miyamoto
Overview: We will DX the business of manufacturing dental laboratory products such as conventional dentures and crowns, which has been transitioning to cottage industry. We will establish a base in Naraha and help it take root as a new industry while contributing to improving the QO of local residents.
1983 Graduated from Nippon Dental University College of Dentistry 1991 Established Miyamoto Dental 2006 Established Jastec Co., Ltd. ■University presenter profile
 ● February 23 (Thursday/holiday) student presentations 2 universities 5 seminars (in order of presentation on the day)
NO.1 [Meiji University Faculty of Political Science and Economics Nozawa Seminar] Naraha Well-being Project “Turn Futaba County Holidays into Happy!”

[Image 6

Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics Nozawa Seminar Overview: Focusing on the regional characteristics of many people involved in decommissioning and the current situation where it is difficult to meet the diverse needs of leisure activities. By utilizing welfare programs in a way that is useful to the region, we aim to create a town where everyone can enjoy a richer holiday while solving regional issues by realizing wide-area cooperation of existing facilities and attracting new stores.
Profile: The project will start in May 2022. Last summer, with the cooperation of Narahamirai, we conducted a questionnaire survey of 143 people, mainly those engaged in decommissioning. Conduct interviews with people involved in the reactor, etc., and unearth issues in the region. Proposals that focus on leisure activities in the region received the Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director’s Award at the “Regional Revitalization ☆ Policy Idea Contest 2022” sponsored by the Cabinet Office, and the Environment Minister’s Award (best award) at the “Challenge Awards 2022” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. Awarded. Planning to participate in the launch of a business for the establishment of a community-based welfare corporation in 2025.
NO.2 [Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics Nozawa Seminar] Learning team “Manabibanaha – Archiving hopes for the next generation”

[Image 7

Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics Nozawa Seminar Overview: Of the students who participated in the fieldwork, we proposed a place to support the activities of repeaters who want to continue to be involved in Naraha Town and students who want to try launching and promoting new businesses. Together with acting as a liaison between the community and students and as a mentor, he contributes to resolving the labor shortage at shops in the town by introducing part-time jobs during his stay. Every year, we aim to create a virtuous cycle in which new businesses are launched one after another based on the needs of young people, and to create an attached population, making the town a place that young people want to live in. Profile: From May 2022, we will start a policy proposal project in collaboration with (one company) Narahamirai. In August, fieldwork was conducted locally, and interviews were conducted with companies in the town about labor shortages and the acceptance of students for internships for regional revitalization. The opinions unique to university students and the proposals to solve local issues in Naraha Town were highly evaluated, and won the “Challenge Award 2022” sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. From next year onwards, we will continue to be involved with Naraha Town as a seminar. NO.3 [Meiji University Faculty of Political Science and Economics Department of Regional Administration Area Studies Internship] People who are worried about the future, let’s all come together and save them in Naraha Town!

[Image 8

Department of Regional Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University
Overview: Solve the problems of declining population and declining birthrate in Naraha Town with the attractiveness of Naraha Town. By getting urban students to know the true charm of Naraha Town, they eventually aim to move to Naraha Town. For students in urban areas, we will provide them with a rewarding experience that cannot be obtained by simply working in urban areas. After five days and four nights of hearing surveys and five months of discussions, we thought through the possibilities and issues of Naraha Town, and this is the plan we can propose.
Profile: Six of us visited Naraha Town as part of the “Area Studies Internship” class, which is conducted independently by the Department of Regional Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University. The group is made up of unique members from various backgrounds, from Aomori prefecture in the east to prefecture in the west. We created this plan by fusing our experience in Naraha Town with what we learned in Tokyo. It was difficult to come up with a plan from fumbling, but I am proud that I was able to come up with a highly complete proposal. If you are interested, please come and listen!
NO.4 [Meiji University Faculty of Political Science and Economics Okuyama Seminar] KIDO I LIKE

[Image 9

Okuyama Seminar, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University Overview: Develop “play” in Naraha Town, Kawauchi Village, and Hamadori through collaboration between “town play challengers (university students in the city center)” and “town play directors”. In addition, the tools necessary for “play” will be developed, compiled into a database, and lending will be made possible, while the necessary permits and licenses and notifications will be centralized to improve the convenience of planners and implementers. Then, we will disseminate the developed “town play” content on SNS and metaverse, continuously expand the “town play challenger”, and lead to an increase in the related population.
Profile: The Okuyama seminar conducts research on regional industry theory. Through classroom learning and fieldwork, students will explore the ways in which industry and the region can sustainably develop by considering such topics as the relationship between the region and industry, and the nature of the regional industry that is trying to solve regional problems. ing. This time, we will announce a plan that was drafted after participating in the town development contest, and create a lively atmosphere using “play” as a tool. NO.5 [Nippon Institute of Technology] Town Revitalization by Manufacturing Lab (FabLab)

[Image 10d97791-3-1aa7cc2fa2d9a1bb59ed-10.jpg&s3=97791-3-e488776c0ca6ffbb1d9f7086f05b207b-312x287.jpg
Nippon Institute of Technology
Overview: We will establish a creative space called FabLab in Naraha Town that can be freely used by residents and travelers. FabLab provides services such as working for designers and creators, semi-immigrant needs, “manufacturing and science classes” as an attraction for raising children in Naraha Town, and prototyping services for new technological industries and research institutes related to decommissioning. We will provide Naraha Town with a business that will be the foundation for new industries and a child-rearing environment.
Profile: Nippon Institute of Technology, which focuses on
entrepreneurship education, has set up a special section “Regional Section” for the business plan contest held at the university this year, with the theme of solving regional problems and utilizing regional resources in Naraha Town. . Of the eight contest finalists, two were selected from the regional division, and Keiji Masuda, a third-year student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the “President’s Award” as the Grand Prix for this plan. On February 25th, we plan to hold a 3D printer workshop for local children at Naraha CANVAS as an unveiling of our business plan.
■ Special Lecture Guest Profile
Mayumi Motoshige “Creative Depopulation in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture – What Happens in a Town with a Population of 5,000”

[Image 11d97791-3-5b732a98225891ec79bc-11.png&s3=97791-3-184209d5c114905a2c56da1f05a41785-346x354.png
Mayumi Motoshige
Summary: What is the reason why Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, a marginally depopulated area with a population of less than 5,000 people, is called a “miracle town”? Over the course of two days, we will talk about our 30-year efforts, starting with the return of the blue-eyed Alice doll in 1991 to the establishment of Kamiyama Marugoto College of Technology, which is causing numerous social phenomena. Profile: After graduating from university, engaged in sales planning and marketing in various industries, including domestic travel, at an airline-affiliated trading company. On the other hand, I took maternity leave for the first time in the company. Supporting women working inside and outside the company and working mothers. In 2019, he moved to Silicon Valley by fate and came into contact with the importance of a challenging mindset. Currently, he is working with the people of Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture to create a town and develop human resources. MBA, sports mental coach, etc.

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