Integrated school management system “Yorisol” introduced at Nara Women’s University

Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.
Integrated school management system “Yorisol” introduced at Nara Women’s University
For the purpose of building a learning portfolio, set up PEPA evaluation and class evaluation questionnaires, student input, aggregation and visualization with Yorisol

Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsuya Mimuro, Securities Code: 4071) is an integrated school management system “Yorisol” at the Faculty of Engineering of Nara Women’s University, Nara National University Corporation. We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced and started operation. [Image 1d23180-93-92ad4ffb176a3be932e2-0.png&s3=23180-93-c226c0fa27526adee2d1505daed2634f-828x394.png
■ Nara Women’s University, the background of the introduction of Yorisol Nara Women’s University, which attracted the attention of the education industry in April 2022 with the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, the first women’s university, boasts a history of more than 100 years as a national women’s university.
In the newly established Faculty of Engineering, Yorisol was introduced for the purpose of visualizing learning achievement evaluation items based on the diploma policy (degree conferment policy) using graphs and charts.
Learning achievement evaluation items will be evaluated quantitatively on an annual basis based on rubrics for major subjects centered on PBL (problem-solving team learning).
The evaluation is combined with the skill diagnosis results and compared, educational data such as visualized output and class evaluation questionnaire response results are accumulated, compiled in the form of a learning portfolio, and used in individual career interviews with students. We are proceeding with the project. [Image 2d23180-93-e3b80b79bf219494cf80-1.png&s3=23180-93-004ffa6d0f798be4d041a77bac041eeb-1802x968.png
“Yorisol” will continue to support DX promotion and educational data utilization for all educational institutions regardless of school type.
■ Integrated school management system “Yorisol” | Trial campaign in progress! “Yorisol” aims to provide all-in-one functions for cram schools, primary and secondary educational institutions, while promoting the expansion of functions for higher educational institutions.
Currently, to commemorate the release of the Yorisol product version, we are conducting a limited-time trial campaign. Please take this opportunity to discuss your school’s educational issues.
Please feel free to contact us for details such as campaign details and Yorisol usage examples using the form below.
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-About the Integrated School Management System “Yorisol”-
Yorisol ( provides services necessary for educational institutions, from visualization of educational data to applicant management, grades, learning records, attendance, LMS, class evaluation questionnaires, and detection of signs of
withdrawal/refusal. Consolidate functions into one platform. We connect scattered educational data and realize data analysis and utilization from all angles.
-About Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.-
Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd. ( is a “visualization platform company that continues to create added value from all kinds of information” since its establishment in 2006. We are engaged in cloud solution business centered on technologies such as “text mining” and “data mining”, which have the power to “visualize” big data such as customer data / purchase data and personnel information and give awareness. By “visualizing” various information, we develop and sell software, consult, and create new businesses to create +α (plus alpha) value for your business.
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