International Seminar “Well-being and Art Learned from Northern Europe”

Association for corporate patronage
International Seminar “Well-being and Art Learned from Northern Europe” “SDGs and philanthropy” vol.8

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts will hold an international seminar on the theme of “well-being,” which is currently attracting attention along with the SDGs. As a guest, we invited Ms. Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Director of the Finnish Center, to hear about the way of thinking rooted in Nordic life, and Mr. Masayuki Tanaka, Director of the National Museum of Western Art, and Ms. Kyoko Ishibashi, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. And we will give a lecture on corporate philanthropic efforts. After hearing the specifics, in the second half, we set up a forum for discussion between all the speakers and the venue participants, facilitated by cultural producer Yuko Sakomura. We will deepen the discussion on the state of art and culture in Japan.
Date and time: March 10, 2023 (Friday) 14:00-16:00 (doors open at 13:30) ■Venue: Otemachi Financial City Conference Center Hall
(3F South Tower, 1-9-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004)
■ Participation fee: General: 3,000 yen (Council members: free) / Students: 500 yen
・ Venue: First 80 people
・Online (Vimeo): No limit on the number of people * Missed delivery [March 20 (Monday) – March 31 (Friday)]
■ Application:
(1) Those who pay by card (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX) (general/student) ● Peatix:
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(2) Payment in advance, payment on the day (general/student) / free (members of the association)
● Dedicated form: [Image 2

Application deadline: Thursday, March 2, 2023
■ Program (simultaneous interpretation available)
1. Lecture -70 minutes-
(1) Well-being and art – the key to Finnish happiness
● Ms. Anna-Maria Wiljanen (Director of the Finnish Center)
(2) Well-being and the new role of art museums
Mr. Masayuki Tanaka (Director of the National Museum of Western Art) (3) Well-being and corporate patronage – the happiness effect of art Ms. Kyoko Ishibashi (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. ICC Headquarters Planning and Development Office Planning and Development Group) 2. Talk session -45 minutes-
●Panelists: Ms. Anna-Maria Wiljanen, Mr. Masayuki Tanaka, Ms. Kyoko Ishibashi ●Facilitator: Ms. Yuko Sakomura (Representative of S2 Co., Ltd.) *Council website:
■Guest profile [honorifics omitted]
●Anna-Maria Wiljanen [Director, Finnish Center]
Director of the Finnish Center in Tokyo since 2018 after working at the UPM Kiimene Cultural Foundation and the National Museum of Finland. He is also chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Didriksen Art Foundation. I have work experience in a company. He holds a master’s degree in political economy and a doctorate in art history. His area of ​​specialization is 19th-century European artist colonies. [Image 3

● Masayuki Tanaka [Director, The National Museum of Western Art] After graduating from the Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo University in 1990, studied at the New York University Art Institute. Researcher at the National Museum of Western Art since 1996, in charge of Matisse Exhibition (2004) and Munch Exhibition (2007). 2007 Associate Professor, Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, 2009 Professor. Current position from 2021. His recent publications include Western Art History (Bijutsu Shuppansha, 2021) and 100 Chapters of Understanding Western Paintings (Heibonsha, 2022). [Image 4

Kyoko Ishibashi [Planning and Development Group, Planning and Development Office, ICC Headquarters, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.] Engaged in the planning and management of the DNP Museum Lab, a philanthropic activity of Dai Nippon Printing that seeks new perspectives on art in collaboration with museums in Japan and overseas, including the Louvre Museum and the Swedish National Museum. Studied at Helsinki University of Art and Design (currently Aalto University) and stayed in Finland for one year from 2000.
[Image 5

● Yuko Sakomura [Representative of S2 Co., Ltd.]
cultural producer. Involved in the planning and management of international art exhibitions and cultural projects. Mainly
specialized in Northern European countries such as Finland and Sweden. Currently, the “Finland Glass Art Exhibition” and “Moomin’s Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition” are touring nationwide. He teaches under the motto, “Everyone is different, but everyone is good, but we are all connected.” Representative of S2 Co., Ltd. Co-authored “Noneen! Why are Finns so happy?” and “Noneen! Finnish way of feeling happy” He has also written picture books and translated books. [Image 6d33738-42-d9117101c2202d67d91c-7.png&s3=33738-42-eb19f327fd4e639bc9f2c7266c3af4b3-676x813.png

Organizer: Association for Corporate Support of the Arts Co-sponsored by: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Support: Embassy of Finland Cooperation: Finland Center, S2 Co., Ltd. [Image 7d33738-42-dac1f0465992d047f249-3.jpg&s3=33738-42-acbf6e2aa7b8a6f054d5361fdfaadec9-350x86.jpg
■Kigyo Mécénat Association: A private-sector public interest corporation in which corporations and other culture-related groups participate and collaborate with the aim of creating a society through the promotion of art and culture. In order to contribute to the realization of a creative and vibrant society, and a prosperous society that respects diversity, we will conduct survey research, certification and awards, subsidies, exchanges, and dissemination of the arts and culture, centered on the promotion of corporate philanthropy. do business. Chairman: Tatsuyoshi Takashima (Advisor, Dentsu Inc.), Chairman: Motoki Ozaki (Former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kao Corporation). Regular members/associate members: 139 companies/organizations (as of February 1, 2023).
[Image 8d33738-42-97d8c105c9e85287c236-2.png&s3=33738-42-9a2715296e03d75e7f56d463c9694813-200x200.png
This seminar is commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as part of the 2022 Upcoming Artist Development Project to Create Next-Generation Culture.
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