Introducing a new color BB cream from the beauty brand IMAI. A BB cream that creates a natural translucency will be released on March 1st (Wednesday)!

Moderato Co., Ltd.
Introducing a new color BB cream from the beauty brand IMAI. A BB cream that creates a natural translucency will be released on March 1st (Wednesday)!
A moisturizing BB cream for adult women that makes your skin look beautiful without any technique.

Moderato Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Asuka Ichihara, hereinafter Moderato) is a new color BB cream with a natural brightness and glossy transparency from the D2C beauty brand “IMAI”. Aimai BB Cream UV Light” will be on sale from March 1st (Wednesday).
[Image 1d15631-45-a027f0b0f2bf8c5726bb-4.png&s3=15631-45-21301902b3e4c3c81eda6512e5c51e4b-640x428.png
“Aimai BB Cream UV” is gentle and light to use while protecting the skin from environmental stress*1 such as UV rays and light damage. With a fresh texture that spreads smoothly, it naturally covers uneven color and dullness. “Aimai BB Cream UV Light” adds a tone-up effect that brings natural brightness to the complexion while maintaining a comfortable feeling of use. The natural luster that emits a soft light from the inside without feeling thick is long-lasting and maintains a high-quality skin feel. On days when you don’t use foundation or days when you spend time with a mask, you can spend comfortably with BB cream alone.
[Image 2d15631-45-5985e61c28a717207eed-3.png&s3=15631-45-c5f0b0b536cbd5b61328044d09185a74-736x541.png
Aimai BB Cream UV Light 30g ¥3,520 (tax included)
SPF 50 PA++++
Elegant tone-up effect with delicate fine particle pearls
Contains 3 types of pearls of the 3 primary colors of light d15631-45-9820fb607c7ded4f2f05-6.jpg&s3=15631-45-6bf1a0cc4d64918ffd4b3f116f9837b5-2000x1375.jpg
Non-chemical (UV absorber-free) and smooth to use
It is non-chemical, SPF50/PA++++, and has both the highest level of UV protection in Japan and a smooth and comfortable feel. A non-squeaky texture with a UV scattering agent blended in the oil phase contained in the water phase.

Formulated with 4 carefully selected beauty moisturizing ingredients A selection of beauty ingredients that protect skin exposed to various environmental stresses*1 such as UV rays, air pollution, and light damage. Ectoin is a type of amino acid discovered in salt lakes, deserts, and other organisms that inhabit harsh environments, and is said to support immune system functions that tend to be disrupted by environmental stress. It has excellent moisturizing power and keeps moisture. Formulated with niacinamide, an aging care*2 ingredient that supports firmness and brightness of the skin, dipotassium
glycyrrhizinate that prevents rough skin, Japanese herbs that care for sebum, and scutellaria root extract. Protects healthy skin condition and maintains a freshly applied finish.
*1 Due to external factors such as ultraviolet rays and dryness

8 free ingredients
Parabens, mineral oil, ethanol, animal-derived ingredients, UV absorbers, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based synthetic
surfactants, former designated ingredients.


[Image 4d15631-45-9f912411cb778b95a053-10.png&s3=15631-45-a870d6009fe0e43717020c7d0946a196-2864x1312.png
IMAI Brand Concept
Beauty with a purpose.
I am I
I am myself
Do not forcefully hide skin and facial expressions that change with age You don’t need any technique, you can easily adapt to your current self Cosmetics that entrust your skin, IMAI
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