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Ishigaki Island’s artist “Kiyama Shoten”‘s first live painting show! Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule ~Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY~

Shimada Group
Ishigaki Island’s artist “Kiyama Shoten”‘s first live painting show! Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule ~Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY~
March 3 (Fri) Art & Music Live Session Overview

Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule, operated by Time Arrow Yaeyama Co., Ltd. (Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazunori Nakagawa), a Shimada Group company, has opened “Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY” on the first floor of the hotel. The gallery walls are repainted by artists and are never finished. This time, Mast from Ishigaki Island’s artist “Kiyama Shoten” will be presenting his art in front of customers for the first time.
[Image 1d46799-74-c5061ebe2997bf17b19d-3.jpg&s3=46799-74-c2f58bf6355d4e380b175985c08e66c8-1560x2278.jpg
March 3 (Friday) Must Art & Music Live Session Overview
A mast that is active as “Kiyama Shoten”. Music, vocals, guitar and its charm. For the first time, such a mast will hold a music event of “Nosewaters” along with art production in front of everyone! Date: March 3, 2023 (Friday) Doors open at 18:00 / Performance starts at 19:00 Performer: Nosewaters
Venue: 8-1 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa 907-0012 Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY (Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule 1F)
Participation fee: No live charge
Participation method: For media personnel, please contact us in advance by phone or email
I plan to play the must-have saxophone for jazz standard numbers! No missed Listen!
*Admission may be restricted when the building is crowded.
In addition, the parking lot is for hotel guests only, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
[Image 2d46799-74-e05ac03233d25df7d4f4-10.jpg&s3=46799-74-7a0bf9873d4e0a123fb3f6a88c399e37-1036x1524.jpg
Contact information
■ Inquiries about the event
Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY (Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule 1F)
TEL: 0980-87-6900
■ Regarding coverage
We accept media photography and interviews on the day of the event. Please bring your business card on the day.
If you are interested in media, please contact the public relations department by 20:00 on the 2nd (Thursday).
Public Relations: Takiguchi E-mail: 080-7098-3980 Must “Profile of Masato Sakieda”
Born and raised on Ishigaki Island. When I was little, my dream was to become a manga artist, and now I’m active as a musician “Kiyama Shoten”.
They are also active as a band called “Nose Waters”, and this year they are showing their charm with songs, vocals, and guitars in their 30th anniversary.
Another attraction of musts other than music is “drawing ability”. We will publish popular illustrations in print works on Instagram “My Home Time”. It is a pleasant work that makes you grin involuntarily about your own life and conversations with your child.
During the period of self-restraint due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Instagram “Ore no Ouchi Jikan”, which depicts daily life at home with a unique touch, has gained popularity. etc. will be on sale at the online shop “Shima Store”, and in 2021 we will open a physical store on Ishigaki Island.
Shima Store: 208 Okawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Public Market 2F Business hours 12:00 to 18:00 Irregular holidays
[Image 3d46799-74-52c40246b88d392b2f10-4.jpg&s3=46799-74-4da656d60a2c28a3df3ee7a51a671eb6-787x549.jpg
March 3rd (Friday) to May 7th (Sunday) “MAST ART Exhibition” will be held. At the brewery SAKE & GALLERY, “Kiyama Shoten” must-have art exhibition will be held for a limited time.
Friday, March 3, 2023 to Sunday, May 7, 2023
Ishigaki Island Kuramoto Sake & Gallery
[Image 4d46799-74-093114befc626133d910-1.png&s3=46799-74-e261e2ab6d03490cbd96a71bdcb8a7c0-1040x1298.png
About Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY
A sake brewery in Isehara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, directly operated by Yoshikawa Brewery, a gallery with a sake bar and an art studio. A place where the people who live on Ishigaki Island and the guests who stay at the hotel gather and interact, slowly continuing to change like brewing sake.
The gallery displays and sells collaborative works by artists from Ishigaki Island and Tokyo, as well as art with the theme of sake. We also hold live paintings where the walls are repainted every period. Kuramoto SAKE & GALLERY
8-1 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa 907-0012 1st floor, Ishigakijima Hotel Cucule
TEL 0980-87-6900
[Image 5d46799-74-cb0df8509263c804fd42-8.jpg&s3=46799-74-351aca600c75b3229b04135fcf2130a4-3000x2000.jpg
State of the previous live painting
[Image 6d46799-74-e6caed40da1f698bfaf9-6.jpg&s3=46799-74-562c09cdb9eab6649ca94f1a0b673caa-3000x1991.jpg
[Image 7d46799-74-b70f719880014cbe65b1-7.jpg&s3=46799-74-90343e3a83e04d80a603b09cb2f60f73-3000x2000.jpg

Company Profile
Company name: Time Arrow Yaeyama Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kazunori Nakagawa, President and Representative Director Location: 8-1 Misakicho, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture
Business description: Management of hotels, condominiums, guest houses, etc., restaurant business, liquor sales business, nursery school management, etc.
Head office overview
Company name: Shimada Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shigetoshi Shimada, President and Representative Director Head office location: Shinjuku Bunka Quint Building 14F, 3-22-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business: Construction/real estate development, rental management, restaurant business, hotel business, nursing care business, childcare business, travel business, brewing business, development and sales of investment real estate, rental management services, etc.
The Shimada Group began in 1952 as a rice miller in Setagaya Ward. Based on this “Shimada Rice Milling Store”, we opened “Comfor”, a restaurant that mainly serves domestic rice noodles (pho), in order to respond to changes in Japanese rice food culture. Since then, we have changed our business form according to the needs of society, from the real estate and construction business such as the detached house business and rental management business, to the development of nursing care facilities, hotel business, childcare business, travel business, sake brewing business, etc. Currently, we are developing 7 businesses. doing.

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