Ishikari City Concludes Partnership Agreement with Studist to Improve Counter Work Productivity and Citizen Satisfaction

Ishikari City Concludes Partnership Agreement with Studist to Improve Counter Work Productivity and Citizen Satisfaction
Created an online guide for one-stop moving services and child-rearing support
Studist Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Suzuki, hereinafter “Studist”), which provides the manual creation and sharing system “Teachme Biz”, and Ishikari City, Hokkaido (Mayor: Tatsuyuki Kato, hereinafter “Studist”) Ishikari City”) signed a partnership agreement with the aim of improving the productivity of city hall operations and citizen satisfaction. As the first initiative to conclude this agreement, Ishikari City and Studist jointly created an online guide and a manual for citizens related to the “one-stop moving service” and “childcare support” launched by the Digital Agency on February 6, 2023. Publish. Through the creation, we aim to create a state in which administrative services can be delivered appropriately. [Image 1d32315-64-b3273235a6cc0a18d446-0.jpg&s3=32315-64-75e63fe2994403d7472dcc0bf2d1c116-2400x1260.jpg
Ishikari City and Studyist Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony held on February 6 (Left: Satoshi Suzuki, CEO of Studyist Co., Ltd. Right: Ishikari Mayor Tatsuyuki Kato)

Background and purpose of the partnership agreement
Ishikari City has positioned the 4th year of Reiwa as “Ishikari City DX first year” and has been actively promoting the introduction of cashless payments, the introduction of Wi-Fi in public facilities, and the onlineization of administrative services. As one of the
initiatives, in November 2022, we started a demonstration experiment aimed at improving the productivity of study staff and counter work, and released an online guide and manual for transfer procedures. As a result of conveying the information necessary for moving-in
procedures, which was difficult to find on the city’s website, in an easy-to-understand manner, the response time at the counter is expected to be reduced by about 432 hours per year. Based on the results of the demonstration experiment, we concluded a cooperation agreement and started to create various guides and manuals in order to convey other counter operations to the citizens in an
easy-to-understand manner and to improve productivity.
Outline of partnership agreement
This agreement will cooperate and collaborate on the following matters for the purpose of improving the productivity of counter operations and improving citizen services.
(1) Matters related to improving productivity of window operations (2) Matters related to the improvement of citizen services
(3) Matters related to productivity improvement through business manuals (4) Other matters necessary to achieve the purpose
Specific content of collaboration
Studists create manuals for citizens using the cloud-based manual creation and sharing system “Teachme Biz”, in addition to online guides in lifestyle areas such as moving and raising children. First of all, we will start with the following two items. Through the creation of these two types of guides and manuals, we expect to reduce the response time of counters by 1,080 hours per year.
・Moving out procedure guide: As part of the moving one-stop service (*1) initiative promoted by the Digital Agency, from February 6, 2023, all municipalities will be able to submit moving-out notifications and make moving-in reservations through Mynaportal. Along with this, we will create a guide that can be widely announced online, such as various information and collection of medical expense recipient certificates (paper), which were conventionally provided at the counter. The creation of the move-in guide has been completed in the demonstration experiment (*2) that has been ongoing since 2022, and with the creation of the move-out guide this time, we have realized a state where all the procedures necessary for moving in and out can be understood online. increase.
*1: One-stop moving service
*2: Regarding the demonstration experiment
・Child-rearing support guide: Ishikari City has prepared more than 30 types of support for pregnant women and families with children, but the content varies depending on the circumstances and circumstances of each family. . Currently, information is provided on the city’s website, but it is difficult to obtain correct information due to the large number of types and complexity of the information, so guidance is mainly provided at the counter. Therefore, we will create a guide that shows the subsidies and various support that citizens can receive by entering basic information, as well as how to apply.
[Image 2d32315-64-e2f1f4a578945a3105f6-1.png&s3=32315-64-f2b8422280bf20bf9892417bb6c3282d-1640x434.png
Examples of procedures to be supported
the next deployment
In addition to the “move-out procedure” and “child-rearing support” guides to be created by March 2023, we plan to create guides and manuals for other counter services such as pension and welfare-related services. In Ishikari City, we aim to be able to digitally complete everything from guidance on various administrative procedures to applications. In addition, the period of this agreement is scheduled to be until the end of March 2026, together with the planning period of the “Local Government DX Promotion Plan (*)” by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
* Local government DX promotion plan: About Teachme Biz
The cloud-based manual creation and sharing system “Teachme Biz” is a solution that greatly improves productivity by streamlining the creation and management of corporate manuals. In addition to significantly reducing the time required to create procedure manuals, various results have been reported, such as improving the efficiency of human resource development and improving customer satisfaction. In the “Manual Creation Support Market Trend” in “ITR Market View: Customer Success Market 2022” announced by ITR, we won the No. 1 sales share by vendor for the second consecutive year (FY2020, FY2021).
Studyist Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Location: 9th floor, Sumitomo Corporation Nishikicho Building, 1-6 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 19, 2010
Capital: 102 million yen (including capital reserve)
Representative: Satoshi Suzuki, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Development and sales of manual creation/sharing system “Teachme Biz” and sales promotion execution management/support system “Hansoku Cloud”
Teachme Biz website
Hansoku Cloud website
Press contact
Studyist Co., Ltd.
PR: Asakura
Phone: 050-1744-3760
Administrative Reform and DX Promotion Section, General Affairs Department: Sugawara and Hiyama
Phone: 0133-72-3159
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