Itfour releases Android version payment terminal “SATURN1000F2”

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Itfour releases Android version payment terminal “SATURN1000F2” – Evolving from multi-payment to multi-service, providing strong support for store operations –

ITFO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsunenori Sato) will start selling the latest mobile multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2” equipped with Android OS from February 28, 2023. “SATURN1000F2” is a new model of our cashless solution “iRITSpay”, inheriting the multi-payment function of the conventional payment terminal “VEGA3000 series”, and also supports multi-service. We started the payment terminal business in fiscal 2016, and have achieved cumulative sales of 100,000 units in the first half of fiscal 2022. We expect to sell about 29,000 units in 2022 alone, and with the release of the “SATURN1000F2” this time, we aim to sell 33,000 units in 2023.
◆ Background of the release of the multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2” Currently, in the payment terminal market, there is a growing need for various business applications to improve the efficiency of store operations, in addition to cashless multi-payment. With the Android OS, it has become easier to add services specialized in each field. In addition, due to the trend of soaring global prices, the
introduction cost of payment terminals and peripheral devices tends to increase, but if it is an all-in-one, it has a built-in receipt printer and multiple cards according to the payment method. Since there is no need to prepare a reader, it not only saves costs, but also meets the space-saving needs of merchants. In addition, it complies with international security standards, such as preventing unauthorized access and falsification of payment information, so you can use it with confidence in terms of safety and robustness. We offer “SATURN1000F2” together with polite and prompt support service so that even stores who are worried about the above points can easily introduce it.
◆Overview of multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2”
The monitor size has increased to 5.5 inches (3.5 inches for VEGA3000), and it can be operated like a smartphone, such as touch and flick input. The standard memory capacity has also increased significantly to 8GB (256MB for VEGA3000), making it possible to distribute not only applications but also content such as audio and video. For example, it can be used as a support function that is close to the user, such as operation explanations using videos. In addition, it has evolved to flexibly use multi-service functions that meet the needs of merchants, such as points, advertisements, duty-free, POS applications, and mobile ordering.
Of course, it also has a multi-payment function according to the device that the user has and the money that the user wants to use preferentially, such as smartphone or smart watch wallet payment, credit card or electronic money touch payment, code payment, etc. Credit, electronic money, and various QR code payments can be used with one unit.
[Main specifications]
・CPU: 4 cores 1.3GHz, Memory: 8GB
・5.5 inch color TFT touch display
・Multi-reader: IC (contactless/contact), magnetic stripe, code reader (front camera)
・Communication I/F: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
・Compliant with international security standards (PCI PTS 6.x certification) [Image

Multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2”
◆ Advantages of introducing multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2” Since the conventional VEGA3000 series payment terminal has its own OS, it was necessary to develop an application individually to support each service. However, since “SATURN1000F2” is an open OS (Android), it can be efficiently handled by incorporating applications developed by each service company, leading to a significant reduction in development time and costs. In terms of hardware, it is equipped with the above-mentioned full specs so that the app can be fully utilized on a single unit.
◆ The future of IT4 payment terminals
Leveraging our many years of experience in the distribution industry, we are also working on app development, and are promoting cooperation with marketplace companies with the aim of providing more diverse services efficiently.
In addition, we are working on a demonstration experiment with the aim of realizing a new marketing method using the beacon function of the payment terminal as a customer referral tool. In addition, we are planning to work on payment methods using Myna Points, which has reached a period of popularization, and the digital yen in
anticipation of the future.
Centering on the SATURN1000F2, iRITSpay’s payment terminals will continue to evolve and provide strong support for store operations. (Note) Company names, trade names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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・Multi-payment terminal “SATURN1000F2”
・Cashless payment service “iRITSpay”
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