Izumo Takahashi Co., Ltd. To you who don’t want to give up sugar off or deliciousness. A new era of low-sugar pasta is now available from Izumo Takahashi! On sale February 13th!

Izumo Takahashi Co., Ltd.
For those of you who don’t want to give up sugar and deliciousness. A new era of low-sugar pasta is now available from Izumo Takahashi! On sale February 13th!

Izumo Takahashi (Headquarters: Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture; President: Daisuke Takahashi) has created a product that embodies this desire: “I want to eat delicious pasta even though it’s low in sugar!” Please try low-sugar pasta that is delicious even if it is low-sugar! Low-sugar pasta is an era when choosing by “deliciousness”.
“Yamit” is 50% off sugar, but you can enjoy a solid pasta.
Perfect for those on a diet, those who are working out, or those who want to limit calories, this low-sugar pasta is delicious for both the body and mind.
Miryoku from “Yamit”
01 low calorie
About 280kcal per serving (100g)!
Low calorie, about 20% off compared to standard dry pasta.
Recommended for those who like pasta but are concerned about body fat. 02 Low sugar
About 33.6g for 1 serving (100g)!
Along with the calorie, it is about 50% off low sugar.
Rich in dietary fiber (approximately 10 times), it is perfect for those with strict dietary restrictions.
03 Deliciousness
The commitment of “Yamit” is delicious!
Mochiri feeling, throat, texture, we have pulled out the real pleasure of pasta to the limit. Please experience the joy of eating deliciously even with dietary restrictions.
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“Yamit” birth background
“Yamit” is a coined word that combines “yammy: deliciousness + commitment: promise”.
There are many functional foods, but we developed them with a strong will to “make deliciousness the main premise.”
With Yamit-kun as a motif, we will continue to make delicious functional noodles with a wide perspective like traveling in space, so please look forward to it!
On the official website, we will publish recommended recipes using the products! [Image 2d116417-1-1dd214cb67c2a11cfb35-1.jpg&s3=116417-1-cbd0831bc5dfa896df746ad596b82816-634x384.jpg
Tomato sauce pasta with seaside tomatoes
■ How to make
1. Boil water in a pot.
2. Grate the tomatoes and cut the other ingredients.
3. Heat the ingredients and make tomato sauce.
4. Put “Yamit” in the hot water of 1. and boil for 5 minutes and 40 seconds. 5. Mix the pasta and sauce together and arrange on a plate to complete. COLLABORATION
seaside tomatoes
Umibe no Tomato is a tomato grown in the fertile nature of Shimane, which has a high sugar content and a high concentration, and each grain shines beautifully. “Cute and highest quality” tomatoes grown in nature with Teshio.
Click here for details on seaside tomatoes▶https://www.sanbg.com/farm/index.html You can find more recipes on the official website…
[Image 3d116417-1-976ba91a9ef00b9fc17c-7.png&s3=116417-1-447af4fef7bf590912ca9a13829d85cb-754x215.png

Product information
Price: 365 yen (excluding tax)
Ingredients: Wheat flour (produced in Japan), vegetable protein, whole egg powder, salt/processed starch, gardenia pigment, (contains wheat, eggs, and soybeans)
Allergen labeling: wheat, egg, soybean *Our factory manufactures products that contain buckwheat.
Alien character Yamit-kun
[Image 4d116417-1-35d041ad90a3a455b4f6-6.png&s3=116417-1-dbf9032adac51db95a3c476839ab6a3e-114x213.png
Yamit-kun, who came to Earth from the other side of the universe. Delicious food from a different culture, and before you know it, you’ll be worried about your stomach.
Yamit has decided to go on a diet, but he still wants to eat delicious food! I met Izumo Takahashi’s functional noodles, the name is “Yamito”. Yamit-kun can’t stop eating because it’s so delicious!
Can you really go on a diet? ?

About us
The challenge of endless noodle making
Izumo Takahashi Co., Ltd.
Address: 371-1 Higashitani, Kamo-cho, Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture 699-1113 Official site: https://izumo-takahashi.com/
Online shop: https://mysoba.com/
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