Japan Cancer Society Project to improve cancer literacy for working generations / 1st “Cancer Literacy Semin ar” held on Monday, February 27

Japan Cancer Society
Cancer Literacy Improvement Project for Working Generations / 1st “Cancer Literacy Seminar” held on February 27 (Monday)
―Promotion of well-being and smoking cessation by companies―
The theme of the first seminar is promotion of smoking cessation in companies. Corporate culture and employee well-being are closely related to reducing the smoking rate of the entire company. We will deliver good examples and hints of companies that have worked on “quit smoking”.
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Is your company’s cancer countermeasures perfect? Approximately 30% of cancer patients are of working age.
The Japan Cancer Society (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Tadao Kakizoe, Honorary President of the National Cancer Center) is a public interest incorporated foundation that aims to improve the ability (literacy) of companies and the people working there to collect, understand, and use correct information about cancer. The first “Cancer Literacy Seminar” will be held on February 27 (Monday) as part of the new project “Cancer Literacy Improvement Project for Working Generations” to support improvement. This is a free online seminar aimed mainly at top management of companies and organizations, health management, and personnel and general affairs personnel, which is one of the three pillars of the project. This time, we will consider the promotion of smoking cessation, which is the number one priority for corporate well-being management and cancer prevention.
Seminar overview
[Main target audience] Top management of companies/organizations, health management, and people in charge of human resources and general affairs
[Date and Time] February 27, 2023 (Monday) 14:00-15:00 Held online [Theme] “Well-being management and smoking cessation promotion by companies – Efforts to quit smoking linked to cancer prevention seen from advanced cases of companies -”
[Program] 1. Lecture: Mr. Tetsuro Yoneda (Executive Director of the Consortium of Companies Promoting Quit Smoking), 2. Panel Talk: “Promoting Quit Smoking in Companies Thinking from Best Practices” / Performers: Tetsuro Yoneda, Naomi Maruo (Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) Human Resources and General Affairs Department Health and Productivity Management Promotion Group Leader) / Moderator: Ichiro Ishida (Executive Director of the Japan Cancer Society)
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[Participation application] Participation is free. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 24.
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For details, please refer to the special website
Overview of the Japan Cancer Society
Established in 1958. Based on the goal of “eliminating the sadness and suffering of cancer,” the three pillars of the private sector are “promotion of cancer prevention and examinations,” “support for cancer patients and their families,” and “dissemination of correct
knowledge.” We are working on activities along three pillars. Details about this release:


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