Japan-India Cross-Cultural Master Class Held at RUBIKA India School, Started Providing Character Design Programs Learned from Manga and Anime Culture

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Japan-India Cross-Cultural Master Class Held at RUBIKA India School, Character Design Program to Learn from Manga and Anime Culture Started Seekers Base Japan Co., Ltd. participates in creative human resource development project with cultural knowledge and diversity

From February 13, 2023, India-Japan Cross-Cultural Master Class Vol. started providing.
Seekers Base Japan Co., Ltd. (CEO Kayoko Tsuchiya, headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announced on February 13, 2023 that the Indian school of RUBIKA, a five-year digital art school headquartered in France (PUNE base in India) Operating company Consilio Interactive Dexign Pvt. In partnership with CEO / Rubika India CEO Manaj Singh ), we have started offering Japan-India Cross-Cultural Master Class Vol.1 as part of our efforts to cultivate creative human resources with cultural knowledge and diversity.
This initiative is the result of several years of collaboration between Mr. Manoj Singh, who is responsible for RUBIKA’s overseas business development and has many achievements in the Indian education industry, and Ms. Kayoko Tsuchiya, who was appointed to RUBIKA’s Scientific Advisory Board last October. It was finally realized this year under the shared vision.
The first cross-cultural masterclass was supervised by Ms. Kayoko Tsuchiya, who has many years of practical experience in content development and game production in a multicultural environment. Character design based on “. Masaaki Kawamukai, an associate professor at the Department of Character Design at Kyoto University of the Arts, who has experience studying at a university specializing in the liberal arts overseas and working in Silicon Valley, will stay there from February 13 to 2. In addition to serving as a lecturer for two weeks of lectures and workshops on the 24th of the month, Mr. Yukihiro Tsujita from Kyoto Tsinghua University’s Manga Department Manga Department Character Design Course participated online as a guest to provide feedback on student work presentations. It was the first time for RUBIKA to have a lecture given by Japanese instructors.
[Image 1d43913-3-584b47f06c5618a5a79b-9.jpg&s3=43913-3-5544041239e6e94d4fa6b20395737f93-3900x2925.jpg
RUBIKA students and management team
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Commemorative photo with students against the backdrop of the manga they are working on

[Image 3d43913-3-d380e6b0a0f644170b5a-6.jpg&s3=43913-3-ca8016a374c5a319ac0c471c88ac4ebf-1242x931.jpg
Mr. Kawamukai’s lecture
[Image 4d43913-3-44b0589665ea5187511a-8.jpg&s3=43913-3-d54460eca0180a710b737af120e6b1fb-3900x2925.jpg
Tsujita’s feedback session
In addition to RUBIKA’s advanced technical skill training program, the Cross-Cultural Masterclass will expand perspectives and cultural knowledge through exposure to different cultures, build content development skills across disciplines, and acquire collaboration skills. It is designed to supplement essential skills development in a global production environment and is eligible for credit for students enrolled. This time students from ISD (Product Design, Transportation Design & Digital Design), Supinfocom (Institute of 3D Animation, Filmmaking and Computer Graphics) and Supinfogame (Institute of Computer Games, Interactivity and Simulation) , 27 people participated across departments.
[Image 5d43913-3-e538679de58798c46d22-2.jpg&s3=43913-3-c47b615e7bba0496930417664cdeea77-3900x2925.jpg
RUBIKA students giving a presentation of Indian mythological characters

In parallel with the lecture, Mr. Shinnosuke Uchida, a manga live painter who has been attracting attention at overseas anime expos and anime conventions and has been active as an icon of Japanese pop culture both in Japan and overseas, will talk about common topics between India and Japan. With the theme of “destruction and creation”, he continued to draw a huge work with the theme of “destruction and creation” with the motif of the mythical character of , for five days, and received great attention and praise from the students.
[Image 6d43913-3-fe1f91e39844e33311c1-1.jpg&s3=43913-3-090b5d0111844a3e08b22715038f3a25-2025x2700.jpg
Shinnosuke Uchida during drawing
[Image 7d43913-3-87babd85b0dd385f827d-5.jpg&s3=43913-3-f50fbd37ec2f635b33cf1a2ffa76d22b-3900x2925.jpg

Seekers Base Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kayoko Tsuchiya) said, “Due to the increase in demand for streaming services during the spread of corona infection, interest in anime among young people in India has increased rapidly, and along with that, Japanese culture and the Japanese language. I could feel that interest in Japanese culture has risen dramatically compared to a few years ago.I thought it would be good if I could appeal Japanese culture to highly sensitive design students through cultural education. The curriculum of RUBIKA, which aggressively provides high skill acquisition, the management team of Consilio Interactive Dexign Pvt. LTd. We on the program provider side were more inspired by the prospects.”
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RUBIKA students chatting about anime
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Students who bought Tokyo Revengers sweatshirts online
Through collaboration between Seekers Base Japan Co., Ltd. and Consilio Interactive Dexign Pvt.
In addition, both companies plan and develop content development projects based on cross-border cultural promotion and exchange events with industry stakeholders, including matching of students trained at Rubika to internship destinations in Japan. inside.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Rubika S.A.S.U in Valenciennes, France. RUBIKA is a Grand Ecole registered with the Ministry of Industry, ISD (Product Design, Transportation Design & Digital Design), Supinfocom (Institute of 3D Animation, Filmmaking, Computer Graphics),
Supinfogame (Computer Games, Interactive Research Institute for Sexuality and Simulation). Founded in 1987, RUBIKA has cultivated high-level creatives perfectly adapted to the requirements of the professional world. As a result, we have produced many graduates who are active in the fields of 3D animation, video games, and industrial design as professionals in major production companies such as DISNEY, PIXAR, and UBISOFT. Recognized as the 2nd best international animation school in the world by the Animation Career Review 2019 and the 1st school in the field of games in France (Le Figaro, 2017), with more than 40 internationally recognized works by its students.
Award-winning and over 3500 alumni spread across +50 countries. About Seekers Base Japan Co., Ltd.
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About Consilio Interactive Dexign Pvt.LTd
A company that operates Rubika India and Abu Dhabi schools, and as a company that operates India’s most advanced educational institutions, provides integrated and innovative services in collaboration with university programs around the world. It is planned to be deployed throughout Asia.
About Shinnosuke Uchida
◆ Profile
Aiming to become a manga artist after encountering Katsuhiro Otomo’s “AKIRA” while in college.
After graduating from university, he won the Shueisha “Ultra Jump” Rookie Award Honorable Mention and made his debut in this magazine. From 2015, he started his own performance “Manga Live Paint” where he draws a huge cartoon on the wall, and since 2018 he has performed live painting at overseas anime events such as Russia, Spain and Germany. In 2019, he was invited to AnimeExpo, America’s largest anime event, for the first time as a live painter.
◆ Major Achievements
adidas watches POP UP Live Paint (Shibuya PARCO)
Da-iCE POP UP Mural Illustration (Shibuya Loft)
Invited to exhibit at Anime Expo 2019 as a live painter (Los Angeles, USA) ART@DAIMARU live painting performance (Daimaru Kyoto)
Vehement “Sally Show” MV drawing
TV commercial “LOTO Numbers” art cooperation (manga manuscript), etc. https://www.instagram.com/mangalivepaint
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