JuicyJapan LLC TapTap Gotanda Crowdfunding started! I want to revive the nostalgic “Da Capo” taiyaki! Ch allenge until March 26, 2023 (Sun).

Juicy Japan LLC
[TapTap Gotanda] Crowdfunding started! I want to revive the nostalgic “Da Capo” taiyaki! Challenge until March 26, 2023 (Sun).
The soup takeout specialty store “TapTap” operated by JuicyJapan LLC (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / Representative employee: Naoatsu Sumiya) started crowdfunding in February 2023.

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nice to meet you! My name is Sumitani and I am the representative of Juicy Japan, which runs a restaurant in Gotanda.
I currently run a take-out soup shop, TapTap, in Higashi-Gotanda, Tokyo. In order to seriously tackle the SDGs, we provide soup jars instead of disposable plastic containers.
I was born in Prefecture and moved to Chiba Prefecture as soon as I was a child.
I started playing American football when I was in college, and realized the importance of food in building my body.
Partly because of that, after graduating from university, I joined a company that manages restaurants.
After working as a store manager, he became independent as a food and beverage consultant at the age of 28.
At the age of 30, he established “Juicy Japan LLC”, a company focused on food and beverage business.
Half a year later, he opened his first restaurant, TapTap, in Higashi-Gotanda. About 20 media outlets, including TV and internet articles, have taken up the restaurant in the six months since it opened.
In addition, in order to expand our efforts related to SDGs, we have collaborated with a gelato shop that uses waste vegetables, and have realized vegan burger kitchen car sales.
[Charm of Da Capo]
I would also like to talk about Da Capo’s taiyaki, which I would like to revive this time.
Previously, there was a shop of “Da Capo” diagonally opposite the TapTap shop. [Image 2

The storefront was impressive with a purple curtain with the word “taiyaki” written in large letters, but what caught my eye even more was the word “imported miscellaneous goods.” Used CDs, LP records, imported miscellaneous goods were handled. The owner of the store loves Elvis, an American rock singer, and there are many Elvis-related goods.
The reason I decided to crowdfund through Campfire this time is because I want to eat Da Capo’s taiyaki again.
The first time I tried Da Capo’s taiyaki, I was very impressed with the taste! The deliciousness of the bean paste and the mellowness of the dough. And the secret taste hidden in the tail of Taiyaki.
I remember the taiyaki from Da Capo in the hands of people who always walked Gotanda.
“Those happy moments again!”
With that in mind, we started crowdfunding this time.
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[What I want to achieve by reviving Taiyaki]
I simply loved Da Capo’s taiyaki, so I started crowdfunding with the idea of ​​“I want more people to know about it.” What I want to achieve through Da Capo’s taiyaki There are two
1. I want to spread the “happiness of eating”! /
When I eat something delicious, I sometimes think, “I want that person to eat it too.”
When I go out to eat delicious food, there are people I want to say, “Let’s go together.”
In this way, I feel that the enjoyment of food is directly linked to human connections.
I would like to deepen the connection with people who feel that they have become weaker than before due to the impact of the corona disaster through “food”. We believe that we can achieve this through the “happiness of eating”.
2.\I want to liven up Gotanda even more! /
Due to the impact of the corona misfortune, restaurants are forced to close one after another.
At times like this, I want to revive Gotanda’s specialties and make Gotanda a vibrant city!
We will liven up the town of Gotanda by making use of our experience of successfully collaborating with other stores.
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If you would like to support us, please support us from this page. Until March 26, 2023 (Sun), we are accepting project support on the official Campfire page.
▼ Campfire official page
https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/650688?list=projects_fresh [Image 5d99634-9-2b68d978c48e674f333a-4.png&s3=99634-9-46b2728e3d917c7458f468c99dddddde-1200x800.png
【store information】
・Store name: TapTap
・ Location: 1F, 1-23-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
・Business hours: Monday-Friday 7:00-15:00 (closes when the soup runs out) ・Regular holiday: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
・ WEB: https://taptap.tokyo
・Instagram: @official_taptap_

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