JustCo DK Japan Co., Ltd. JustCo, which develops premium coworking spaces and shared offices, will open “Jus tCo Gran Tokyo South Tower” on the 11th floor of Gran Tokyo South Tower, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station, on Wednesday, Februar

JustCo DK Japan Co., Ltd.
JustCo, which develops premium coworking spaces and shared offices, will open “JustCo Gran Tokyo South Tower” on the 11th floor of Gran Tokyo South Tower, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station, today, February 1st (Wednesday).

JustCo, a premium coworking space brand from Singapore, has a premium coworking space on the 11th floor of the high-grade office building “Gran Tokyo South Tower” directly connected to Tokyo Station as the fourth base of large-scale coworking facilities operated in Japan. Opened & shared office “JustCo Gran Tokyo South Tower”.
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A design space that pursues “what is a comfortable premium?” The design space of JustCo Gran Tokyo South Tower, which pursues a premium workspace that combines comfort with sophistication, is a special presence among the 40 JustCo centers in major Asian cities. A meeting room overlooking the traffic of Shinkansen trains and buildings in the Marunouchi area, a window side table from which you can fully enjoy the view of the streets of Yaesu and the Sky Tree beyond, design and materials with a profound feeling, and
spaciousness. A reading room where you can relax and concentrate on your work surrounded by luxurious silence. We have created a workspace where you can enjoy a premium atmosphere while feeling comfortable. [Image 2d104317-6-1b25f8372d5e97d4eeff-1.jpg&s3=104317-6-3ddbb5a5a4cae3ce21c147f18853c633-1920x1280.jpg
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Directly connected to Tokyo Station, the gateway to business both in Japan and overseas
It takes less than an hour by bus or train from Narita and Haneda airports, and is directly connected to Tokyo Station, which is the Shinkansen station that connects major regional cities such as Osaka and Sendai. Having an office at the gateway to business both in Japan and overseas will further accelerate business growth.
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Full amenities with everything you need
A drink machine that can provide a wide variety of drinks, a closet that can store your clothes carefully, a conference room equipped with a video conferencing system, a speedy entrance system that uses face recognition, which is rare in coworking spaces, a door that can be unlocked with a smartphone app, and a phone. We have everything you need to create a comfortable work environment, including booths, lockers, copiers and stationery corners. The facilities are available 24 hours a day, and bilingual reception staff are always on hand to support members from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
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JustCo Gran Tokyo South Tower introduction page:
https://www.justcoglobal.com/jp/centre/grantokyo-south-tower/ Introducing JustCo
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JustCo was established in Singapore in 2011. With more than 100,000 members and 18 locations in Singapore and a total of 40 locations in 10 major cities in Asia, it is a leading company in the flexible office market in Asia. In Japan, we partnered with Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture, JustCo DK Japan Co., Ltd. We have developed large coworking spaces with over 400 seats in high-grade office buildings that are directly connected to terminal stations that represent Tokyo, such as Shibuya Hikarie, Shinjuku Miraina Tower, and Tokyo Station Gran Tokyo South Tower.
Official website: https://www.justcoglobal.com/jp/

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