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KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Popular book set step-up reduction campaign held at KADOKAWA official online shop “Kadoka wa Store”

Popular book set step-up reduction campaign held at KADOKAWA official online shop “Kadokawa Store”
The more you buy 66 sets and 750 books, the more you save! The return rate is up to 20%! !

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Natsuno, hereinafter KADOKAWA) is popular at the official online shop “Kadokawa Store” ( For a limited time from February 20, 2023 to March 19, 2023, we have started a step-up return campaign that returns up to 20% of the total purchase amount for over 750 books of 66 sets.
We have selected popular book sets from 4 genres: “Comics”, “Light Novels/New Literature”, “Children’s Books”, and “Bunko”.
In addition, as a bonus for purchasing the entire volume, the “Neon Genesis Evangelion Beloved Edition” which comes with a set of 10 reproductions of the original drawings, “Nichijou” which comes with 3 types of illustration cards, and the “Kadokawa Manga Learning Series” which comes with a pocket compass as a first issue limited to the first 150 copies. Please keep an eye out for products such as “History: All 20 Volumes with 3 Major Benefits + 1 Separate Volume Set” and other special benefits available only at the Kadokawa Store. [Image 1

The refund mechanism is very simple. If the total purchase amount (excluding tax) of one order is up to 9,999 yen, up to 5%, if between 10,000 yen and 19,999 yen, up to 10%, if over 20,000 yen, up to 20% book card NEXT net gift you can get.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to get the popular KADOKAWA book set that you have been interested in and have a fulfilling entertainment life.
◆Special site
Kadokawa store “Popular book set step-up reduction campaign”
◆ Target period
February 20, 2023 to March 19, 2023
◆ Target book set / number of books
Comics: 34 sets
Light novels and new literature: 12 sets
Children’s books: 15 sets
Paperback: 5 sets
A total of 66 sets and over 750 books
◆ Main set product lineup
Comics: “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, “Everyday Life”, “Non Non Biyori” Light novel/new literary arts: “Welcome to the Classroom of Ability Supremacy” “Bless this wonderful world!”
Children’s Books: [Kadokawa Manga Learning Series] “World History” “Which is Stronger!?”
Bunko: “Our house is a worshiper in Gion” “Phoenix” “Kamawanu cover set” [Image 2

■ Campaign application method
There are 2 easy steps to apply for the campaign. Just put the target set in the cart and buy it in bulk at the Kadokawa Store, and you will receive a book card for up to 5%, 10%, or 20% depending on the total purchase amount (excluding tax) by email to the email address you registered at the time of purchase. You will receive a NEXT net gift. ■ Mechanism for increasing the return rate
(Example) The applicable return rate changes according to the total purchase amount of the main unit price (excluding tax), and the amount of the book card NEXT net gift you can receive is as follows. If the total purchase amount is 8,140 yen, the return rate is 5%, worth 400 yen If the total purchase amount is 18,200 yen 10% return rate 1,800 yen worth If the total purchase amount is 31,500 yen 20% return rate 6,300 yen worth * The total purchase amount of one order is subject to the application of the reduction rate. If you divide into multiple orders even during the target period, the return rate will be applied to each order. * Book card NEXT net gift will be given in units of 100 yen. Numbers below the 10th place will be truncated.
* The book card NEXT net gift will be sent to the email address registered at the time of purchase after April 2023.
* The maximum redemption limit is 10,000 yen in total. (You can get a book card NEXT net gift worth 10,000 yen by purchasing a total of 50,000 yen for the main body price)
* Book card NEXT net gift cannot be used at the Kadokawa store. * Refunds are limited to purchases made on the Kadokawa Store website. Purchases at other online bookstores are not eligible.
* Purchases other than the regular price are not eligible.
■ Set product lineup
・[Reproduced original picture set included] Favorite edition Neon Genesis Evangelion complete set ¥12,600
・ [With 3 types of illustration cards] “Nichijou” 10 volume set ¥ 6,400 ・Five Star Story Volume 1-16 Set ¥17,100
・Hyouka 1-14 rolls set ¥8,140
・ [Completion] Five Star Story Reboot Complete 7 Volume Set ¥ 8,200 ・[Complete] Non Non Biyori 16 volume set ¥8,752
・[Complete] CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION Tokyo BABYLON 7 volume set ¥4,760 ・Kenja no Mago 1-20 rolls set ¥12,140
・Recovery magician redo 1-11 volume set ¥6,800
・Deaimon 1-14 roll set ¥8,540
・[Complete] Last Geass 7 volume set ¥4,340
・LV 999 villager 1-12 volume set ¥7,380
・Wrong use of healing magic ~Recovery personnel running on the battlefield~ Volume 1-11 set ¥6,760
・[Complete] Second life in another world 10 volume set ¥6,160 ・ Different world pharmacy 1-9 volume set ¥ 5,630
・[Complete] Yankee-kun and White Cane Girl 8 volume set ¥5,450 – Shave the beard. And pick up a high school girl. 1-9 rolls set ¥5,700 ・Because I was kicked out of the hero’s party if I wasn’t a true companion, I decided to live a slow life on the frontier Volume 1-10 set ¥6,280
・Ane-narumono 1-6 volume set ¥3,620
・[Complete] Murai no Koi 7 volume set ¥5,780
・Sasaki and Miyano Volume 1-9 set ¥5,170
・ One day, about the case that I became a princess 1-7 volume set ¥ 6,520 ・Abandoned Empress 1-9 volume set ¥8,380
・The emperor’s only daughter 1-12 volume set ¥11,000
・ Surgeon Elise 1-7 volume set ¥ 6,500
・Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi will be married to Ayakashi Oyado. 1-8 volume set ¥5,090 ・Super turnip 1-7 rolls set ¥4,320
・[Complete] Engawa of Metamorphose 5 volume set ¥3,940
・[Complete] Mobile Suit Moon Gundam 10 volume set ¥6,880
・Saga of Tanya the Evil 1-26 volumes set ¥15,800
・In a different world with a smartphone. 1-12 volume set ¥7,320 ・Ideal string life 1-16 volume set ¥9,860
・Vengeful Poison Drum 1-6 Volumes Set ¥5,520
・Mushoku Tensei ~If you go to another world, you’ll get serious~ Volume 1-18 set ¥10,956
● Light novels and new literary arts
・[Completion] Welcome to the Classroom of Ability Supremacy Final 1st Grade Edition BOX Tomose Shunsaku Art Works ¥3,800
・[Complete] KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 17 Volume Set ¥10,940
・Haruhi Suzumiya Volume 1-12 set ¥8,000
– Shave the beard. And pick up a high school girl. 1-5 roll set ¥3,240 ・My stepmother’s stepdaughter was my ex-girlfriend Volume 1-9 set ¥6,060 ・[Complete] KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Spin-off set of 6 books ¥3,880
・[Completion] What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? ・[Complete] Eromanga Sensei 13 volume set ¥8,310
・86-Eighty Six- Volume 1-11 set ¥7,160
・A romantic comedy that childhood friends never lose 1-10 volume set ¥6,420 ・Rezero Re: Life in a different world starting from zero Volume 1-32 set ¥20,720 ・[Completion] Mushoku Tensei 26 volume set ¥31,500
● Children’s books
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese History 16 Volumes with 5 Major Benefits + 4 Separate Volumes Set ¥16,050
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series World History 20 Volumes with 3 Great Benefits + 1 Separate Volume Set ¥19,950
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series World History 20 Volumes + 1 Separate Volume Standard Set ¥19,950
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese History 16 Volumes + 4 Separate Volumes Standard Set ¥16,050
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series World History Standard set of 20 volumes ¥19,000 ・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Japanese history classic set of 16 volumes ¥12,850
・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Manga Character Biography & Manga Masterpiece New face of banknotes! Modern Japanese greats set ¥2,680 ・Kadokawa Manga Learning Series Relaxing Japanese Basic Skills Master 3 Volume Set ¥2,640
・Kadokawa Manga Science Series Which is stronger!? Set of 12 volumes with benefits -first season- ¥11,760
・Which one is stronger!? X Set of 12 books ¥11,760
・Dinosaur Kingdom 12 book set ¥11,760
・ Sassy’s baby picture book series 10 works set ¥ 10,980
・ Bread Dorobo and other gift boxes ¥ 3,900
・ Recommended by 100 nursery teachers! Baby picture book gift set ¥2,930 ・ Get Kadokawa’s illustrated book! Series 9 works set ¥18,200 ●Bunko
・ Kadokawa Bunko Ono Fuyumi “Ghost Hunt” series complete set ¥5,340 ・Kadokawa Bunko Kamawanu cover set ¥7,360
・[Complete] Phoenix 14 volume set ¥12,320
・[Complete] My home is a worshiper in Gion 16 volume set ¥9,700 ・[Complete] Graveyard Kitaro rental manga reprint 6 volume set ¥4,920 ■ About KADOKAWA CORPORATION
A comprehensive entertainment company that develops a wide range of businesses, including publishing, video, games, web services, education, and the operation of IP experience facilities centered on Tokorozawa Sakura Town. We are implementing a “global media mix” strategy to stably create excellent IP (Intellectual Property) and deliver it to the world in various forms by utilizing technology.

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