Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. Compact gimbal “MOZA AirCross S” specialized for mirrorless cameras

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
Compact gimbal “MOZA AirCross S” specialized for mirrorless cameras On sale February 18th

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Toru Yamanaka) will start selling the compact gimbal “MOZA AirCross S” specialized for mirrorless cameras from February 18, 2023.
The selling price is open, but we assume a selling price of 47,800 yen (tax included).
[Image 1d8859-1218-0d295d0db42f7542ddce-0.jpg&s3=8859-1218-c6b616b63ff7c2c58b8824d9c676be1f-2000x2000.jpg
“AirCross S” is a compact gimbal specialized for mirrorless cameras. The payload is 130g to 1.8kg, which is very powerful compared to the 1.1kg of the conventional “Mini-P MAX” of the same size.
It can now be installed in a combination of a full-size mirrorless camera and a standard zoom lens, or a combination of a camera and a smartphone.
At the same time, the wide range of payloads that can be installed on smartphones weighing 130g or more is attractive.
The mounting of the camera adopts a two-stage structure of an L-shaped plate and a quick shoe. Simply by reattaching the L-shaped plate, you can easily switch between vertical and horizontal positions. Adopting a simple and easy-to-understand UI that follows “AirCross 3”. You can easily set and adjust the gimbal.
A multifunctional case for a multifunctional gimbal. It comes with its own carrying bag, so you don’t have to buy anything else.
Smartphones, cameras, action cameras… It is a must-have for those who shoot with various equipment.
[Image 2d8859-1218-2324113356dcd604a856-1.jpg&s3=8859-1218-ca2c9482328a8ae107566cdc71ab8255-2000x2000.jpg
[Image 3d8859-1218-3dbbc7b516e8bfa175b2-2.jpg&s3=8859-1218-2342fb3b1bb3b76334500da8978bb063-2000x2000.jpg
The keyword is “powerful 3in1 gimbal”. From smartphones to full size, this one is OK!
The MOZA AirCross S is the definitive 3in1 gimbal that has a maximum payload of 1.8kg and is compatible with a wide range of cameras with a body weight of only 750g.
It is possible to mount multiple camera devices simultaneously on one gimbal. [Image 4d8859-1218-e8d1b9712b290e3df150-5.jpg&s3=8859-1218-2f76eef0837efb4160ec388218a9478f-1800x1440.jpg
Multiple devices can be installed, such as smartphone + camera, smartphone + camera, 360 ° camera, etc. * Adapters for connecting each equipment are not included.
[Image 5d8859-1218-b50e4b75283c5956bad1-4.jpg&s3=8859-1218-92ce5602f83e6f1eb6fa98bcdf258cea-1080x864.jpg
The L-shaped plate has two mounts for mounting cameras. Combination such as action camera + smartphone is up to you.
[Image 6d8859-1218-df8e86cd8d3d11617e52-3.jpg&s3=8859-1218-5ee1cfd62833c976e120ffd40fd25457-640x480.jpg
Employs an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue. Reduce wrist fatigue by tilting the handle slightly from the vertical.
Easy operation with one finger. joystick
[Image 7d8859-1218-2efe9b72fbd661afa1fc-6.jpg&s3=8859-1218-c43d1ce4986b26300ee54de93c62454c-350x263.jpg
“AirCross S” does not have a touch panel, and basically it is operated by tilting the joystick mounted on the left side. Easy operation with one finger without being distracted by the touch panel while operating the gimbal.
If you get used to it, you can operate various operations without looking at the screen.
Comes with a dedicated bag for convenient storage
[Image 8d8859-1218-abac2b9cbb00073657c1-7.jpg&s3=8859-1218-ce924a758c82995642206527d1ee78a4-590x471.jpg
[Image 9d8859-1218-cbbb0577c789019014f9-8.jpg&s3=8859-1218-f97309d48b62636ce7cb5f678c0c24b6-350x280.jpg
Due to the special shape of the gimbal, it can be difficult to find the right bag or pouch to accommodate it. With “MOZA AirCross S”, the gimbal is delivered with a special bag.
Not only does it have a dedicated space for cables and plates, but it also has a belt for passing it through the handle of the carry case and a mounting space that conforms to the MOLLE standard, making it easy to use.
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Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.
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