Kenkoba’s comment has arrived & the inside page has been released Serialized for 20 years with “There is no more delicious meal than my wife’s meal”! The definitive edition of Kansai gourmet “Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SP

Pia Corporation
[Kenkoba’s comment has arrived & the inside page has been released] Serialized for 20 years with “There is no more delicious meal than my wife’s meal”! The definitive edition of Kansai gourmet “Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” released today for daily life, travel and new life!
\ Comes with a “Challenge Coupon” that can be used for 2 years / “Signs of musicians displayed in the store, tickets that will buy you coffee at the convenience store next door if you know who they are”, etc.

Today, February 27, Pia Corporation released “Kendo Kobayashi’s Unbearable Store 20th Anniversary SPECIAL”.
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) (C) Kendo Kobayashi / Yoshimoto Kogyo 2023
Rakuten Books
Based on Kendo Kobayashi’s theory that “there is no meal better than the wife’s meal,” he declared that the serialization would end when he got married.
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the serialization, this book features 302 famous restaurants in Kansai where Kenkoba is also popular, and 77 groups of 122 Yoshimoto comedians who have done gourmet locations with Kenkoba. Kendo Kobayashi x Kamaitachi’s gourmet talk, Q&A by great senior members, “Letter from Koba” sent by Kenkoba to himself, convenient INDEX and MAP, etc. A unique special gourmet book that goes beyond mere gourmet introduction. It is
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) In addition, the familiar “20th Anniversary SPECIAL Challenge Coupon” includes “a ticket that allows you to jack the in-store BGM with the customer’s youth song”, “a service ticket for what the shopkeeper feels”, and “if you come to the store in a samurai costume, you can get bonito flakes. There is no doubt that the distance between you and the people at the restaurant will be shortened at once, such as a half-price ticket for a set meal of rice bowl, or a free gift ticket for a large serving of miso soup or rice just by saying, ‘I’ll eat a lot of delicious food and get gout!’ Also conditional coupons. Please take this opportunity to fully enjoy the gourmet food and atmosphere of the restaurant unique to Kansai.
-Kendo Kobayashi Comment-
“Tamaran” is an abbreviation for “Soul Ranking Rume”.
A former judo club member, I want to practice randori with Tama, I thought that eating delicious food was probably the abbreviation for happiness.
Please enjoy Kansai gourmet with it at hand.
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia)

Introducing “Kendo Kobayashi’s 20th Anniversary SPECIAL”
\ Kamaitachi appeared for the first time in about 10 years! / Kendo Kobayashi x Kamaitachi 20th Anniversary Special Talk “20 years of irresistible gourmet food, sometimes gout.”
A large volume of 7 pages of gourmet talks by Kendo Kobayashi, Kamitachi, Hamaya, and Yamauchi!
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) In addition to gourmet talks such as the events of the Tamaran coverage 10 years ago and each food history, there are also plenty of derailed talks! The battle between Kenkoba and Hamaya, who thoroughly enjoy the restaurant, and Yamauchi, who does not agree with them at all, is also a must-read. “Nabe is something that men enjoy together” (Kenkoba & Hamaya), “It’s something you go with girls” (Yamauchi), “It’s really fun to go to an izakaya without jumping in” (Kenkoba & Hamaya), “Suicide. (Yamauchi), and so on.” (Yamauchi).
In addition, there is a scene where Kenkoba laments that many shops have closed in the last 20 years, saying, “I’m with love” and “I didn’t like it that much.” At the end, three new project proposals are born!?
\ For everyone who wants Kansai gourmet! / An irresistible store to choose from the menu
There are famous restaurants in the city of eating until you drop, such as the classic udon, curry, fried chicken, and set meals that will keep people living in Kansai from getting bored, and the must-try okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and kushikatsu on your trip to Kansai. Slurry! A must-see for each genre thought with entertainers.
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) [Image 6

“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) \ Readable full of Kenkoba essence! /
A dish that Kenkoba loves so much, “That store that Kenkoba loved”, “Letter from Koba Reprint”, which talks about gourmet with plenty of melancholy, “The 6th Unbearable Manga Gourmet Award”, which will be in its 13th year this year. And so on, full of reading materials unique to Tamaran. The convenient “irresistible area map” lists shops by area, such as “Ura Namba – Dotonbori”, “Shinsaibashi – Amerikamura”, “Umeda – Nakazakicho”, and “Temma – Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome”. In addition to recommended menus and photos of the store, there are plenty of nostalgic photos of Tamaran. Don’t miss the profiles of 122 Yoshimoto gourmet entertainers from 77 groups who have appeared in the past, as well as the 20th anniversary messages from the early members of Tamaran, such as Chidori and Yasei Bomb.
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“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) [Image 8

“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible store 20th anniversary SPECIAL” (Pia) -Successive entertainers- *In order of appearance
Chidori, Tutorial, Warai Meshi, Nankai Candies, Buffalo Goro A, Tianjin, Savannah, Wild Bomb, Ponta Doi, Tomonori Jinnai, Diane, Sutchi, Yana Gibson (The Plan 9), Goe Asagoe (The Plan 9) , Tenderer, Yasushi Kawabata, Kenji Tamura, Super Maradona, Chitoyo Koyabu, Fujisaki Market, Takeshi Nadagi, Garigari Garikson, Kamaitachi, Gallop, Razor Ramon RG, Tenjiku Rat, Smile, Hey! Kuma (The Plan 9), Naoyuki Imabeppu, Shampoo Hat, GAG, Wagyu, Yoshinori Yasuda, Hanamaru Daikichi Hakata, Maki Utsunomiya, Tomohiro Takayama (Ketsukachin), Minami Reiwa Kita, Yoshida et al., Einstein, Yu Kuroda (Messenger), span!, Shinya Matsuura, 8.6 seconds bazooka, Tomoko Umihara Yasuyo, Gakutensoku, Tana to Ikeda, Monster Engine, Kenji Shimizu, Crossbar Hit, Takashi Nakagawa, Ai Sakai, Marseille, Double Art, Yutaka Yoshida, Gion, Biscuit Brothers, Marbled Meisei, Hosei Tsukitei, Runny Nose, Akina, Cellulite Spa, Tott, Sketch, Milk Boy, Tadashi Nishikawa, Two Tribe, Emi Horikawa, Navy’s Afro, Aina Fukumoto, Covincin & Kyo-kun (The Plan 9) , Bakunosuke (The Plan 9), Daisuke Moromizato, Sanae Kanehara, Tamayo Shimada, Missile Man, Kazuyuki Sakuma, ZAZY -Handling-
Rakuten Books
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Kendo Kobayashi
-Kendo Kobayashi Profile-
I can’t eat it, I’m on the road
Yoshimoto’s leading gourmet who has already served as the chairman of the council of “Soul Ranking Lume ~Tamaran~” for 20 years. Mook “Kendo Kobayashi’s Unbearable Shop” series, which summarizes the
serialization, has been published in a total of 7 volumes. There are many regular appearances on TV and radio programs such as “Niketsu!!” (Yomiuri TV).
“Kendo Kobayashi’s irresistible shop”

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