Kitri, the TV anime “The transfer student who doesn’t know the circumstances is coming soon.” Ending theme has been decided!

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Kitri, the TV anime “The transfer student who doesn’t know the circumstances is coming soon.” Ending theme has been decided!
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It has been decided that Kitri will be in charge of the ending theme for the TV anime “The Circumstances Doesn’t Know Transfer Student Gui Gui Kuru.” A new song called “Kokorone”, which was written for the band, will be used.
“A transfer student who doesn’t know the circumstances is coming soon.” is a heartwarming story about transfer student Takada-kun and his classmate Nishimura-san, who is called “Shinigami” by everyone in the class. It is a popular work that became a hot topic on Twitter and has been serialized in the monthly magazine “Gangan JOKER”, and the cumulative number of PVs has exceeded 200 million.
Kitri, who was in charge of the ending theme, said, “I’m Kitri, who will be in charge of the ending theme. I’m really happy to be involved in this wonderful work. Takada-kun, Nishimura-san, and personality rich friends.
Every moment of casual everyday life seemed to be loving, and while we were creating, it became nourishment for our own hearts before we knew it.
Takada-kun’s straight and pure kindness, which is not deceived by anyone’s words and actions, reminds me of things I had forgotten as an adult. With the same feeling as Mr. Nishimura, I was struck many times while feeling the surprise of a 180-degree change in the scenery in front of me.
Things that change as they grow, and things that never change. I wrote the song “Kokorone” with anticipation about what kind of future the two will mix together. I would be happy if this song, which is very important to us, reaches the hearts of many people along with the anime. ” commented.
“Kokorone” will be released digitally on Monday, April 10th. Please pay attention.
【release information】
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TV anime “A transfer student who doesn’t know the circumstances is coming.” Ending theme
Kitri “CocoRone”
April 10th (Monday) digital release
M1, Cocorone
M2, Cocorone (Instrumental)
Kitri Twitter @__kitri
Kitri Instagram @__kitri
Kitri official web URL
Label BETTER DAYS [NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD.] URL Kitrist Room (fan club)
Official YouTube:
[TV animation information]
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(C) Taku Kawamura/SQUARE ENIX The production committee, who don’t know the circumstances, come to me.
A transfer student who doesn’t know the situation is coming. Broadcast: April 2023
Broadcasting stations: TOKYO MX, Yomiuri TV, TV Aichi, BS Fuji, Animax TOKYO MX Starts Sunday, April 9, 2011 Every Sunday from 22:00 Yomiuri TV Starts April 10, 2011 (Monday) Every Monday from 25:59 TV Aichi Starts Monday, April 10, 2011 Every Monday from 26:05 BS Fuji Starts April 11, 2011 (Tuesday) Every Tuesday from 24:00 Animax Starts Saturday, April 15, 2011 Every Saturday from 23:00 Official website:
Official Twitter: @guiguikuru_pr
Hashtag: # transfer student is coming
■ Staff
Original: Taku Kawamura (published monthly “Gangan JOKER” published by Square Enix)
Director: Sarin Kageyama
Assistant Director: Taiji Kawanishi
Series composition: Takafumi Hoshikawa, Shogo Yasukawa
Character design: Mutsumi Kadekaru
Art Director: Lu Chiafang
Color design: Kota Yanai
Director of Photography: Tetsuya Kawada
Editing: Keisuke Yanagi
Sound Director: Noboru Haraguchi
Music: Toshiro Masuda
Animation Production: Studio Sign Post
■ Cast
Akane Nishimura: Yoshimi Ohara
Takada Sun: Shizuka Ishigami
Hino earth: Kengo Kawanishi
Umi Adachi: Rena Kondo
Sumire Kasahara: Wakana Maruoka
Torataro Kitagawa: Kohei Amazaki
Yukiko Takada: Atsumi Tanezaki
Akane’s father: Jun Fukuyama
■ Music
・Opening theme: Rena Kondo “Alcor and Polaris”
・Ending theme: Kitri “Kokorone”
[Kitri profile]
A piano duet vocal unit consisting of older sister Mona and younger sister Hina. As an artist who creates experimental music based on classical music and has a unique presence,
In January 2019, major debut with 1st EP “Primo” from Nippon Columbia BETTER DAYS label.
In the same month, she held her first one-man tour, “Kitori’s Concert #1”. In July, they released their 2nd EP “Secondo” and held a nationwide tour of “Kitori no Ongakukai #2”.
January 2020 1st album “Kitrist” announced. The tour was postponed, but during that time, “Lily”, “Ningen Program”, and “Akai Tsuki”, three songs rich in ups and downs were released in a row, and the cover song album “Re: cover”, and has been a regular DJ on “Kitri no Kitori Goto Radio” (FM Osaka) since July.
After two postponements, the long-awaited tour “Kitori’s Concert #3 ‘Wooden Bird and Wool'” will be held in January and February 2021. In February, the lead single “Unknown Staircase” opened the door to new expressions, and in April, the 2nd album “Kitrist II” was released.
In the same month, the regular program “Kitristime” on α-STATION also started. From June to July, Kitri’s first live performance with a band will be held at Billboard Live Yokohama and Osaka.
In November, the TV anime “Komi-san has communism. The ending theme “Hikareinochi” has been released, attracting attention not only from Japan but also from overseas. In 2022, they will release a
distribution EP “Bitter” that contains their dark side, and the theme song “Toumei na” for the movie “Nagi no Shima” starring Chise Niitsu, and will also provide music to other artists. Active in
Details about this release:

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