KKday conducts an overseas travel gift campaign for one person on Valentine’s Day. Offering a “reward trip” that is not a “reward chocolate” for yourself.

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KKday conducts an overseas travel gift campaign for one person on Valentine’s Day. Offering a “reward trip” that is not a “reward chocolate” for yourself.
Apply on SNS! “If you’re looking for love, go to the world from your smartphone! A unique solo trip where you can meet beautiful men and women” as a gift for each man and woman

KKDAY JAPAN Co., Ltd. (location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, branch manager: Kimiharu Obuchi, hereinafter referred to as “KKday”) operates Asia’s largest optional tour reservation site with the keyword “find your own trip”. From February 14th (Tuesday) to March 20th (Monday), 2023, we will hold an “Overseas Travel Gift Campaign for One Person” targeting young people in their 20s.
▼ Special site URL: https://kkday.me/hCYhX
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February 14th is Valentine’s Day.
According to the “Valentine’s Day Questionnaire Survey”, this year’s Valentine’s Day seems to be more diverse than usual in terms of who to give it to, how to spend it, and the content of the gift.
In particular, on Valentine’s Day, the number of people who “buy a gift for themselves” rather than giving it to someone is 1.5 times more than in 2021, and Valentine’s Day is becoming a “reward for yourself”.・27.6% said that they would buy things that are particular about ingredients, and 25.8% said that they would “purchase unique and fun things.” You can see the change in consciousness. (*1)
Therefore, at KKday, as a new option for Valentine’s Day gifts that can be given to others or to yourself, we decided to launch this project with the desire to propose “your own (unique) trip”, which is KKday’s strength. I’ve arrived.
(*1) Source: Creema (https://www.creema.jp/Creema Co., Ltd.: Survey of 1,115 men and women of Creema users, survey method: company website) KKday dares to focus on “one person” for this diversified Valentine’s Day, and introduces a variety of unique travel products that you would like to give as a reward to yourself. was established.
As a new gift candidate for Valentine’s Day and White Day, how about a “reward trip” gift for yourself?
The travel activities you can buy on KKday not only allow you to participate alone, but there are also many unique experiences where you can meet beautiful men and women from all over the world. Along with wonderful encounters on your travels, there may be unique trips and encounters with your own travel destinations! ?
In addition, from Valentine’s Day to White Day, we will carry out a gift campaign for overseas travel products unique to one person. For those of you who are confident that this year’s Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with you, and those of you who are lamenting that you will be alone again this year… Give the gift of an overseas trip!
Please feel free to apply.
Limited to one person! Apply for a fascinating overseas trip by posting a solo travel episode! ! Win a trip of 3 days and 2 nights! KKday will carry out the following giveaway campaign in the form of posting a solo travel (= solo travel) episode on SNS (Twitter or Instagram) and applying.
One man and one woman will receive a 2-night, 3-day solo trip abroad, including one of the KKday experience products (see 4 products below).
▼ Application period: February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) to March 20, 2023 (Monday) ▼ Campaign details URL: https://kkday.me/hCYhX
▼ Winning announcement: March 31, 2023 (Friday, scheduled)
▼ Number of winners: 1 male and 1 female, total 2 people
▼Prize: 3 days and 2 nights overseas trip (*2) including one of the following 4 products from 3 countries
(*2) The contents of the winning prize are a round-trip air ticket from Narita Airport to the local area + accommodation + local experience products, and the travel period is from April 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023. The schedule will be adjusted later.
▼ List of selectable local experience products
[Image 2

Korea Seoul Painters
1. [Vietnam Da Nang]
Vietnam Da Nang half-day gourmet tour with Ao Dai beauty and motorcycle (Japanese OK)
▼ Product details URL: https://kkday.me/xbjfd
Let’s ride together on a motorcycle full of exhilaration and set off for a different kind of sightseeing!
2. [Bangkok, Thailand]
Calypso Cabaret Transsexual Show Appreciation Ticket
▼ Product details URL: https://kkday.me/1Box3
Gorgeous costumes and high-level singing and dancing. It’s
entertainment at its finest.
3. [Korea Seoul]
・ A ticket for the Seoul performance of the new sensational art performance “Painters”
▼ Product details URL: https://kkday.me/zDNP4
・SBS Music Program “THE SHOW” Studio Viewing Tour ・Viewing Ticket ・Entrance Guarantee (Korea・Studio Viewing Tour)
▼ Product details URL: https://kkday.me/A2qeQ
The “Painters”, which increased from 4 to 8 people, is accompanied by splendid group dances by idol-like actors. Such world-famous paintings are expressed with live drawings with a sense of tension. We will deliver excitement with super gorgeous 3D images and live
“THE SHOW” studio viewing allows you to see the stage of seasonal KPOP stars up close.
Campaign application method
▼Application conditions:
1) Japanese nationals between the ages of 20-29.
2) Passport holders. (Persons whose passport expiration date is after October 2023)
*You need to register as a KKday member (free) to apply for the campaign. ▼ How to apply:
[Image 3

[Step 1]
Follow KKday on Twitter or Instagram.
・ KKday Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/KKdayJP
・KKday Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kkdayjp/ [Step 2]
Post a solo travel episode on Twitter or Instagram with the following designated hashtags.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/28214/table/98_1_83192879ffb661aaae5a806482552f9c.jpg ]

* Episodes can be anything, such as an experience that you can meet because you are traveling alone, a funny experience that you have done, a relaxing experience that is immersed in sentimentality, etc. *Both domestic and international travel experience are acceptable [Step 3]
Complete the application by entering detailed information in the entry form. ・Entry form URL: https://forms.gle/d3Ak3AEXFJ4MM8fC8
▼ Campaign notes:
・Winners are limited to Japanese nationals residing in Japan. ・The winning product is a round-trip air ticket to Narita Airport and the site, a local accommodation (2 nights), and a local experience product price.
・You need to register as a KKday member (free) to participate in this campaign. Please note that if you do not register as a member, you will not be able to win.
[About traveling abroad]
The travel date (departure date) is between April 1, 2023 and July 31, 2023. Depending on the experience product you choose, the date may be limited. Transportation expenses will be provided only for round-trip air tickets from Narita to the site, so transportation expenses at Narita Airport and at the site (parts not included in the experience product) will be borne by you.
[About winning announcement]
The winning announcement will be replaced with the winning notification DM. When we contact the winners, we will also contact them regarding the selection of the winning prize (selection of the country to visit) and the adjustment of the schedule.
After the application deadline, the winners will receive DMs about their winnings around March 31st, via the email address provided in the application form, @KKdayJP on Twitter, and @kkdayjp on Instagram. I will send it to you.
[About application conditions]
Accounts with private SNS will not be eligible for the lottery. This campaign is limited to one entry per person.
Please note that if you do not enter the application information to be sent to the winner within the period, the winner will be invalid. We do not take any responsibility for any troubles that may occur while participating in this campaign.
For other detailed notes, please check the campaign page.
This is now! A “reward trip” that is not a “reward chocolate” for yourself On the special site, you can also find “A unique and affordable KKday trip that you can enjoy alone” and “Original articles on overseas travel that introduce how to enjoy a solo trip the KKday way”. KKday is packed with unique travel experiences from around the world that you can join alone!
[Simultaneous event] Use the youth support campaign to save even more! KKday is running a campaign to support young people during the spring break season.
This is a great deal where you can get up to 5,000 points back in KKday points.
https://www.kkday.com/en/promo/springholidays?cid=4605&ud1=springholidays ■About KKday

[Image 4d28214-98-aca3dc7a05bab75a76cd-8.png&s3=28214-98-012cf1fd97210ad2da52597c345f0988-1396x950.png
KKday is an online reservation site for local optional tours and activities. Covering unique tours in destinations around the world, allowing travelers to purchase individual tours and tickets
We provide services that save the trouble of making arrangements and improve the convenience of travel planning.
KKday’s platform covers more than 550 cities in 92 countries and offers more than 300,000 travel products. Users around the world can enjoy a more free and comfortable travel experience.
The site supports multiple languages ​​such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. KKday will continue to provide high-quality optional tours and local activities based on the concept of providing travelers with a wonderful trip.
【Company Profile】
Japanese subsidiary: 1-22-5 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo WESTALL Yotsuya Building 2F
Japan branch manager: Kimiharu Obuchi
Established: May 2014
Bases: Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia Business description: Local optional tour reservation site
URL: https://kkday.me/TsjEZ

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