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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Launched “Sawaday TSUMUKA”, a D2C business that weaves memories and mem ories of weddings with “fragrance”

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
“Sawaday TSUMUKA”, a D2C business that weaves memories and memories of weddings with “scent”
-The site will open this spring as the company’s first wedding business-
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Akihiro Kobayashi, hereinafter “our company”) has launched a new service “Sawaday TSUMUKA” that will create wonderful memories of weddings with “fragrance”. raised.
“Sawaday TSUMUKA” is a wedding flower shower with a scent selected by the bride and groom, and the scent will bring special memories, and on the first anniversary of the wedding, we will deliver the same scented reed diffuser to your home. , Japan’s first* wedding production service that reminds you of happy scenes in your daily life with “scent”.
From this spring, we will open a brand site and start a “D2C (direct to consumer)” service.
* Patent pending as a service that provides a reed diffuser with the same scent as a scented flower shower
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Background of business start
Since its launch in 1975, Sawaday, our air freshener and deodorant brand, has continued to research and develop fragrances in order to deliver people’s ideal and comfortable life through fragrances. . “Sawaday TSUMUKA” is a service that “Sawaday” has launched to deliver the value of fragrance in a new form beyond the boundaries of conventional channels.
Of the five senses, the sense of smell, which perceives scents and smells, is said to have the strongest connection with memory. Therefore, we focused on the “wedding” that makes people feel exceptionally happy, and came up with a proposal for a new way of preserving memories, using “scent” to create special memories that cannot be preserved with photos and videos alone.
Through “Sawaday TSUMUKA”, we not only create the scene of a happy wedding ceremony more vividly, but also support you to remember that moment more vividly in your daily life with “fragrance”. In the field as well, we will take on the challenge of realizing our slogan, “Making ‘what would be nice to have’ into a shape.”
Business summary
◆ Service name: Sawaday TSUMUKA
◆ Service start date: Scheduled for spring 2023
*The service start date is subject to change.
◆ Features
1. A set of a scented flower shower that you will use on your wedding day and a reed diffuser that will be delivered to your home on the first anniversary of your wedding.
2. The bride and groom can freely combine the scent and petals of the flower shower from 3 types. By sticking to “fragrance”, which has not received much attention as a wedding production, we propose creating events full of originality.
3. Utilizing the characteristics of the D2C business, we will support the creation of wedding memories while understanding the needs of the bride and groom. We offer not the “thing” of a flower shower, but the “thing” that reminds us of memories with scent.
[Image 2d86052-96-3745cfd571f4f60bf400-1.png&s3=86052-96-75ae3343f3dc772e0cf38d445358f2ed-1929x710.png
*The design is subject to change.
Scented flower shower (for 12 people) + reed diffuser (1 piece): 9,600 yen (excluding tax)
*Orders must be made in units of a dozen (for 12 people). You will receive 1 reed diffuser after 1 year, regardless of how many you order.
*Prices and quantities are subject to change.
◆ About future development
Details such as detailed service content and ordering method will be announced in a press release at the same time as the brand site opens.

Details about this release:

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