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Kondo Construction Co., Ltd. Held on February 12th Insulation grade 7 “A warm house with one heater” Construction site tour

Kondo Construction Co., Ltd.
Held on February 12th Insulation Grade 7 “A warm house with one heater” Construction site tour
In Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, you can experience the insulation performance of the highest insulation performance grade newly established in October 2022.

Kondo Construction Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture; President: Yoshiyuki Usami; hereinafter referred to as “Kondo Construction”) announced on February 12, 2023 that it will comply with the highest-ranking insulation standards established in October 2022.・We will hold an event where you can observe the construction site of a model house that has cleared the insulation performance grade (insulation grade) 7. This model house will be newly opened in Sekima, Sakado City in late April as the fifth building of the “Street Corner Model House Project” by Kondo Construction. On the day of the tour, we are planning a special event where you can directly see the insulation materials and structural parts that cannot be seen after completion, as well as experience how warm a single heater is, and experience the insulation performance grade 7. . [Image 1d111632-8-2f1ea872397f4e3932ac-0.jpg&s3=111632-8-5990721772fa7640589fb56bfdc51150-1800x2700.jpg
Standards for insulation performance grade 7
The insulation performance grade is a standard that expresses “energy-saving performance” stipulated in the “Act on Promotion of Quality Assurance of Housing” (Quality Assurance Law), and the higher the grade, the higher the insulation performance. Grade 4, which was established in 1999, was the highest standard for a long time, but grade 5 was newly established in April 2022, and grades 6 and 7 were newly established in October 2022. Currently, grade 7 is the highest rank insulation standard. increase.
*Since the energy saving standards are divided according to the climate of each region, the comparison is calculated based on the standard values ​​of Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, which
corresponds to “6 regions”.
*In the six regions, buildings with an insulation performance rating of 0.26w/m2k or less, the “Ua value,” which is the average value of the amount of heat that escapes from the inside of a house through the floor, exterior walls, roof, openings, etc. over the entire outer skin, are 0.26w/m2k or less. recognized as 7. It can be said that the lower the Ua value, the more difficult it is for a building to escape heat. In six regions, the standard for grade 6 is 0.46w/m2k or less, and the standard for grade 5 is 0.6w/m2k or less. From the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website
Benefits of a well-insulated home
Heat shock phenomenon is less likely to occur, safe and comfortable  There is no temperature difference in the room, and the heat shock phenomenon* due to sudden changes in temperature is less likely to occur, creating a safe living environment for the elderly. In other words, this insulation is one of the important indicators of home building in terms of being able to obtain both comfort and health. *The heat shock phenomenon is a phenomenon in which blood pressure fluctuates and pulse rate fluctuates due to sudden temperature changes in the living environment.
Electricity bill saving
Insulation performance grade 7 is said to be a level of performance that can reduce primary energy consumption for heating by
approximately 40%. Houses with high insulation performance improve the effectiveness of air conditioning and save electricity bills, so in today’s world where electricity bills are soaring and power saving is being called for, it is also attracting attention for its economy. Contribution to SDGs
A house with high insulation is also connected to sdgs. For example, preventing health hazards caused by heat shock and excessive power saving is “3. Good health and well-being for all”, and living comfortably with less energy is “7. 13. Contribute to the goal of taking concrete action against climate change.
Points that I want the designer in charge to pay attention to at this tour basic insulation
The basic insulation under the floor prevents outside air from entering, so the temperature and humidity of the underfloor will be the same as the indoor environment, and even in winter, cold air will not enter from the underfloor and you can spend a comfortable time. Since geothermal heat, which maintains a stable temperature of 13 to 15°C throughout the year, can be used effectively, the floor does not get cold during the cold months when heating is required. In addition, since the temperature difference between the room and the room is small, there is no need to worry about the water supply and drainage pipes under the floor freezing.
Double insulation with outer insulation and sprayed insulation further improves airtightness
Exterior insulation is characterized by inserting insulation material between the pillars and walls in a way that envelops the entire building, cutting off heat inflow and outflow from the outside of the building. In addition, since the spray-on insulation used for internal insulation is foamed on site from a liquid, it adheres to any location without any gaps, demonstrating excellent insulation and airtightness. By using these, the highest standard of insulation is achieved. [Image 2d111632-8-bd9fe4c67b7636eceb06-1.jpg&s3=111632-8-2c89ef18b7f236b8680c1b1df4cb8522-3900x2600.jpg

Construction site tour
At the structural site tour that Kondo Construction usually conducts, it is an event where you can directly see the insulation materials and structural parts that cannot be seen after completion, but this time it was newly established in October 2022. This is a special event where you can experience how warm a single heater is, so that you can actually experience the insulation standards of the highest rank. Overview of the event
Date: Sunday, February 12, 2023
Place: Sekima, Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture
Participation fee: Free
Please check the URL below for details and how to apply. (If you make a reservation in advance, we can guide you smoothly.)
*Please use the above form until 17:00 the day before the event. “Mc Card worth 500 yen” will be given to visitors who make a reservation in advance.
Please check the URL below for details and how to apply.
Inquiries regarding this event
Phone 0120-023-233 (Kondo Construction Head Office)
Model house property overview
Construction name: Construction site: Sekima, Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture Building area: 78.21m2
Ground floor area: 73.39 m2
2nd floor floor area: 52.58 m2
Total floor area: 125.97 m2
Structure: Wooden framework fitting method
Number of floors: 2 floors above ground
Kondo construction street corner model house project
Since 2019, Kondo Construction has been building a real-size model house of 28 to 3 tsubo in an actual residential area, not in the exhibition hall, as a model street corner project.
We hope that customers will experience the relationship with the neighborhood, lighting, ventilation, actual size and traffic lines, etc., which are difficult to experience in the exhibition hall, and provide hints for building an ideal home. continue with this project. -Past model house-
Opened in April 2019 “Interior living with the forest” botanical life model house (Tsurugaoka, Fujimino City)
September 2020 OPEN “A house that expands family possibilities” KonKonHome Mizuko (Fujimi City Mizuko)
April 2021 OPEN KonKonHome Kashiwacho (Kashiwacho, Shiki City) “A new family home living in harmony with nature”
OPEN September 2021 “We even made the sky a living room!” KonKonHome Kotesashi (Kotezashi, Tokorozawa City)
Kondo Construction Co., Ltd. Company Profile
We are a construction company mainly in Saitama Prefecture that conducts housing construction, design, construction, management, planning, design, construction of condominiums, public facilities, special construction, commercial buildings, etc.
Head office location: 1-14-7 Kamifukuoka, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture Representative: Yoshiyuki Usami, President and Representative Director Capital: 75 million yen
Business description: Housing division (housing construction, design, construction, and management)
      Building department (planning, design, construction of condominiums, public facilities, special construction, commercial buildings, etc.)

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