Kurasapo Co., Ltd. New service for attracting exterior wall painting customers “Exterio r wall painting support” started in April

Kurasapo Co., Ltd.
-Kurasapo Co., Ltd.-Started a new service “Exterior wall painting support” to attract customers from April
This is a service that introduces a new mechanism so that the exterior wall painting company can make a contract with a high profit margin.
Web marketing company Kurasapo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 18-3 Tansu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will start a new service so that exterior wall painting companies can contract under better terms. The new service “Exterior wall painting support” is a service that has many merits for exterior painting companies, such as “no referral fee” and “no price competition”. Before the start of April, we will start pre-recruitment of exterior wall painting companies.
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1. Current status of exterior wall coating industry
In recent years, the exterior wall painting industry has become structurally intensifying price competition, making it difficult to generate profits. The cause is the increase in the price of paint and the rise in labor costs, but I think that the increase in the cost of attracting customers is also large. For example, on a typical portal site, a referral fee and a closing fee are charged, but it is difficult to close a deal with just one referral.
In this case, the introduction fee alone will be 75,000 yen to 100,000 yen, and the total fee including the closing fee will be more than 20% of the construction fee, which will greatly reduce profits.
2. Overview of “Exterior Wall Painting Support”
This time, Kurasapo will start a service “Exterior wall painting support” that will benefit end customers while leaving a solid profit for the exterior wall painting company.
It has the following three features.
・ No referral fee is required because it is a complete reward ・Since there is only one company in the area, there is no price competition. ・Since we also apply for fire insurance and subsidies, the burden on customers is reduced and satisfaction is high.
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3. Correspondence of ancillary services
The application for fire insurance and subsidies with high customer satisfaction is supported by specialized contractors, so there is no need for the exterior wall painting company to respond at all. Please only deal with exterior painting work. Fire insurance and subsidies are used to lower the construction fee, so the customer’s
psychological hurdles in the contract are lowered.
4. Fees
Since the fee will be a complete result reward, there is no need for a referral fee. Only when the contract is established and the customer receives payment, we will receive a fee. The percentage of the commission varies depending on the content of the project, but as a guide, it will be from 10%.
5. Contract fee
The cost is completely free, including the contract fee. Payment will be made only when the contract is concluded and the customer receives payment.
6. Pre-registration
The “Exterior wall painting support” website will start in April, but before that, we will be recruiting external wall painting companies to partner with. Since we only contract with one company in the region, a contract as early as possible will lead to the acquisition of many projects. First of all, please contact our company Kurasapo Co., Ltd. We’ll be expecting you.
◯ Kurasapo Co., Ltd.
Kurasapo Co., Ltd. is a web marketing company that has strengths in attracting customers for real estate and life events, such as the fire insurance application service “Proreve” (https://pro-reve.com/). We help attract customers from a wide range of clients, from major companies such as TV stations and publishers to local exterior painting companies.
-company overview-
Company name: Kurasapo Co., Ltd.
Location: 18-3 Tansu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0822
Established: May 2021
URL: https://kurasap0.co.jp/
Email: support@kurasap0.co.jp
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