Libran Co., Ltd. Held a preview to commemorate the completion of “Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo”, a rental fa cility where you can play musical instruments for families

Libran Co., Ltd.
Held a preview to commemorate the completion of “Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo”, a rental facility where musical instruments can be played for families
A soundproof rental house where you can play musical instruments 24 hours a day will be born in a location that is an 8-minute walk from JR Nakano Station.

Libran Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuji Suzuki), a condominium developer that handles the “Musion” series of soundproof rental housing that recommends playing musical instruments 24 hours a day for music lovers, will open in 2023. At “Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo”, which will start accepting move-ins from February 19 (Sun), we will hold a completion
commemorative preview for owners who are considering land utilization. [Image 1

Appearance of “Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo” during construction A floor plan exceeding 80 square meters for the first time in the music series is also newly introduced
7 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Shin-Nakano” station and 8 minutes walk from JR “Nakano” station, this property is located in a residential area just one step away from the main road. We were particular about the fulfilling floor plan, facilities and
specifications. It is a home that fits DINKS and family households who want to enjoy music and videos in a soundproof room without worrying about the surroundings.
[Image 2

3LDK type floor plan
[Commitment of “Music Terrace Nakano Chuo” to snuggle up to musicians] ・You can play musical instruments and listen to music 24 hours a day. ・Delivery box in the entrance porch of each house
・Bathtub with reheating
・Toilet with warm water washing toilet seat
・Electric floor heating for LD
・Artificial marble kitchen counter with dishwasher
“Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo” details from here ↓
“Music” that meets needs beyond music
The rental housing series “Musion” will supply a total of 29 buildings/686 units in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, with an average occupancy rate of 99.4% for all properties in FY2021. As of December 2022, there are 3,181 valid registrants on the waiting list system for the property, and it is highly supported mainly by music lovers.
[Image 3d87206-14-93bc51af432f27b12259-3.png&s3=87206-14-d2f2609184a6bf6c5c223ac655f829cf-2915x1741.png
Changes in the number of registrants after the launch of the waiting system In the previous music series, there were many floor plans for singles, but there were many cases where people who changed their life stage such as cohabitation, marriage, and childbirth moved. Therefore, in recent years, we have been actively developing properties that can accommodate multiple tenants. In addition to the sound insulation (soundproofing) performance that allows various musical instruments to be played all day long, the “hard” aspects of living include ventilation and natural lighting, as well as sales and management by “musicians” such as band members and music college graduates. By being in charge, we will be close to the residents and propose how to choose a room that suits the instruments they own, their favorite music genres, and the purpose of use.
[Image 4d87206-14-5c3fc73f55de1ba766e1-4.png&s3=87206-14-5a12f0b6898a2c8b8635e782fdc68e45-1906x1365.png
Approximately 30% of the total request for a floor plan of 2LDK or more (according to the June 2010 Music Waiting registrant survey) Respond to demand for live streaming of games
[Image 5d87206-14-0f1b700c1d5354c2f1e5-5.jpg&s3=87206-14-ae89c4dcd937426172d4d215c308d15c-3900x2600.jpg
Gamer usage image (image of property by music)
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who want to move into the “Musion” series, and they want to use it for live distribution and game commentary. In order to use the Internet communication without stress, we have installed empty pipes that can be contracted for a high-speed net plan of up to 10 Gbps. You can freely choose and contract a plan that suits your lifestyle. Conducting local previews
In commemoration of the completion of “Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo”, we will hold a local preview for land owners who are thinking of using the land for the construction of the museum.
Date: February 17th (Friday) and 18th (Saturday), 2023, two days Venue: Music Terrace Nakano Chuo (4-26-3 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo) Contents: Guidance inside the building, experiencing sound insulation between neighboring houses
Participation method: Please apply from the “Libran Land Utilization” website below.
Information is also available online. Even if it is difficult for you to come to the venue on the day, please feel free to contact us. *The private viewing for those who wish to move in will be held on a different day. For details, please check the “Musion” website below.
“Museum Terrace Nakano Chuo” Property Overview
Location: 4-26-3 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Structure: 3-story wooden building
Number of housing units: 5 units (2LDK/3LDK)
Completion: February 2023
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line “Shin-Nakano” Station 7 minutes on foot, JR Chuo Line “Nakano” Station 8 minutes on foot Rent: TBD
Company Profile
Name: Libran Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuji Suzuki, Representative Director
Head office location: 17-4 Oyamacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3972-0072 (representative)
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: December 18, 1968 (Established: March 2, 1969)
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