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Like Like Kids operated by “Nijiiro Nursery School” that focuses on food education Established February 16 as “Nijiiro Day”!

Like Kids operated by “Nijiiro Nursery School” that focuses on food education Established February 16 as “Nijiiro Day”!
-Providing rainbow school meals at about 150 facilities-

Like Kids Co., Ltd. (headquarters : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuoka Okamoto, hereinafter Like Kids) has established February 16 as “Nijiiro Day” in line with the language of the licensed nursery school “Nijiiro Nursery School” operated. , We provided “Rainbow Color School Lunch” at about 150 licensed nursery schools and in-house childcare facilities.
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 Like Kids’ licensed nursery school has its own school lunch room to support children’s health and focus on dietary education. In addition to developing the body during this period, which is important for growth, we also place importance on dietary education in order to prepare the dietary environment in childhood, which is the basis of taste. By incorporating it into the menu, we are devising ways to make you feel the interest and enjoyment of food. In particular,
nutritionists and nursery teachers work together at each facility to discuss what the children are currently interested in and what they want them to learn. We are planning a total and implementing food education that you can enjoy and learn.
In a survey conducted at the end of 2022 targeting children at “Nijiiro Nursery School”, curry and rice ranked first for both favorite foods to eat at home and favorite menus to eat at nursery school lunches. With the desire to make children interested in food from the menu that they like the most, we started offering “Rainbow School Lunch” that incorporates “Rainbow Curry” as the main on “Rainbow Day”. . In addition, we are planning a menu that will attract children’s interest from the appearance, such as rainbow salad and sparkling fruit jelly.
On the day of the event, the children seemed to be enjoying their lunch, and in the 1-year-old class, everyone was skillfully using spoons to eat their meals. I was asked. The teachers also said, “The children love curry, so they eat it a lot today.”
■ Nijiiro nursery school lunch blog
■ About Like Kids
Like Kids operates over 380 childcare facilities nationwide, including licensed and certified nursery schools such as “Nijiiro Nursery School” and in-office childcare facilities, as well as after-school clubs and children’s centers. In the bright nursery room, which uses natural materials, we create an environment where children can feel at home and where they can exercise their imaginations and spend time freely. We hope that in your daily life, you will feel the warmth of the furniture and handmade playground equipment made with plenty of Japanese cypress wood from thinning.
■Company profile
Trade name: Like Kids Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takuoka Okamoto, President and Representative Director Location: 〒150-0043
Shibuya Mark City West 17F, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: December 1989
Business content: “Public childcare service” that operates various forms of childcare facilities such as “Nijiiro Nursery School”, which is a licensed nursery school, after-school clubs, children’s houses, etc., childcare facilities in business (company, hospital, university, etc. ) provides a “consignment childcare service” that entrusts the operation of
Capital: 50 million yen

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