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Limited Liability Company Makima Survey report What SNS do you use when researching shops before going out? The first place was “Internet search”!

Makima Limited Liability Company
[Survey report] What SNS do you use when researching shops before going out? The first place was “Internet search”!

The regional information media “Summary of popular nearby large stores” ( operated by the joint company Makima ( is a popular shopping site for teens all over Japan. men and women after
We conducted a questionnaire survey on “SNS used when researching shops before going out” for people.
We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey target: Men and women in their teens and older
Survey date: January 2023
Research Subject: Makima Limited Liability Company
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 people
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey report:
* When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL ( of “Summary of popular nearby stores”. Summary of survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey asking, “Which SNS do you use when researching shops before going out?”, the first place was “Internet search”.

1st place: Internet search
・Search for the name of the place or what you want to eat in the search words, look at the website of the restaurant, and then decide whether to actually go there. (20’s)
・Priority is given to searching the Internet because it is easy to know not only the reputation of the store but also the location and directions. Also, the official HP may also hit. (30s)
・When searching on the Internet, you can search for a large number of restaurant candidates, and you can make a selection based on various evaluations. I don’t want to spoil the food. (50s)
The first place was “Internet search”.
There were favorable opinions from many age groups, such as the ease of use, the ability to read various reviews, and the fact that there is an official website.
2nd place: Instagram
・The thumbnail is easy to understand and easy to refer to. It is easy to see and use because it is a reference at a glance. It is also helpful from a housewife’s point of view. (20’s)
・I use Instagram as a reference because there are many people who have reviewed the store information in detail. If you add a hashtag, you will almost certainly find a shop you want to check. (30s)
・I want to see the food in the picture and the price on the menu table. You can understand the atmosphere and size of the store, and you can also see the exterior. (50s)
The second place was “Instagram”.
There were many opinions such as that it is easy to understand, that there are many pictures, so you can understand it at a glance. 3rd place: YouTube
・The point is that it is easier to find and understand than Instagram or Twitter. Since you can see it in the video, you can see in more detail what kind of place it is and what it feels like than you can see in the image, so when you arrive at the site, it is easy to understand the place you are looking for because of the atmosphere. (20’s)
・Because it’s easier and more comfortable to introduce yourself in a video rather than reading the text. Because it’s comfortable and desirable because it’s fun to watch. (30s)
・It’s easier to understand while watching the video, and it’s easier to understand the situation clearly, so check it out before going. (Forties)
The third place was “YouTube”.
There were many opinions that the video gives you an overview of the atmosphere, that it is easier to understand than reading text, and that it is the most detailed information.
4th place: Twitter
・It’s convenient because you can quickly check the number of items that have arrived, items that will be added, hot-selling goods, and your favorite inventory. (30s)
・I used to look at Instagram a lot, but I feel like there are a lot of PR articles, so I’m looking at Twitter these days. Compared to other SNS, there is a lot of dry information, so I refer to it. (30s) ・Because I can know the frank impressions of people who used it, I don’t trust them all, but I think I can know the real word of mouth to some extent. (Forties)
4th place was “Twitter”.
There were many opinions that you can see the latest information and get real impressions and reviews.
5th place: magazine
No one chose “Magazines” at #5
When we conducted a questionnaire to 100 people, 55.0% of them answered “Internet search”.
Also, as reasons for responding, there were many opinions that it is easy to use, you can see various reviews, and there is an official website.
If you are considering choosing a shop, please refer to it.
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