Limited price for 2 weeks until 3/15 Online coaching school Colorful U where you can receive coaching for 4980 yen and also video learning

[Limited price for 2 weeks until 3/15] Online coaching school Colorful U where you can receive coaching for 4980 yen and also video learning
Colorful U is a service that teaches listening skills and questioning skills through coaching and video learning, and is a new form of coaching school. (COLORFUL U Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Zhang Zixiang)
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■About COLORFUL U Co., Ltd.
A company founded to realize “Colorful Universe: A colorful world where everyone can live in their own colors”.
What is Online Coaching School Colorful U?
As the first step in realizing our corporate vision, we believe that it is necessary to realize a world where everyone can listen, accept, and share, and this service was created for that purpose.
Specifically, through coaching and other methods of involvement and ways of thinking, more people will acquire the ability to listen and ask questions, which they will utilize in their daily work, childcare, and partnerships. (URL:
■ Background of this press release
It’s been a year since Colorful U was released on March 16th. Thankfully, Colorful U has been used by many people over the past year. From now on, we decided to raise the service fee on March 16th so that we can provide even more value. Therefore, the two weeks until March 15th are your last chance to receive Colorful U services at the current price. If you are interested in coaching but can’t take the first step, and want to learn about coaching first, don’t miss this opportunity. (URL:
■ Service features
Not only can you learn how to interact with coaching through video learning as knowledge, but you can actually receive coaching from a professional coach and receive 1on1 feedback from a professional coach. (URL:
■ Contents of video curriculum (as of February 28, 2023)
Over 100 videos and over 1,000 slides. Based on the concept of “watching videos, you can gain awareness and practice”, we focus on the necessary content to be able to use coaching, and deliver lectures without difficult reasoning. The lecture consists of five basic parts: introduction, overview, listening, questions, approval/feedback, real sessions with coaches, application parts that include step-by-step coaching practice methods, and self-understanding parts such as cognitive behavioral therapy. It is divided into 3 parts. For detailed curriculum content, please see the service site (URL:
■ Effects of learning the curriculum
Not only will you be able to systematically understand coaching, but it will also help you deepen your self-understanding and determine the direction of your career and life. In addition, it can be used when you are at a loss for decisions in everyday life or when you want to broaden your thinking. It will also be widely used for human relations and human resource development in homes and organizations.
■ What is coaching?
It is a technology that helps people achieve their goals and grow through dialogue. Learning and using coaching can increase a sense of self-determination and tolerance toward oneself and others, and can increase happiness (*Reference 1). Therefore, at Colorful U, we believe that by receiving coaching and by learning and using coaching in our daily lives, we can live our own lives more proactively and make ourselves and the people around us happy.
■ Finally: Representative’s comment
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Through just one coaching session, I was able to make the decision to retire. Unable to forget the shock of that experience, I actually quit my job a week after receiving the coaching and jumped into the coaching industry, a completely different field from the IT industry I had been working in up until now. And so I started my career as a coach. At the same time, I came to truly believe that “everyone in the world should be able to use coaching, regardless of their occupation or attributes!”
However, the current coaching school industry puts a lot of weight on training professional coaches, and the cost of lectures is high and there are constraints on time. Among them, Colorfol U, as mentioned earlier, is a service that enables people to learn how to get involved, including coaching, inexpensively and effectively, in order to realize “a world where everyone can listen, accept, and share.” offers. If you are even slightly interested, please check the service site. (URL:
■ Reference
Reference 1: Self-determination correlates with happiness (paper)
Tolerance leads to happiness. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism white paper interview article

Details about this release:

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