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M-Stage Holdings Co., Ltd. K’s Denki Group started introducing “Total Industrial Health Support” provided by M-Stage

M-Stage Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Total support for industrial health” provided by M-Stage K’s Denki Group started introduction
Promote company-wide health management by appointing industrial physicians at 25 business locations nationwide

M-Stage Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuji Sugita), which provides industrial health support and comprehensive medical personnel services for businesses, sells home appliances and related products, and conducts ancillary construction and repairs K’s Holdings Co., Ltd. (Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, President and CEO: Tadashi Hiramoto) has introduced our “Industrial Health Total Support” service. [Image 1

M-Stage’s “Total Industrial Health Support” service, which supports corporate occupational health activities, including the introduction of industrial physicians and operational support after appointment, has been used by many companies.
And this time, we have started introducing it to the K’s Denki Group, which operates large home appliance mass retailers “K’s Denki” nationwide. Of the 10 group companies and 546 business locations, first of all, 25 business locations (*as of the end of January 2023) will appoint industrial physicians, support operations with dedicated support, and various materials and operations such as hygiene lecture slides. We will provide comprehensive support for industrial health activities in the future by providing a management cloud.
Background of introduction Issues
The K’s Denki Group, which has business sites nationwide, aimed to correct the differences between business sites in industrial health activities and raise the level of health management throughout the group. We needed a flexible and comprehensive response, such as the appointment of industrial physicians in rural areas, the establishment of a system that enables unified management and operation of multiple business sites, and spot support for employment decisions after health checkups.
In reviewing and strengthening our industrial health system, we introduced M-Stage’s “Total Industrial Health Support” service, which is capable of addressing these issues.
Decisive factor for introduction
In addition to supplying industrial physicians nationwide, we support industrial health activities through customer support, provide materials and tools used in hygiene lectures, and provide free industrial health operation management cloud services. Support is provided by M-Stage’s “Total Industrial Health Support” service. The decisive factor for the introduction of this service was that it was expected to solve current issues and further improve occupational health activities. Now that employee health management is a corporate responsibility, the K’s Denki Group aims to further promote health management beyond legal compliance.
What is M-Stage’s “Total Industrial Health Support”?
In “Occupational Health Total Support”, we introduce industrial physicians based on our 19 years of know-how in the doctor referral industry and network, as well as business support after appointment, stress check “Co-Labo”, industrial health nurse service, EAP external consultation desk, mental health.・Comprehensive support for corporate health and productivity management through harassment training, expert consultation services, etc.
[Image 2

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-Inquiries about this service-
M-Stage Co., Ltd. Occupational Health Division Inquiry Form
K’s Denki Group’s Health Management Initiatives
The K’s Denki Group is committed to health and productivity management based on the idea that each and every employee can perform to the best of their ability if they are physically and mentally healthy, which will lead to the growth and development of the company. We are doing it.
[Efforts to enable employees to work without stress] such as [Introduction of a work interval system], [Health checkups and mental health] such as [Implementation of health guidance and stress checks], [Health related information] We are conducting [enlightenment activities] such as [distribution of and radio exercise], and K’s Holdings has been certified as an excellent health management corporation in 2022.
About K’s Holdings
[Image 3d19504-144-4f2e2fe3cd0346c5c383-4.jpg&s3=19504-144-6971f9dd3cf3ee72a980cb6a1f3b4e72-398x322.jpg
・ Trade name: K’s Holdings Co., Ltd. *Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime ・Location: 2-7-5 Jonan, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture 310-8282 ・Representative: Tadashi Hiramoto, President and CEO
・Business description: Sales of home appliances and related products, ancillary construction and repair
M-Stage Co., Ltd.
With the vision of “Everything is for the future of sustainable medical care,” we provide career support for medical professionals, recruitment support for medical institutions, and industrial health services for workplaces.
-Company Profile-
Trade name: Mstage Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yuji Sugita
Established: May 2003
Location: 5F, Think Park Tower, 2-1-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-6005 Business: Comprehensive medical personnel services, industrial health support for workplaces
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