Majisemi Co., Ltd. Held a webinar on the theme of “”AWS S3″ operation cost swelling due to increase in data volume”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “AWS S3 operating costs inflating due to increased data volume”

Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of “AWS S3” operating costs that swell due to the increase in data volume. [Image
■ The need for large-scale data storage is expanding further, such as the use of big data in business and the spread of IoT/edge.
As the digitization of business progresses, the amount of electronic data held by companies continues to increase. In particular, “unstructured data” such as voice, image, video, natural language, and various sensors has increased explosively.
Many companies collect and analyze such big data and use it
effectively in their business. In addition, with the spread of IoT (Internet of Things), “edge computer” technology has attracted attention, and the need for data storage and processing has increased even in places such as manufacturing sites and stores where IT environments have not been developed.
■ Increasing operating costs due to diversification of data access Traditionally, corporate IT environments were centered in the office, but today there are more and more opportunities to easily access data through various terminals from anywhere inside or outside the company. As a result, many companies and organizations are using cloud storage such as “AWS S3”. Cloud storage, which excels in data sharing and portability, has been widely introduced due to its high convenience. However, due to the diversification of data access, it has become more and more noticeable that we have to worry about the operation cost of the storage that stores the data.
■ “Egress fees” that increase as usage increases, and the risk of “vendor lock-in” that is a concern
An important factor that is often overlooked in controlling the cost of storage services is data transfer charges. In general, when the cloud service side receives the data, there is often no charge, but there is a so-called “egress” charge, which is the cost of sending data from the cloud service to another infrastructure.
This egress fee varies depending on the region (regional data center group) and the location where the data is generated, but depending on the case, there is a risk that a considerable amount of money will accumulate.
Another concern in the operation of storage services is “vendor lock-in,” in which operations depend on a specific cloud vendor. It also makes it difficult to migrate to other services, which greatly affects not only operating costs but also business flexibility. Introducing “AWS S3 compatible distributed object storage” that can reduce storage operation costs
How can we solve the increasing operating costs of “AWS S3” due to the diversification of data access and the increase in data volume, and the risk of vendor lock-in?
In this seminar, we will introduce “AWS S3 compatible distributed object storage” as such a solution. There is no need for new operational skills or learning costs, so you can expect a reduction in operational costs. In addition, you can expect a reduction in egress fees through cooperation between cloud providers. I will explain in detail.
If you are considering reducing operating costs in cloud services, please join us.
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