Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited Head Priest, Deputy Director, Finance and Human Resources! A variety of gorgeous speakers decided “CIO Japan Summit 2023”

Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
From the chief priest, deputy director, finance, and personnel! A variety of gorgeous speakers decided “CIO Japan Summit 2023” May 17 (Wednesday) to 18 (Thursday), 2023 @ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited (Head office: UK / Japan
representative: Daisuke Yukishita, hereinafter “Marcus Evans”) will hold a two-day IT department business summit ” We have announced the speakers for CIO Japan Summit 2023. We would like to inform you that Mr. Taiichi Nomura of J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd. will be the chairman and other speakers will be on stage.
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■ Highlights of this time
・ [IT x Marketing x HR x Finance] Professionals in each field gather! Heterogeneous Dialogue with Border Crossers
・ Tradition and Technology: A must-see keynote speech that looks into the new world of NFT
・ With Mr. Nomura of J. Front Retailing as chairman, a total of 14 other gorgeous speakers
■ Agenda
・ Cross-border IT department
By integrating the IT department with the business side such as sales, marketing, human resources, and management, we will exceed the current limits and achieve dramatic growth.
・Reconstruction for approaching 2025
Leading to the next transformation phase by renovating the existing system and reviewing the DX efforts that have been made
・ Digital measures in the individual × free world
The IT department is also promoting a paradigm shift at the dawn of the era of WEB 3.0, where cutting-edge technologies such as metaverse, virtual currency, and blockchain are in full swing.
・Data weaponization
We aim to strengthen management through strategic data governance by promoting understanding of the current situation, forecasting, and accurate decision-making through the utilization of data that serves as our company’s shield and sword.
・Real value created by people
In a digital society where automation and efficiency are advancing, we will raise the resolution of things that can only be created by people, and maximize their roles.
・ Develop human resources for the breakthrough of Generation Z Exposure to the various values ​​of the world on a daily basis and maximizing the capabilities of the highly diverse digital native generation will be the key to bringing benefits to society and companies.
■ List of speakers
・J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd. Group Digital Division Chief Digital Designer Taiichi Nomura
・Mr. Michio Matsuura, Chief Priest of Shiunzan Daisenji Temple ・Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. Director Yoshihiro Shimizu
・Keio University Hospital Professor Masahiro Jinzaki
・Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. DX Promotion Office Group Manager Mugen Taiko ・PC DEPOT CORPORATION CIO Mr. Shigeru Wakabayashi
・Tokyu Corporation Digital Platform Manager Ken Hino
・Kitamura Co., Ltd. Digital Promotion Division Director and Managing Executive Officer Kei Yanagisawa
・ Mr. Ichiro Mandai, CFO of Lenovo Japan G.K.
・JMDC CISO/CISSP Mr. Sozo Kurokami
・ Mr. Masaki Yasui, Senior Managing Executive Officer, PwC Consulting LLC ・Mr. Yasushi Takenaga, Manager of Solution Strategy Office, Beisia Solutions Group
several others
■ Participation type
・ IT department manager
It is aimed at IT managers of companies. Through lectures, dinner parties, discussions among participants, meetings with solution provider companies, etc., you can acquire the latest knowledge and use it to expand new personal connections.
・Solution provider company
Companies with solutions related to the IT field are eligible. There is an opportunity to have one-on-one business negotiations with the payment authority of the IT department of top companies.
[Name] CIO Japan Summit 2023
[Date] May 17-18, 2023 (Wednesday and Thursday)
[Venue] Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
[Organizer] Marcus Evans Events Japan Limited
■ Please see below for details
■ Inquiries and applications
Public Relations (Nishikata)
■ About Marcus Evans
Since 1983, Marcus Evans has provided cutting-edge business
information for strategic decision-making at events. Utilizing our proud global network, we plan, manage and hold more than 150 business summits annually. The Japan branch office holds events for marketing, IT, human resources, intellectual property, medical care,
manufacturing, and more.
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