Marugoto Textbook Series Science Course and Hibiki no Mori at Mt.

Shinsiage Co., Ltd.
Marugoto Textbook Series Science Course and Hibiki no Mori at Mt.
Synciage Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Kukita), which operates a participatory online school “Kodo Hapi” with the concept of “a place where children can realize their own talents”, Hyonosen Nature Fureaikan (Location: Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture, Director: Hiroshi Takahashi) and the whole textbook series “From evolution to great research on creatures” As a special class, we will hold a special online tour to explore the snowy Mt. .
The “Marugoto Textbook Series” is set for each subject, such as the Science Course, the Mathematics Course, and the Social Course. The course is set in , and it is structured to be a preparation for exams and tests.
-Overview of Museum Online Tour-
From the facility “Hibiki no Mori” at the foot of Mt. Hyono, we will introduce you to the nature of Mt. Hyono.
During class, we will connect with the outside of Hibiki no Mori and explore the great outdoors.
In this online tour, we will look for traces of the nature and animals of Mt. Hyono in winter, feel the great nature of Mt.
You can see the precious footprints of animals, the snowy scenery of “Hyonoyama” and “winter buds” that can only be seen at this time of year, and various other interesting aspects of nature.
*Please note that class content may change depending on the weather. [Image 1

◆ Date and time
2/23 (Thursday/Holiday) 11:00~11:45
◆ How to attend
Online (Zoom)
◆ Recommended target
Elementary school students and older
◆ Participation fee
◆ Application page
[Marugoto Textbook Series Science Course]
Great research on “creatures” from evolution
“The Sun and the Earth and the Planets -Amazing Minerals-”
“Secrets of Insects and Plant Research”
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We look forward to your participation in many classes.
*If there are a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held, so depending on the situation, not all applicants may be able to participate.
* On the other hand, if the minimum number of participants is not reached, the class may be canceled, so please understand that. *We will contact you by email regarding the availability of the event. (The decision to hold the event will be made two business days in advance.) By learning what you learn from textbooks when you are a student from a lecturer with specialized knowledge, experimenting with what is written, and making lessons that incorporate content that you can experience realistically, it is not just a desk learning We design lessons to maximize the motivation and understanding of children. This is a participatory experience that cannot be experienced at school, such as asking questions, asking questions, wondering things, and proposing ideas.
For example, in the science series “Creatures from Evolution to Major Research”, students not only learn from textbooks, but also learn deeply and realistically about living creatures and ecology, leading to greater interest. Create your own original picture book of creatures, and in the final round, you will be able to present what you learned and ideas from the picture book you created.
* Reference diagram 1
◆Figure 1: Original picture book created in class *Children who participated in the class actually created it
[Image 3d38438-161-b2dd281cd80e2c09b80f-2.jpg&s3=38438-161-5fc3ed1df4e19dfd5e2d361e0c3e8433-300x204.jpg
◆What is “Kodo Hapi”?
Kodohapi is a participatory online school with the concept of “a place where children can realize their own talents”. Experts will teach various genres such as the “Marugoto Textbook Series” where you can study school textbooks more deeply and more realistically, work experience courses, factory tours, regional culture courses, etc. in an easy-to-understand manner. By learning directly from experts, children can acquire knowledge that cannot be learned anywhere else, and by having valuable experiences that can only be found here, the breadth of awareness is expanded and the spirit of inquiry is nurtured.
◆ Hyonosen Nature Fureaikan Overview
■ Director: Hiroshi Takahashi
■ Location: 635-175 Tsukuyone, Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture ■ HP:
◆ Shinsiage Co., Ltd. Company Profile
■ CEO: Takashi Kukita
■ Business content: Operation of a participatory online school “Kodo Hapi” where children can realize their own talents
■ HP:
■ Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 39F, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ■ Contact:
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