Marvelous The No. 1 host is decided by the princess’s “appointment”! ! “Fabulous Night” “Host Royale 2023 -PRIDE-” countdown live distribution decision! !

The No. 1 host is decided by the princess’s “nomination”! ! “Fabulous Night” “Host Royale 2023 -PRIDE-” countdown live distribution decision! !
Tomoya Takagi will play the role of Keith!

15 most beautiful and crazy hosts compete in the most BUZZ night town “Miseland” 2D host music original content “Fabulous Night”
[Video 4:] 2023 Miseland · True number one, decide the host of the best of the best Voting-type “nomination” project “Host Royale 2023-PRIDE-” will be held from 19:00 on February 22, 2023!
A battle royale project in which Miseland hosts are ranked not only by “Hosson”, which is the most important factor of “Fabulous Night”, but also by “nominations” in all fields, such as WEB nominations and video share counts.
Tsutsumin, the producer of “Fabulous Night”, and Tomoya Takagi, who plays the role of Keith, will live countdown to the start of such a big project!
[Video 5:] Live streaming on official YouTube from [2023/2/22 (Wed) 18:45]! If you have any questions or comments during the broadcast, I will be happy to answer them! Please take a look!
Also, from January 25th (Wednesday), we will decorate the last of the “Host-Song PRIDE” CD series, which has been on sale every week. “Host-Song PRIDE” -Tribal Japanesque- Neo Basara
will be released on Wednesday, February 22nd! !
Some of the titles recorded in the CD series are available here!
[Video 6:] In 2023, the “Fabulous Night” and “Host-Song PRIDE” CD series will finally have solo songs for each of the 15 members! As the name “PRIDE” suggests, you can enjoy the songs and audio dramas that make you feel the determination of each of the 15 members!!
In addition, a new champagne call unique to “Fabulous Night” is also included! You can enjoy the “Otokomoto ☆ Champagne Call” that highlights the points of each host!
And on the CD first production board
“Host Royale 2023-PRIDE-” ≪Platinum Champagne≫ ticket for nomination is enclosed!
You are the one who chooses the No. 1 host who will hold the supremacy in 2023. Please nominate by betting the princess’s “PRIDE” on each host’s “PRIDE”. Having trouble deciding which host to nominate?
We promise that such a princess will be safe, secure, and of the finest space! ������
Introducing host clubs that are compatible with princesses and the best hosts “Fabulous Night” and “Miseland Club & Host Diagnosis” are also available! Please check it out too ������
★ To the destined host… The compatibility diagnosis starts! ⏩
We look forward to seeing you princess.

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