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Media Incubate Co., Ltd. (Update media and create a place for mutual learning) Media “Media Incubate” to s olve overwhelmingly large problems has started special content on the theme of “family business”. Elucidating the es sential issues surrounding

Media Incubate Co., Ltd. (Updating media and creating a place for mutual learning)
The media “Media Incubate” to solve overwhelmingly large problems has started special content with the theme of “family business”. Elucidating the essential issues surrounding the family business based on interviews and data
As the first article, an article on “Sanriku Food Meal Kit”
( is posted.

On February 7, 2023 (Tuesday), Media Incubate Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Masami Hamasaki) launched the media “Media Incubate”
( /)”, we will start special content with the theme of “family business”. We will clarify what the essential issues surrounding the family business are based on interviews and data.
Together with members who have experienced more than 50 media support, more than 50 media events, and directors of 12 media-related companies, we will combine different fields from media management know-how (
In the future project
(, episodes related to the “family business” will be shown at Atsugi, successors, business succession, parents, children, new businesses, regeneration, careers. We are looking for a wide range of.
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Media Incubate is working to solve corporate, business, and social issues with media as its strength.
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In addition, we have started a future project to solve
industry-specific corporate issues and social issues, valuing liking and fun as important things in media management.
This time, as a media “Media Incubate
(” to solve overwhelmingly big problems, as per the catchphrase, where is the overwhelmingly big problem, and I would like to organize a special feature on the theme of how to solve it.
As the first step, I will take up “family business”. What is the environment surrounding your family business and what are your awareness of the issues? From the perspective of “lighting things that are not illuminated
(”, which is also the concept of media incubation, everyone’s daily cognition and thinking Is it built into
In response to such a situation, we will create a special feature so that we can feel the issues and use media activities to dig deeper into the fact that it is a familiar existence and an issue for as many people as possible.
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Mirai Project is working on business promotion with many professionals and values ​​learning together. We will create a business while valuing the thoughts of each applicant and the project leader. Please feel free to contact us.
Professional tennis player Ryu Sasahara appointed as “Entertainment Sports Officer (ESO)” at the Preparation Office for the Future of Sports Co., Ltd.
Mixed martial artist Hiroba Minowa was appointed as a “professional martial arts officer” at the Future Establishment Preparation Office of Sports Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Olympics water polo Japan representative member, Cop Haruki Ilario, appointed as “Water Polo Officer” at the preparation office for the future of sports Co., Ltd.
Professional free skater Tsukasa Saito was appointed as a “Free Skating Officer” at the Preparation Office for the Future of Sports Co., Ltd. Dissemination activities for yourself, not just for someone
Chiari Iida, an active female college student aiming to develop dance education in Japan, has been appointed as a “cheerleader PR
ambassador” at the Future Establishment Preparation Office of Sports Co., Ltd. html Active in artistic swimming, Cirque du Soleil! Misa Sugiyama, who embodies sports and expressions, is appointed as “Artistic Sports Officer” at the preparation office for the future of sports Co., Ltd.
Professional dancer Fumiya Akahori (dancer name Hal) appointed as “Break Dancer Officer” at the preparation office for the future of sports Co., Ltd.
Ryohisa Fujimoto, a candidate for the Japan national beach soccer team in 2022, was appointed as a “beach soccer officer” in the preparation room for the future establishment of Sports Co., Ltd.
The Preparation Office for the Future of Sports Co., Ltd. has started research support with Mayumi Okamoto (Katsuyama), a specially appointed assistant professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, to discover the factors that change the epigenome for improving athlete performance https:/ /
[Athlete Entrepreneurship Support/Promoting Event Business]
Professional beach tennis player Takuo Domoto talks about the future of sports, what is a society where he can decide to retire from sports? [Beijing 2008 Olympic Track and Field Men’s 400M Relay Silver Medalist Naoki Tsukahara and “The Future of Sports/The Future of Cars” Co-creation] Mastering “running” with two swords of track and car. Hosting a track and field cram school and disseminating the appeal of cars through the media! We are also looking for business partners
[Future of Sports] Taimu Shiozaki, Japan’s only professional athlete and trial rider Asian champion and all-Japan champion, has been appointed “chief trial rider”. Challenge athletes to face challenges and plan events
Support community-based professional athletes! Yamanashi Ambassador and Hokuto City Furusato Goodwill Ambassador Masaaki Kurihara has been appointed Chief Community Officer of “The Future of Sports”. Duathlon Japanese Champion, Triathlon Asian Champion by Age
[Future of sports] Mr. Kazuya Matsui, the representative of Ultraman Triathlon Japan, is appointed as a “blood donation / bone marrow bank running officer” while contributing to the creation of local communities through the running team Kobe AC
​​ /p/000000453.000018590.html [Mirai Project] Mr. Kazuki Umemura, who wears many pairs of straw sandals, has been appointed as a “Jiu-Jitsu Officer” in the
preparation room for the future establishment of Sports Co., Ltd. Promote the development of abilities to challenge and achieve various things [Shunsuke Koyama, representative of the freelance creative group “SPOARTS” and continuing to research human error and design] Appointed as “Sports Creator Officer” in the preparation room for the future of sports Co., Ltd.
Registered dietitian Misa launches “The Future of Registered Dietitians”! A new job will be realized through collaboration by staying close to the worries of registered dietitians. Co-creation with the future of food, the future of children, the future of sports, and the future of media
[A chief tomato officer is born in the future of food] Mr. Takayuki Kunugi, a tomato farmer, has been appointed as CTO, and will collaborate with media, sports, and children-related businesses. Collaborate with Mirai Project to further expand the possibilities of tomatoes! [Maki Kanaya participates as a “social creator” for Kodomo no Mirai Co., Ltd.] A tent sauna and camping enthusiast, he is building an experience program for parents and children while challenging outdoor community management and primary industry.
[Tetsuya Kawagoe appointed as Chief Broadcast Writer of Next Generation Entertainment Conference] Planning and construction in collaboration with the future of creators, the future of
entertainment, and the future of sports. Chiiki’s future, working with the chief training camp officer to solve regional issues
[Creator’s online bar started] Mr. Takayuki Kato, a music net program producer and broadcast writer, was appointed as a bartender. Creators gather, learn together, and create projects. Support by the future of creators [Mirai PJ conference supervisor, Tsuyoshi Okubo appointed as Co-Founder of the Future of Science] Hosted by TEDxFukuoka.
Experienced social business event director for Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Recruiting founding members
[Mr. Tetsuji Sekiguchi will be appointed as Chief Physics Officer of Mirai Kagaku Co., Ltd.] Representative of Media Bank / Representative of IT Life Hack / Doctor of Science / Member of the Physical Society of Japan. Media support for “Future PJ” in general, collaboration with children’s future
Venture supporter Hiroki Yotsutsuji started the startup support PJ “YORISOU”. In addition to the media “FundTimes” and “Management Mirai”, the business succession community “Next Generation
Entrepreneur Spirit” and Chiba Convalley will also collaborate
Mr. Nobu Hasebe, a fruit farmer in Yamanashi Prefecture, has been appointed as the president of the media future project “Shoku no Mirai Co., Ltd.”! Implemented a return-to-work program, fruit for disaster food, a dedicated farm, fruit tree cultivation research that does not use soil, etc. Recruiting co-founding members and co-creators
Film director Hiroki Inoue, who also produces VR movies such as “Granny’s Skin”, “#New Graduate Pomodoro”, “Scar”, has been appointed as an advisor to the Chiba Convalley Concept Council. We support the creation of cities for filmmaking and creators. Events are also held
Mr. Kaname Owada, a professional in regional brand creation, digital marketing, and crowdfunding, has been appointed as an advisor to the Chiba Convalley Initiative Council. Support for developing local specialties and products and building marketing strategies
Mr. Daisuke Yoshitake, who develops “Tawarayama Village” in Tawarayama Onsen, Prefecture, and Mr. Keisuke Ogawa, “Break Marketing Program” who develops support for rural migrants to Kumamoto Prefecture, are the founders of Chiiki no Mirai Co., Ltd. Inauguration
“Media Incubate Academia”, a place to learn from each other aiming to support the founding and growth of 100 companies, has collaborated with LIFE PEPPER, which has more than 800 companies that support overseas expansion, to open a live distribution channel specializing in overseas marketing https://prtimes.
[Aiming for well-being / health management, Yoshiko Goto appointed Chief Coaching Officer of Mirai PJ] To provide support for each individual to face their future.
■ To those who are interested in our efforts
[Image 4

If you are interested in the future project, if you have a
recommendation, or if you are a supporter who is a cheerleader, a helper who helps with practical work, or an ambassador who helps spread the word, please feel free to contact us. I’m happy.
[Area for overwhelming problem solving: Solving major social issues together with experts and professionals]
Advisory Board: Extract social issues, expose them, discuss solutions, and take action to solve them
[Practical area: Money and resources are also brought together to create. It really envelops those around you. ]
Future Partners: Individuals who will create businesses or advance projects together.
Co-creation partners: People who create businesses or advance projects together in an organization.
*Conference partners, pitch partners, community partners, etc. [Mutually learning area: There is a strong sense of belonging, and there is no obligation or responsibility for the task]
Supporters who are cheering squads: I am grateful just to have your support. A helper who helps with practical work: I would appreciate it if you could implement it from where you can do it a little.
Ambassadors who support us to spread the word: I am very grateful that you sympathize and invite us.
[Area that deepens friendship: deepens group relationships and facilitates the birth of innovation itself]
○○ likes project: I would appreciate it if you could collaborate and deepen friendships based on your likes.
Interdisciplinary club activities: Mirai Project, I like ○○ Project, I would be happy if there was a collaboration between both.
Please feel free to contact us by any of the following methods, which is convenient for you.
■ Email:
I would like to find out what is good about each other while having interviews and exchanges from time to time.
It’s just a start, and I’d be happy if we could do something together. I would like to support the activities that everyone has in mind, gather friends, collect money, and expand activities.
・ About Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
[Image 5

Media Incubate aims to update the media, and is engaged in media business development and media business development. We provide investment, human resources, and organizational support for startups, business conversions, and reorganizations.
I am involved in the creation and operation of the media trade magazine “Media Innovation”, and I am creating information and communities to contribute to the media industry on a daily basis. We continue to create opportunities to create businesses based on media and create the future of media. In addition, the publication of “Venture Deals”, a must-see for entrepreneurs and investors, will be published on the book label Media Incubate Books.
[Image 6

In addition, since Hamasaki, the representative, is from Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture (, “Chiba / CHIBA Convalley Concept” (
main/html/rd/p/000000063.000018590.html), aiming to develop industry in Chiba Prefecture and become a hub for the creator economy. Since we value community activities, we are also preparing to establish a company to support integration so that we can promote cooperation between future projects. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the following to see what areas we are preparing for launch.
[Image 7

All of them value social issues, social significance, and solutions to industry issues, and we will extract issues that have not been thoroughly discussed. Then, I would like to create a process for each individual to accept it and think about how to actually do it with a sense of satisfaction.
[Image 8

At the same time, Media Incubate is working on the spread of chief media officers (, and this time, in order to embody it, We will support business promotion while building a community.
[Image 9

There are more than 620 consultation centers for entrepreneurs and managers, and lively discussions are taking place. I would like to aim for and implement media updates
( and make efforts that can contribute to the future of media.
Together with the managers of each industry, we are also looking for partners who want to support us in areas where we have ideas and knowledge. Please feel free to contact us.
[Image 10

From the desire to support people who are widely committed to the future of children, we have promoted the children’s future supporter system, publication planning, etc. If you are interested, please register for “Children’s Future Accelerator:” and send us a message.
At Media Incubate, we value community. If you are interested in any part, please feel free to enter.
[Discord Community]
“Business co-creation place for entrepreneurs and managers”:
“Chiba / CHIBA Convalley Concept Council”: “Children’s Future: Continue Supporting Social Entrepreneurs”:
“Next Generation Entrepreneur Spirit: Business Succession Community”:
“Media Future Project: Chief Media Officer”: [Company Profile: Inquiries regarding this matter]
Company name: Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-4-1 Sadohara-cho, Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 30, 2016 (established 10,000 days after
representative Hamasaki was born)
Representative Director: Masashi Hamasaki ( Email:
Business description: Investment / Business development / Accelerator:

Details about this release:

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