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Meltwater Japan Co., Ltd. Meltwater Japan was certified as the highest “Best Workplace” at the D&I Award 2022, and won the D&I Award and the TIC Award.

Meltwater Japan Co., Ltd.
Meltwater Japan Recognized as “Best Workplace” at D&I Awards 2022, Winning D&I Awards and TIC Awards

Meltwater Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: John Box) is an award “D&I Award 2022” to certify companies that work on D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) sponsored by JobRainbow Co., Ltd. on February 14, 2023. In 2018, we were awarded the highest level of certification, the Best Workplace, and also won the D&I Award in the SME category and the Top Inclusive Company (TIC) Award.
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Best Workplace Certification
・What is the “D&I Award”?
The D&I Award aims to promote D&I throughout society and to promote D&I as a matter of course through these three objectives: “supporting companies engaged in D&I,” “updating the ideal state of D&I,” and “making it easier to promote D&I.” It is an award that certifies companies that work on diversity and inclusion with the aim of realizing “society”.
D&I Award Official Website:
In the screening process, we focus on five elements of diversity: gender, LGBT, disability, multicultural coexistence, and
childcare/nursing care. We will position companies that work to solve these five issues and take advantage of diversity as “D&I promotion companies.”
This year, there were 553 entries (including group companies).

・About receiving the “D&I Award”
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D&I Award Winner
Meltwater Japan entered the D&I Awards for the first time this year and was recognized as a Small Business D&I Award winner with a score of 83 out of 100.
In addition, we were awarded the Top Inclusive Company Award for being in the top 35% with an inclusion score of 84.74/100.
At Meltwater, we have organized a global cross-sectional team to promote DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion). We are continuing to make efforts to realize this.
We have established a hierarchical D&I promotion system in our offices around the world, and various events and programs, such as “Women in Tech,” which focuses on the career development and issues of women in the tech industry, are led by the D&I Committees established in each area. are being implemented. At the Japanese branch, we have deepened our employees’ knowledge and understanding of DEI by holding workshops by JobRainbow, which is sponsored by this award.
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Top Inclusive Gunpani Award
Award reason:
“I appreciated the fact that inclusive leadership was practiced, such as the manager who leads the team always being aware of creating a team where employees feel ‘home’. D&I is not an extra effort, but a daily work. It is also incorporated into the activities of the company.The perspective and ingenuity of localizing D&I is unique because we are working on a global scale.”
Best Workplace Recognition criteria:
As a leading D&I company that promotes D&I at a high level not only in Japan but also globally, each employee is actively working as an individual responsible for promoting D&I, in addition to cultivating a corporate culture of D&I. The philosophy of D&I is reflected in every aspect of our services, businesses, and corporate organization, and is spreading outside the company.
Top Inclusive Company (TIC) Awards:
Awarded for placing in the top 35% of scores with an inclusion score of 84.74 [About Meltwater Japan Co., Ltd.]
Meltwater is a global leader in social media intelligence.
By automatically collecting hundreds of millions of pieces of content from SNS and online news every day and providing new insights, we support customers in making data-based decisions. Founded in Oslo, Norway in 2001, the company is now headquartered in San Francisco, California and has 50 offices worldwide. We have a total of 2,000 staff and have been introduced by more than 34,000 customers in various industries around the world.
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■Company profile
Company name: Meltwater Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th floor, Tokyu Fudosan Ebisu Building, 1-18-18 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: 2008

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