MiL Co., Ltd. Ms. Ononoka yells to moms! Food education from babies “the kindest” powers up the food education campaign. Luxurious gift plan

MiL Co., Ltd.
Ono no Oka is yelling to moms! Food education from babies “the kindest” powers up the food education campaign. Luxurious gift plan The food education campaign, which is held on the 19th of every month, “Food Education Day,” has reached its first anniversary.

With the mission of “realizing a well-being society”, MiL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuya Sugioka), which develops baby and kids food “the kindest” in D2C, is a brand We will revamp the campaign to make it more friendly to adopt the “food education from babies” advocated by.
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What is food education from baby?
■ Dietary education from babies acquires the “power to live abundantly” From the moment a mother takes life in her body, to childhood, when physical, mental, and motor functions develop most rapidly in her life, we need to take in the nutrition that builds the foundation for good health. And based on the idea that it is most important to acquire correct “eating” habits, “the kindest” advocates “food education from babies”.
We aim to create a society in which all people involved in
child-rearing, including mothers and fathers who surround babies, can share the nurturing of a “rich heart” that the original food education aims for.
Shokuiku campaign overview
It is also true that the important “food education” has the impression that it is difficult and difficult to approach. Since the campaign started a year ago, there have been many voices asking, “What should I start with?” Therefore, we have revamped the campaign to make it easier and more fun to take the first step of food education. “the kindest” will support you so that you can enjoy learning what you want moms and dads to know, and also work on baby food, which is the beginning of dietary education, with confidence.
In addition, for this campaign, Ononoka-san, a talent who is struggling to raise her own children, also gave a boost to the campaign on behalf of mothers.
■ Ononoka-san interview
Parenting version: Food education: In addition, we have started collaborating with moji Japan Co., Ltd., a German-born baby chair with functionality and design. We sponsored one high chair “YIPPY” and one accessory “starter set” that are close to the growth of children and the needs of families.
Starting with the renewal of this campaign, “the kindest” is planning a number of tricks to spread “food education from babies” to more moms and dads.
How to participate in the campaign
■ Period February 19th to February 22nd, 2023
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1. From the link below, access “Is this okay? Quiz on baby food and nutrition” and answer the 10-question nutrition quiz.
2. Share the results on Instagram or Twitter with “#food education from babies”, “#baby nutrition quiz” and “@thekindest_official” During the campaign period, a lottery will be held among those who share the results on SNS, and a total of 30 people will receive items that support “food education from babies” such as high chair YIPPY and the kindest baby food. I will give you a present.
■ Click here for details: Company Profile
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■ About MiL Co., Ltd.
We are a wellness D2C company that aims to “realize a well-being society”. We are developing a D2C lifestyle brand “the kindest” that develops products and services using empirical data and
customer/purchase data together with professionals such as chefs and pediatricians. We aim to be a company that solves social healthcare issues by developing baby and kids foods that support “food education” from babies to the world.

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