Momentum Web3 startups × major companies gather! Announcement of “Web3 Connections Tokyo”

UNCHAIN ​​Co., Ltd.
Momentum Web3 startups × major companies gather! Announcement of “Web3 Connections Tokyo”
-A gathering of key players in the industry, from cutting-edge startups to major companies considering new service development-
UNCHAIN ​​Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Win Ray) and Confidence Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuyuki Sawada) are jointly working with major companies engaged in Web3 business and Web3 startups. The invitation-only event “Web3 Connections Tokyo vol.1” will be held on February 13 (Monday) for the purpose of corporate business matching.

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We will hold an invitation-only business matching event “Web3 Connections Tokyo” that will bring together startup companies in the Web3 industry, which is currently showing excitement, and key players in the industry, centering on major companies working on the Web3 business.
The first event will be titled “Game & Entertainment session” and will bring together key players from companies that create various hit content in the game and entertainment industry, as well as companies that provide various related services.
For visitors to this event, event staff will listen to the wishes of visitors as a concierge and support matching with desired companies. The purpose is to synergistically develop the Web3 industry by building cutting-edge industry information and valuable connections with carefully selected key people in the industry.
At the venue, in addition to stage content such as presentations and talk sessions by experts in the Web3 industry, we have prepared opportunities for interaction in the buffet style. By exchanging information on the latest Web3 industry trends and providing a place for business matching with various companies, we hope to help participants create new businesses.
In the future, this event will be held with various themes related to Web3 such as “engineering” and “marketing”.
Participation target
・Company representatives considering new business in the Web3 business area ・Web3, a start-up company in the blockchain business area
Event overview
[Date and time]
February 13, 2023 (Monday) 18:45 Open / 19:00 Start / 22:00 End 【Entry fee】
*We do not allow anyone without an invitation to enter.
Speaker Profiles (in no particular order)
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Takuyu Murata (Head Of Business Development, Web3 Division, Metaverse Business Headquarters, GREE Co., Ltd.)
Joined GREE in 2010 after working in BtoB sales at a security software maker. Together with partners, mainly game companies, he has consistently engaged in business development such as domestic and overseas game collaborations and JV establishment. Responsible for investment and business sales.
From 2022, he will be the head of business development for the web3 business at the Metaverse Business Headquarters. Currently in charge of partnerships in the web3 ecosystem including blockchain companies, relationship building, validation business, investment sourcing and DD including tokens. His hobby is rakugo.
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Yuuyasu Inoue (Director, StudioZ Co., Ltd. / CROOZ Blockchain Lab) Joined Cruise Co., Ltd., the parent company of StudioZ, as a new graduate in 2008. After experiencing sales to agencies and clients in the advertising sales department, he was assigned to the game development division. After experiencing the planning and operation of official content for feature phones, he became the director of “Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Battle” and “Shinma x Succession Ragnabreak”. Joined the team at the timing of the 1st anniversary of “Elemental Story” after being involved in the development of several game applications while being involved in the planning direction of 15 titles. After serving as director, he became a director, overseeing all products and promotions, and currently oversees the development of GameFi’s Xeno project in collaboration with group company Cruise Blockchain Lab.
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Tadashi Motojima (Cybird, Inc. President and CEO)
After graduating from Yokohama National University in 2004, joined Aeria Co., Ltd. in October 2017 after working at Recruit Group. In charge of M&A and group company management, etc., assumed the position of President and CEO of CYBIRD Co., Ltd. in January 2019.
Cybird operates in three areas: “Creation IP”, “Expand IP”, and “Blockchain & Metaverse”.
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Yuhei Yasui (Group Manager, Crypto Department and Marketing Design Department, Drecom Co., Ltd.)
Joined Drecom in 2021 after working at Samsung Electronics, Dentsu Digital, Sega, etc. Responsible for NFT overall strategy, marketing, and community management for the 100-person battle royale game “GGGGG” where you can change NFTs.
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Keisuke Nakagawa (Manager, Business Strategy Office, Live Experience Business Headquarters, MIXI Co., Ltd.)
2009 Joined a major entertainment company as a new graduate. After working as a driver and secretary for the representative director and vice president, engaged in new business development in the
entertainment industry both in Japan and overseas. Joined MIXI Co., Ltd. in November 2018. Currently, as General Manager of the Business Strategy Office of the Live Experience Headquarters, he oversees new business development in the sports and entertainment fields, including “Fansta”.
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Tetsuya Fujiwara (President of ForN Co., Ltd./YGG Japan Co-founder) After working at CyberAgent, he moved to Netmarble Japan. As a marketing manager, he directs the strategic numerical design, planning and production of multiple marketing measures. Transferred to GAMEPLEX, which was founded independently by the representative of Netmarble Japan, and launched it. Founded ForN in 2021. serves as CEO. Twitter:
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Ikuma Ueno (AKIVERSE Chief Strategy Officer)
Joined Mizuho Financial Group in 2010, was selected as a founding member of the company’s Digital Innovation Department in 2015, and is in charge of planning and development of B2B blockchain. Moved to Singapore in 2018 and is responsible for new development in Asia as a business development manager at DRW Cumberland, a crypto asset trading company. In 2020, he was in charge of the crypto strategy for the GameFi business.
In 2022, he joined AKIVERSE, a creator metaverse platform, as Chief Strategy Officer, directing strategy and management planning. Currently incubating and investing in the Web3 business.
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Shun Mizuoka (Representative Director of UPBOND Co., Ltd.)
Born in Tokyo. Moved to the United States after graduating from Aoyama Gakuin High School. Established a digital advertising company in Shanghai in 2011. In 2017, he returned to Japan with the appointment of the Japanese president of the customized watch brand UNDONE on the web. At the same time, he served as CTO in the founding period of several companies and also engaged in investment activities. After that, at the end of 2019, UPBOND was founded as President and CEO. Taking advantage of his English, Chinese, and engineering skills, he is a global company originating from Japan, and is involved in wallet products and incubation businesses in three Web domains.
■ Confidence Inc. (
With the vision of “shaping the future together at the forefront of creativity”, we are developing a creative talent dispatch,
recruitment, and outsourcing business for the game industry. In addition, we operate “GAMEMO
(”, an interview media for companies related to Web3 and Metaverse in the entertainment area, and open “Web3.0 Jobs”, a career change support service in the Web3.0 area. We are also promoting various projects for the Web3 industry. ■ UNCHAIN ​​Co., Ltd. (
Founded in October 2022, mainly by those who have experience in the game business and Web3 business. We provide comprehensive services in the Web3 domain, including game planning and development, marketing, community management, tokenomics design, and token listing support, providing one-stop support for everything you need to enter the Web3. We will stand by each business, support Web3 expansion, and provide various entertainment contents all over the world.

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