Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. Sponsoring “Cuber Coaching Japan” to contribute to the healthy development of b oys and girls and the local community through soccer

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd.
Contributing to the physical and mental development of boys and girls and contributing to local communities through soccer Sponsorship of Coober Coaching Japan

Mos Food Service Co., Ltd. (President: Eisuke Nakamura, Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which develops Mos Burger, will launch a soccer school business mainly for elementary school students nationwide on February 1, 2023.・Concluded a partnership agreement with Coaching Japan (President: Shinji Ishibashi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo). In the future, in addition to holding a local mini-soccer tournament for boys and girls called “Mos Burger Coover Cup” (mini-soccer with about 5 players per team), the venue for the opening of the soccer school, the bibs worn by the players, coach wear, etc. We will post the Mos Burger logo on the site and support school activities.
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Coober Coaching Japan operates more than 150 soccer schools for children, with over 20,000 students. Students come from different schools and teams, have no designated uniforms, and don’t play outside games.
Professional coaches who have received specialized training teach using a teaching system called “Cuber Coaching” that is popular in more than 40 countries around the world. It is also known for producing many professional soccer players representing Japan. Mos Food Service has a management philosophy of “contributing to people and contributing to society”, and has been contributing to the promotion of local communities and sports. This time, we have signed a partner contract with Coerver Coaching Japan, sympathizing with the mission of “cultivating players who can cooperate with teammates and develop players who have the skills, confidence and creativity to break through even on their own.” We aim to support the development of healthy minds and bodies and rich humanity in children, and to pass on the importance of food to future generations.
-Partner contract overview-
■ Contractor: Coober Coaching Japan Co., Ltd.
■ Contract date: Wednesday, February 1, 2023
■ Contents:
Banner display at the soccer school venue
Post a link banner on the Coerver Coaching Japan website
Logo displayed on uniforms worn by soccer school coaches
Logo display on student bibs used at soccer schools
Logo display on various Coerver Coaching Japan products
Implementation of mini-soccer tournament “Mos Burger Coober Cup” At Mos Food Service, we consistently strive to provide products that value the concept of “deliciousness, safety, and health” together with “service with sincerity and a smile.” Through the after-order system that we have maintained since our founding and product development that values ​​Japanese food culture, we will continue to practice our management vision of “making people happy through food” and “bringing our stores closer and closer to each other.” We will proceed with the theme of “becoming a shop that is more loved”.

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