Musashino University A museum preview will be held on February 15 (Wednesday) at the Ariake Campus of Musashino University, where you can experience the sensation of walking in cyberspace.

Musashino University
[Musashino University] A museum preview will be held on February 15 (Wednesday) at the Ariake Campus of Musashino University, where you can experience the sensation of walking in cyberspace.
Cyber-Physical Museum opens in Nishi-Shinjuku from February 27 (Monday)
Professor Hiroo Iwata, Faculty of Information Systems, University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture) Professor Naoki Ishibashi, Faculty of Data Science, Musashino University (Koto-ku, Tokyo) Tanseisha Co., Ltd. The “Nishi-Shinjuku Cyber-Physical Museum” will be jointly opened for a limited time until Sunday).
This initiative is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Advanced Technology Service Project for 5G, etc.”, and allows visitors to view museums in cyberspace while performing physical movements (walking) just like in the real world.
Prior to the public release, a private viewing for media personnel will be held on February 15 (Wednesday) at Musashino University’s Ariake Campus.
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An image of a private viewing of the Cyber-Physical Museum, which uses cutting-edge technology and allows visitors to appreciate the experience while walking.
[Points of this case]
A cyberspace museum utilizing 5G and advanced technology will open in Nishi-Shinjuku from February 27, 2020, in Nishi-Shinjuku, a smart Tokyo precedent area.
While experiencing the feeling of walking, you can appreciate the art works reproduced in cyberspace with cutting-edge technology. [Outline of this matter]
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to realize a “smart Tokyo” that draws out the potential of Tokyo through the power of digital technology.・Established Industry-Government-Academia Consortium. This time, as part of the consortium’s “5G and other advanced technology service project”, as part of “2. University-originated advanced technology implementation project”, the Iwata Laboratory of the University of Tsukuba and Professor Ishibashi of the Faculty of Data Science, Musashino University are jointly conducting research. We have reproduced a museum where you can experience and appreciate the feeling of walking.
1. Torus treadmill
By connecting 14 belt conveyors in a daisy chain, we realized a floor that moves in any direction (front, back, left, and right) (walking sensation). By recognizing the movement of pedestrians with sensors and moving the floor in the opposite direction for the amount of walking, the robot can walk in any direction without changing its position.
2. Omnidirectional Spatial Immersive Display
Using 8 projectors, we created a virtual exhibition room where images are projected on all walls, floors and ceilings. The image covers the entire field of view of the human being, and the person’s own body can be seen realistically, so it can be viewed with a high sense of presence.
3. Digital twin (*) of the Artizon Museum (formerly the Bridgestone Museum of Art)
We created a 3D model of the actual exhibition room and exhibition wall of the Artizon Museum and reproduced it in cyberspace.
Masterpieces from the world-famous Ishibashi Foundation collection will be exhibited virtually.
* Technology that uses data collected from objects and environments in the real world to reproduce exactly the same environment in virtual space as if it were a twin.
[Outline of preview]
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[Nishi-Shinjuku Cyber-Physical Museum Opening Overview]
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[About Musashino University]
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Musashino University Ariake Campus
In 1924, Musashino Women’s Academy was established with the ideal of character education based on the spirit of Buddhism. It used to be Musashino Women’s University and changed its name to Musashino University in 2003. Since becoming co-educational in 2004, the university has been reformed and developed into a comprehensive university with over 13,000 students, including 12 faculties and 20 departments, 13 graduate schools, and a correspondence course. In 2019, it opened the first data science department at a private university in Japan. In 2021, the first Entrepreneurship Faculty in Japan will be established, and the university-wide common basic course “Musashino INITIAL” will be started with “AI utilization” and “SDGs” as compulsory subjects. In 2023, we will open the first Sustainability Department in Japan. In order to develop creative human resources for the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2024 and the future of 2050, we are promoting university reforms.
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