Musashino University Musashino University Entrepreneurship Research Institute concludes an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture

Musashino University
[Musashino University] Musashino University Entrepreneurship Research Institute concludes an agreement on comprehensive cooperation with Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture
Aiming to promote career education and create a sustainable city by expanding research

Musashino University Entrepreneurship Research Institute (Director: Yoichi Ito) and Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture (Mayor: Tomoki Susuki) agreed on Tuesday, February 7, to collaborate and cooperate with each other, and signed the “Agreement on Comprehensive
Collaboration and Cooperation.” has been concluded.
Through the conclusion of this agreement, in addition to implementing projects related to entrepreneurship education at Nishiaizu Junior High School, the realization of mutual learning between teachers and researchers, promotion of career education through interaction between children and students, and mutual development and sustainability. We will work on possible town development.
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Agreement signing ceremony held in Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture on February 7
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Musashino University Entrepreneurship Institute and Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, which promotes entrepreneurship education, conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement
We will jointly promote research and development of entrepreneurship education, promote mutual exchange, and aim to realize co-education and co-creation learning in Nishiaizu Town.
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System for Realizing Entrepreneurship Education in Nishiaizu Town The Musashino University Entrepreneurship Research Institute was established in July 2020, and is conducting research with the aim of promoting research on entrepreneurship education (educational methods) and producing human resources who demonstrate entrepreneurship. Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture is promoting entrepreneurship education as a unique educational activity in the
“Industry-Government-Academia-Citizen Collaboration Education Plan”. Students attending junior high schools in the town will learn about the limited resources and the past and present of the region, interact and collaborate with classmates and related parties inside and outside the region, and explore ideas for revitalizing the town. At the same time as cultivating skills, love for the hometown, and the power to live, we are promoting community development centered on the school. [Image 3

Entrepreneurship class
In May 2021, Professor Tetsuya Shiba, a researcher at the
Entrepreneurship Research Institute of our university, and
Entrepreneurship Faculty students participated in a training camp at the Social Emergence School where they observed rice planting in Nishiaizu Town and examples of solving local social issues. , started exchange with Nishiaizu Town. Since then, with the aim of controlling the expansion of abandoned farmland due to the aging population, we have been working on rebranding agriculture and supporting and attracting young farmers. From April 2022, the Faculty of
Entrepreneurship has been collaborating with Nishiaizu Junior High School to test class collaboration in entrepreneurship education. With the conclusion of this agreement, the Entrepreneurship Research Institute will conduct joint research, development, implementation, and evaluation of entrepreneurship education that Nishiaizu Town is working on. In addition, exchanges between faculty members (Nishiaizu Town) and researchers (Entrepreneurship Research Institute), children and students (Nishiaizu) and students (Faculty of Entrepreneurship) will be promoted to realize mutual learning, promote career education, and promote sustainable development. We will work on Namachi development.
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[About Entrepreneurship Institute]
Musashino University Entrepreneurship Institute (MEI) established in July 2020 to promote research on entrepreneurs (humans), deep exploration of problems to be solved (koto), and entrepreneurship education (educational methods). Opened. Our aim is to contribute to our university’s brand statement, “Make the world a better place,” through research on developing human resources who demonstrate entrepreneurship.
[About Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture]
Nishiaizu Town, located in the northwestern part of Fukushima Prefecture, on the border with Niigata Prefecture, has a population of 5,694 (as of January 1, 2023). About 86% of them are forests. The Echigo Mountains run to the west, the majestic Bandai-Asahi National Park to the north, and the Iide mountain range covered in perpetual snow. It is called the western gateway of Aizu.
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