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Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~” main visual unveiled!! General play guide pre-order now available!!

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Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~” main visual unveiled!! General play guide pre-order now available!!

We will deliver new information from Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Animate Group)! [Image 1

[Image 2

“Hetamyu” new series 2nd
Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~”
The main visual has been lifted!
The gorgeous main visual depicts Italy, Germany, and Japan looking up at the fireworks that color the night sky.
Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~”
April 7 (Friday) to April 10 (Monday), 2023,
Dream House Large Hall, Higashi-Osaka Cultural Creation Center, Osaka Saturday, April 15, 2023 to Sunday, April 23,
Performed at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo.
General play guide pre-orders are being accepted until 23:59 on Sunday, February 26th.
Further information will be announced on the official website and Twitter at any time.
Please continue to look forward to the musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~” unfolded by the pleasant friends!
[Table 2: ]

[Image 3

Role of Italy Ryoyuki Nagae

・Stage play “Aoyama Operetta”
・Musical “DREAM!ing” series
・ Stage “Almond”
[Image 4

Yusuke Ueda as Germany

・ Stage “My Hero Academia The ‘Ultra’ Stage” series
・LIVE STAGE “Skate Reading Stars”
・ Stage “Space Battleship Tiramisu” series
[Image 5

Japan role Keisuke Ueda (Nihon/Keisuke Ueda)

・ Stage “Bungo Stray Dogs STORM BRINGER”
・”World Trigger the Stage” large-scale invasion
・Stage “Kimetsu no Yaiba Part 3 Infinite Dream Train”
[Image 6

Ryūko Isogai (America)

・Musical “DREAM!ing” series
・ Stage “Railway” series
・ Stage “Space Battleship Tiramisu” series
[Image 7

England role Daisuke Hirose

・Game “A3!”
・Game “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku”
・Animation “RE-MAIN”
[Image 8

Juri (France / Juri) as France

・Action stage “Helios Rising Heroes”
・Stage “K”
・Stage “Sengoku BASARA”
[Image 9

Chugoku Taishi Sugie

・Musical “Stamyu” series
・ Stage “Bungo to Alchemist Heretic No Enbu (Waltz)”
・Instinct Burst Theater “sweet pool”
[Image 10
Lawson Ticket
General sale
March 12 (Sun) AM 10: 00 ~
[Inquiries about tickets] Performance office 0570-200-114 (11:00-18:00 *excluding Sundays and holidays)
Performance overview
Performance title: Musical “Hetalia ~The Fantastic World~”
◆Performance schedule:
[Osaka performance] Friday, April 7, 2023 to Monday, April 10, 2023 [Image 13

◆ Venue: [Osaka Performance] Dream House Large Hall, Higashi-Osaka Cultural Creation Center (2-3-4 Mikuriya Minami, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
[Tokyo Performance] Nippon Seinenkan Hall (4-1 Kasumigaokacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Original: “Hetalia World Stars” Hidekazu Himaruya (serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump +”)
◆Director: Kotaro Yoshitani ◆Screenplay: Yuusei Naruse
◆ Choreography: MAMORU ◆ Music: tak ◆ Singing instructor: Rika Mizuno ◆ Stage costume design: Tomoko Shin (COMO Inc.) ◆ Costume production: COMO Inc. ◆ Hair and makeup: Yuji Nishimura (earch)
◆ Photographer: Fuhito Kanayama ◆ Advertising art: Mariko Hao (Mujina:art) ◆Cast
The role of Italy is Ryoyuki Nagae, the role of Germany is Yusuke Ueda, the role of Japan is Keisuke Ueda.
The role of America is Ryujo Isogai, the role of England is Daisuke Hirose, the role of France is Juri.
The role of China is Taishi Sugie, the role of Spain is James Takeshi Yamada, the role of Prussia is Manabu Takamoto, the role of Holland is Toru Isono.
Shoji Nakata, Naoki Machida, Seiya Ito, Kei , Yusuke Matsuzaki, Mashu Yasuhisa, Musashi Maruyama, Hiroki Funabashi ◆ Planning and production: 4cu (Frontier Works Inc.)
◆ Production: FAB Co., Ltd.
◆Osaka Co-organizer: PFI Higashi-Osaka Cultural Creation Center Co., Ltd. Sponsored by: Musical “Hetalia FW” Production Committee
What is “Hetalia”
The original is a popular comic by Hidekazu Himaruya, which is serialized in “Jump +” (Shueisha) and has sold over 600,000 copies in total.
“Hetalia World★Stars”.
The anime “Hetalia World Stars” is currently being distributed, and it is a popular national comedy.
4 CUs
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“Always create new things on your own, keep exploring without losing curiosity, never fear change, and push forward with conviction.” Frontier Works Inc.’s brand “4cu” focuses on the stage business. In addition to planning and producing stage works based on anime and games, we will develop LIVE and video production.
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