Naniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Opened a set-up office that uses domestic cedar wood with a carbon-neutral contribution certificate, and whose value increases the longer it is used

Naniwa Industry Co., Ltd.
Opened a set-up office that uses domestic cedar wood with a
carbon-neutral contribution certificate, and whose value increases the longer it is used
~ A challenge for an office management company founded in 1995. From office price per square meter to creation of social value ~

Naniwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. (located in Chuo-ku, Osaka, CEO: Masashi Nakano), which manages its own office building 95 years after its foundation, has created a set-up office “KUUHAA” that uses domestic materials for floors and desks that you will want to continue using for a long time. We will open on Thursday, March 9th. We aim to improve the social value of the office by using recycled materials from discarded fishing nets for the chairs and floor carpets, and by using CO2-free electricity such as solar power and hydroelectric power for the floor.
On the day of the opening, there will be a preview for related parties, and on March 8th, the day before, there will be a preview for the media.
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A stone to the common sense and customs of the office that seeks disposable and cheap
Renovation for long-term use of private residences is becoming increasingly popular, but rental offices generally restore their original condition each time they move in, throwing away a huge amount of materials that can still be used. By using natural materials that bring out the flavor with continued use, and by making it possible to explain numerically the effect of reducing the environmental impact of continued use over a long period of time, we calculate the amount based on the location, unit price per square meter, and number of years, and seek low prices. I thought that I could change the common sense of the office until now.
Thoroughly implement the SDGs, which have reached the halfway point, until the fiscal year when they are achieved
“KUUHAA” was designed by Ueda Co., Ltd. (location: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto), which promotes the creation of a comfortable office and a base for co-creation.
The floors, desks, and private work booths (each room is fully equipped) are made of Japanese cedar, which has a carbon-neutral contribution certificate, contributing to a total CO2 reduction of 115.54 tons.
The scent of cedar has a relaxing effect, and you can expect it to stimulate your sensibility and have a soothing effect by matching it with the art and greenery in the common areas.
Chairs and floor carpets, which are consumables, are made by knitting recycled nylon yarn and recycled PET yarn collected and recycled from domestic waste fishing nets, which can contribute to the reduction of marine plastic waste.
Electricity in the floor uses zero CO2 emission electricity using energy derived from renewable sources, which can reduce 39 tons of CO2 annually.
There is a common lounge area that residents can freely use, and it can be used not only as a place for visitors, as a place to rest, but also as a place for communication. We aim to deepen the connection between people who are interested in creating a sustainable society and expand the community to the local area.
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People who agree with the concept come to create new value, new activities that come from the people who come will be transmitted from the building, and people who agree with the value will come. rice field.
◆Facility overview
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◎ Address
KUUHAA, Turnen Building No.2 4F, 2-3-1 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka ◎ Access
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line/Chuo Line [Tanimachi 4-chome Station] (2 minute walk from Exit 1-A)
Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line [Temmabashi Station] (4 minute walk from Exit 4) Keihan Railway [Temmabashi Station] (6 minutes on foot)
◎ Management and operation | Naniwa Industry Co., Ltd.
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