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Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. 7ORDER, “Who I Am” music video released with band and dance!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
7ORDER releases music video for “Who I Am” featuring band and dance!
[Image 1

7ORDER has released the music video for the lead song “Who I Am” from their 3rd album “DUAL” which will be released on March 8th
(Wednesday), revealing the full story of their song.
In the lyric video for “Who I Am” that was released the other day, 7ORDER conveyed the message of being yourself to people living in the SNS era, and with the release of the main music video, the whole story has become clear. .
In the music video, two performance styles, “band” and “dance”, which symbolize 7ORDER’s identity, are expressed in this visual world. It is a lead track that symbolizes the concept of the album “DUAL”, where everyone resonates with each other’s voices and plays a message of being yourself.
The filming took place before dawn, and the filming was a tough one until just before the date changed. The behind-the-scenes footage of this shoot is included in the limited edition DVD of the album, so if you’re interested, be sure to check it out. In addition, the instruments in each member’s hand are custom-made items that have been made with attention to detail to match the world view of the work. It will be on special display at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA until Sunday (Sunday), so please take this opportunity to visit.
[Public video]
7ORDER「Who I Am」Music Video
[7ORDER latest release information]
7ORDER「Who I Am」
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Yuma Sanada
Digital release on Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Each delivery URL:
[7ORDER latest release information]
3rd album『DUAL』
Released on Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Click here for CD reservation/purchase: Pre-add/Pre-save registration here: [Image 3

■ “DUAL” special site:
[First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD)] COZP-1986~7 4,950 yen (tax included) [Image 4

[Regular Edition (CD Only)] COCP-41997 3,300 yen (tax included) [Image 5

[FC Limited Edition (CD+DVD+PHOTOBOOK+GOODS)] COZP-1988~9 11,000 yen (tax included)
* BOX specifications | GOODS: Original playing cards
[Image 6

*Common to all types: 1 serial number for special application lottery included only for the first production
■ Tracks on CD (First Press Limited Edition/FC Limited Edition/Regular Edition common) 12 tracks in total
1. Who I Am * 2/8 (Wednesday) album pre-delivery release
3. Edge
4.F *Ending theme for CBC TV “Place Name Shiritori-Traveler Nagatsu no Challenge-”
5. Les Paul *Theme song for the movie “Two Out Full Bass” starring Kenran Abe 6.Ranman *Theme song for the movie “Shinigami Tsukai no Jikencho -Tsukihana Kitan-” starring Kentaro Yasui
7. Somehow I’m doing it *Theme song for the movie “Inu, Rotate, Escape” starring Reo Nagatsuma, scheduled to be released nationwide in March
8. Stunnin’
9. Heavy
10. Get Gold
11. Growing up * TV anime “For some reason I became stronger when I was just raising farmer-related skills. “Opening theme
12. Ups & Downs
■ DVD contents (first limited edition/FC limited edition only) 【Limited Edition】
Who I Am -Music Video-
Who I Am -MV Making Video-
[FC limited edition]
Who I Am -Music Video-
DUAL -Making Video-
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage-
F -Live At The Garage-
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Kentaro Yasui Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Yuma Sanada Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Shoki Morohoshi Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Myuto Morita Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Keigo Hagiya Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Alan Abe Ver.)
Stunnin’ -Live At The Garage- (Leo Nagatsuma Ver.)
[“DUAL” application lottery bonus inclusion bonus]
First Press Limited Edition/Regular Edition Contents
Prize A: Individual autograph session 111 members for each member 777 people in total
Prize B: 4/23 (Sun.), 5/6 (Sat.), 5/11 (Thu.) Rehearsal viewing invitation: 77 people at each venue, 231 people in total
Prize C: Desired member’s alarm DUAL voice 7 members for each member 49 people in total
Fan Club Limited Edition Contents
500 people invited to “DUAL Reception Party”
[“DUAL” purchaser benefits]
7ORDER For those who purchase the 3rd album “DUAL” released on March 8 (Wednesday), the following original benefits will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis!
Benefits for first-come, first-served buyers
First Press Limited Edition: Original mini colored paper
Regular Edition: Set of 2 mini stickers (7 random types)
-Eligible stores for first-come, first-served purchasers-
All Tower Records stores (including online)
All HMV stores (including online)
All TSUTAYA stores (including online)
Other support stores
Seven Net Shopping: Acrylic key chain (7 types random)
Rakuten Books: 4-cut photo card (7 random types)
Limited to Rakuten Books Family Mart pick-up: A4 clear poster (3 random types) Mega Jacket (7 types random)
Columbia Music Shop: B2 announcement poster
*Bonus designs and other support stores will be announced at a later date. *Some stores may not carry it. Please contact each store for details on the presence or absence of benefits.
* The benefits will end as soon as they run out on a first-come, first-served basis.
[The theme song for the movie “Dog, Rotate, Run” to be released nationwide on March 17, starring Reo Nagatsuma]
7ORDER “I’m doing it somehow”
Composer Lyricist: Reo Nagatsuma
[Movie information]
Movie “Dog, Spin, Run Away”
March 17, 2023 (Friday) Cine Libre Ikebukuro, Cine Libre Umeda, etc. will be released nationwide
Starring: Reo Nagatsuma (7ORDER) Sae Miyazawa
Screenplay/Director: Masaki Nishigaki
Official website:
Official Twitter: @inukaiten_m
[Ending theme for CBC TV “Chest Name Shiritori-Traveler Nagatsu no Challenge-”]
Lyrics: Shoki Morohoshi, Miyuto Morita Composition: Yuma Sanada [Program information]
Program title: “Place Name Shiritori-Traveler Nagatsu Challenge-” Broadcast date and time: Monday midnight 0:59 to midnight 1:29 Broadcasting station: CBC TV Broadcast in Aichi, Gifu and Mie Appearance: Reo Nagatsuma (7ORDER)
Ending theme: 7ORDER “F”
Delivery: Missed delivery on the program’s official YouTube channel and video distribution platform Locipo
Program official website:
Program Official YouTube:
[7ORDER LIVE/EVENT information]
Spring 2023 7ORDER Hall & Arena Tour!
▼Hall Tour
April 09, 2023 (Sunday) Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
April 14, 2023 (Friday) Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall
April 15, 2023 (Saturday) Kobe International House Kokusai Hall April 17th (Mon) and 18th (Tue), 2023 Fukuoka Civic Hall
○ Ticket price: FC: 8,300 yen / General: 8,800 yen (tax included) ▼Arena Tour
April 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun), 2023 Nippon Gaishi Hall
May 06 (Sat) and 07 (Sun), 2023 Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 4-6 Halls
May 11th (Thursday) and 12th (Friday), 2023 Osaka-jo Hall
○ Ticket price: All seats reserved FC: 9,300 yen / General: 9,800 yen / Parent-child seats: 18,000 yen (tax included)
▶︎ Click here for live information and ticket details:
[7ORDER Official Site/SNS]
HPTwitterInstagramTik TokYouTubeLabel[7ORDER BIOGRAPHY / PROFILE] Started in May 2019.
A group of seven artists who freely go back and forth between two performance styles, “band” and “dance,” and self-produce one-of-a-kind entertainment.
Individually, he is actively engaged in expression and creative activities other than music, such as actors, voice actors, film producers, and fashion designers.
Kentaro Yasui (Vocal, Guitar) Yuma Sanada (Guitar, Vocal) Shoki Moroboshi (Sax, Vocal)
Miyuto Morita (Bass, Vocal) Keigo Hagiya (Drums, Vocal) Kenran Abe (Vocal, Guitar)
Reo Nagatsuma (Keyboards, Vocals)
On January 13, 2021, she made her major debut with her 1st album “ONE” and LIVE DVD/Blu-ray “UNORDER”.
Starting with Nippon Budokan 2days on the debut day, the 1st one-man tour “WE ARE ONE” (8 performances in total) will be held.
On July 7, they released their 1st major single “Ame ga Hajime no Signal / SUMMER-sama” and LIVE DVD/Blu-ray “WE ARE ONE”. Tickets for the first live house tour “Musha Shugyo TOUR ~NICE ‘TWO’ MEET YOU~” (20 performances in total) held in 7 cities nationwide from July were sold out on the same day. From November to February 2022, the first nationwide hall and arena tour “7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2021-2022 ‘Date with……'” (33 performances in total) will be held, and the largest 85,000. Mobilize a thousand people.
On February 2, 2022, the major 2nd album “Re:ally? Released LIVE DVD/Blu-ray “7ORDER Musha Shugyo TOUR ~NICE ”TWO”MEET YOU~”. On March 30th, the 2nd single “Les Paul” was released as the theme song for Kenran Abe’s first starring movie “Two Out Full Bass”. Their 3rd single “Power”, released on August 24th, ranked 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Chart for the first time along with their 1st major single. From September, the LIVE TOUR “7ORDER LIVE FACTORY ~Bleaching and coloring~” (23 performances in total) was a success. Released double A-side single “Growing up / Ranman”, which includes the opening theme and the theme song for the movie “Shinigami Tsukai no Jikencho – Tsukihana Kitan” starring Kentaro Yasui.
In the spring of 2023, the release of the 3rd album and the nationwide hall / arena tour will be held.

Details about this release:

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